Tier your offers to sign more coaching clients

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Do most of your discovery calls end in a “no”? 
Here’s what you’re probably not doing… 

Let’s say you’re running a discovery call with a new potential client. They’re being open and vulnerable and you are jiving so well, and you can’t stop thinking about how amazing it would be to have them on board in your coaching program. 

You excitedly share the offer to join, and then you get that dreaded pause on the other end of the phone after you share your price. 

The pause says it all. 
You cringe as they stumble through the next few things they say. 

wow that’s a lot of money
I’ll have to check with my spouse
I really want to work with you.. But I just can’t justify spending this much

You wholeheartedly share that you understand completely and that you’ll be there whenever they are ready to take the next step. Then, you reluctantly jump off the call. 

But you can’t help but wonder if you’re missing something. They were a PERFECT fit and you know your coaching would help them make big change. 

Doubts flood in on practically everything you’re doing… 

  • Am I charging too much?
  • Should I package my coaching differently? 
  • What did I not communicate during the call for them to see the value?

What I see many coaches do is start reevaluating everything and changing things up right away for the next call, and yet they keep getting the same results and they aren’t ever sure where exactly they’re going wrong. 

Here’s the truth…. 
No matter what you charge for your coaching, there will ALWAYS be someone who thinks it’s too much. 

The problem isn’t what you charge for your coaching. You should charge exactly what makes sense for you and the time you want to spend working with clients 1-to-1. 

What you charge for this is irrelevant in whether you get signups or you don’t, as there will always be clients who are the most perfect fit and who will sign up and there will always be people who will not be ready for your prices. 

So how do you sign more clients when everything in the call goes so well and then it shifts as soon as you share about your offer?

What I have found to be one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to convert so many discovery calls to clients when it’s time to share about my offer is because I give clients 2 options to choose from so they can pick the right one for them. This shifts the whole conversation. 

Suddenly, this takes people from having to choose between – “yes” to join or “no” to join, but it turns the conversation to either:

“yes” to option 1
“yes” to option 2.

Of course, there is ALWAYS the option of “no” to either, however, their mind is more focused on which one is the right fit for them – based on what they can currently afford or find the resources they need to proceed.

This is called “tiering” your coaching packages. 

There is a lot of details that we can go into on how to structure each of these and have the value shine through to the client so it really is a “yes” or “yes” choice, however, at the simplest level here’s what you can do:

The first option is your high-level option. This is the highest level way they can work with you and this is naturally, at the highest price point. 

Then, the second option for working with you for coaching can either be a different smaller level of access to you or a group coaching program. This option is typically considerably less in price so that if they can’t work with you at your highest level, at least they can get started with this level and they can work their way up as they start seeing transformation. 

This works in all niches – no matter who you coach.

In the world of business or wealth, if they start at the lower level of coaching, get results and make more revenue then they can experience the transformation, make more money, and be ready for that next level package.

If this is for personal development or relationships or their health, they can always go up in their mastery with you.

People are resourceful and can find a way to hire you high-ticket when they see the value and the goal that they want to achieve is strong enough for the transaction that will lead to transformation. But in order for them to see the value in the first place, you want to get them in the door of working with you so they can start experiencing shifts in their life.

Helping you convert your calls to coaching clients for your business is one of the main things I work with clients on inside of my coaching programs.

Tiering your offers is one strategy that leads to more sales and gives you the ability to help more people at the same time! If you’re ready to look at how you can tier your coaching offers and package them up to convert more calls to clients, join me inside of 6-Figure Coach Academy and we’ll start by visualizing where you want your business to be, uncover all of the things that are standing in your way, and then create a simple, actionable plan to make your business goals a reality and get you booking more coaching clients! 

Also, if you’re not yet a part of my free community of coaches and experts on Facebook, I’d love to see you there! Join Become a 6-Figure Coach here. See you there!


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