What you need before you can breakthrough to 5-figure months

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What you need to breakthrough to 5-figure months

I remember how I felt so clearly when I broke through and had my first 5 figure month. That was back in early 2016 and then I did it again and again – now I only keep growing every month because I have the foundation set.

However, before I had the foundation, I was so shaky! It had taken me 7+ years in business to get to my first five-figure month.

Now I can see so clearly see what made the difference between what I had in place when it finally worked and what I didn’t have in place when it didn’t work for the first 7 years.

The foundation I had to have before I made my first 5-Figure month was…

  • Needing a VERY strong reason (a “why”) for wanting 5-Figures.
  • Having clear offer that solves a clear problem 
  • Knowing how to reach and build the audience my offer was made to help
  • Having people – even just 1! – cheering me on who understands this world.
  • Creating a simple strategy I could actually follow without getting overwhelmed and giving up
  • Needing to believe it’s possible and choosing to actually bet on myself

When I finally managed to get these pieces in place bit by bit over those first 7 years in business through lots of trial and error, suddenly I had the foundation where growth can grow.

Now, if I lost my entire business today and had to start all over from scratch, I could build it all up again in a couple of months.

Not 7 years! 

You can do this too…  and you don’t have to go 7 years like I did to have all these pieces. Time is the one thing that could have been completely different for me if I had someone who could point out these pieces and help me bring it all together sooner. Join me inside of 6-Figure Coach Academy where I’ll guide you through my proven path I have helped my clients through to build their income to $10k, $20k, $30k, and $40k/months. If they could do it, you can too, with the right offer, in front of the right audience. I’ll help you bring it all together. 

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