Why I decided to offer the Website in a Week Workshop Low-Tier

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Why I decided to offer the Website in a Week Workshop Low-Tier

Today I wanted to share the reasons why I have decided to offer the Website in a Week Workshop at a low-tier pricepoint, even though it is high-tier value.

If you have been in my circle for a while, you probably have heard about the Website in a Week Workshop. And if not, then let me share a bit so you’re familiar. The Website in a Week Workshop was my first big program I put together that teaches non-techie coaches and solopreneurs the complete step-by-step process for building their website with ease – without code, fancy design skills, or prior WordPress knowledge so they can put an end to website shame for good.

This program has helped the most people of all my work to date. I’ve been running this program for the last 6 years and it has gone through a variety of different package offerings from $97 the first time I ran it, all the way up to $1,997 for lifetime access. Every time I offered it, I added more value to it and made building your website even easier with every update. And now… I’ve decided to offer this highly valuable course for a low-tier price.

It may seem kind of silly to do that when it is so valuable. However, I’m in the process of shifting a lot of things in my business to serve you better, and this choice felt SO GOOD to make.

In business, it’s important to know there are no rules. You can decide to offer something for nothing if you want. You can also decide to charge thousands of dollars if you want. What matters is the value that you get and that you love your reasons for why you are making the choice to do something and follow through boldly with those choices.

Here are my top 3 reasons for making this move:


I created this program because so many new coaches and solopreneurs have no idea where to start when building their business. Most know that they want to get a website in place, but aren’t sure how. So often, in the early days and months and even years in business, they can be stuck and not move things forward. Building a website can feel daunting.

What do you say to resonate with your ideal clients?
How do you make it look the way you want?
What platform should you use and how do you actually build it?

This program addresses all of it so that the barrier to entry into being successful in the online world is removed. Having these skills and a website that is a powerful marketing tool for your business that is working for you around the clock changes everything.
The lower price I offer the program for, the more people can get the help they need…
Because the truth is…


I know that investing big bucks in yourself, especially if you are just starting (or you’ve been burned in the past), is super scary.

I remember when I was first starting out, I was looking at this $497 program I really wanted, but was afraid to take “the jump” to get it. And I just sat there pondering it for months. All of that time… if I had just chosen to bet on myself faster, I could have gotten the knowledge faster to make the moves I needed. Eventually, I did invest in it.

And as soon as I did, everything started opening up for me and I started making even bigger moves and bigger investments in my business which has ultimately led to my success today.

I call this the “big moves snowball effect”. Once you get started and are able to invest in one thing that is going to make a difference for you, you implement that thing, start seeing results, which will then lead you to that next decision to help your business grow, then you see even more results, then that next thing, where you get even bigger results. Before you know it, you’re making 6 figures, working only when you want, and making a big difference in the lives of your clients.

A business website that WORKS for you is a HUGE piece of the business puzzle.
Once you create your website, you begin building so much trust in yourself and your ability to make even more things happen in your business.

My thinking is… if I can help more people to make that first jump with a small price to invest in themselves and their future – where they can actually learn everything they need and get tons of value – and help them to believe in themselves and what they are capable of – that’s a huge win! The world needs more people who have come alive in their passions and doing the work they really want to be doing in their lives.

And I’ve saved the best for last…


My biggest reason of all is that I am here to make a massive impact in the world in my lifetime. My dream is to leave a ripple effect in all the work I do. When I help you, you are equipped with the tools to help your clients thrive. When you help your clients thrive, they are able to more effectively help the people they touch in their lives. It’s a ripple effect of good change in the world. I’m on a mission to directly help millions of women do just that. Overcoming the tech challenges and having a website you love and are proud to share with the world is everything. For me, having a website that converted to clients gave me so much opportunity and freedom that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I can have a bigger, wider impact far more quickly if I offer it for less, and help people make that first investment in their business that will help them make a change and step into that next level in their business and that next version of themselves. I can’t do that with every program I run because it doesn’t make sense for me and the goals I have… but I can do it with this program. But low price doesn’t mean low value. When offering any program, you should always try to overdeliver in the value. I overdeliver in all my programs. Even at the $1,997 price point this program used to be at – I over-delivered. Now, by making it less, I’m just able to overdeliver on an even bigger scale which makes me ridiculously happy with all of the shifts I’m making towards more growth and impact with my own business.

If you do not yet have a website or you are just not happy with the site you have now, I invite you to join me inside the Website in a Week Workshop! Read all the details and get signed up by going to websiteinaweekworkshop.com and you can read all about what’s included and what you’ll be able to accomplish with this program!


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