The power of setting the date to move your dreams forward

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The power of setting the date to move your dreams forward

Do you have an awesome idea that you really want to create or make happen… maybe you even have wanted this and dreamed about this for a long time…

Yet… you still don’t have it? I get it because I’ve been there too!

For the longest time – several months – I have wanted to create this new “passive income tiny offer” product in my business.

The idea of this product is that I would sell it for a low cost, and the people who purchase would pay for the ad spend, resulting in lots of brand new leads flowing in every day into my business that are essentially paying for themselves with this product.

Yet I just kept thinking about it. It wasn’t the right time…

… I had so much work to do for my clients that I needed to focus on.

… The adoption of our soon-to-be daughter was coming up.

…. I had my thyroid surgery coming up so why would I start when I couldn’t actually commit yet?

… I wasn’t exactly even sure what I wanted to offer.. I just had a general idea but chose to stay confused on the specifics. Shouldn’t I get clear on this before I commit?

ALL THE EXCUSES for why it wasn’t the time to do it.

And why? So often, we delay our dreams waiting for when everything will be perfect for when we can get our stuff out and into the world.

But I want to tell you today… if you don’t set a date, you can put your dream off forever.

Whether that’s actually starting your business, getting that offer out, or taking that big vacation. 

There will never be a time when it’s all “right” and will magically all come together. 

Your life is going by one day at a time. There’s never a perfect time to start to do something other than right now.

If you have an idea burning within you…

I want to challenge you today – right now – pull up your calendar and choose a day when that thing you want to create will be done or that thing you want to do will happen.

There’s so much power when you set a date. 

Here’s what happens when you do this….

You suddenly have a date when it’s happening.

This causes you to stop muddling around in confusion and excuses and actually get clear on how you will make this thing happen.

Clarity is the key to getting things done.

Because oh wow- it’s now happening. If it’s even possible you will meet your date, you HAVE to get clear. 

It forces you to get organized and take the actions you need.

Every time I have done this and have clients do this… big shifts start taking place.

When I finally set a date for when this new passive income tiny offer was going to be out into the world with ads running – everything changed for me.

I got super clear. I organized all my steps. I showed up each day to work my plan so that by my launch date, it happened!

And I did this ALL in the midst of:

👉 Two BIG crazy launches I was doing with clients
👉 Showing up for you with my podcast
👉 Delivering amazing content for the ladies in Your Business Design Academy (Now, named 6-Figure Coach Academy)
👉 Meeting our adoptive daughter and getting all the things ready for her
👉 Getting Mikael all ready for his big oral surgery

And I did this without burnout, but so much ease!

It’s amazing how much you can really get done when you set a date and get clear on the key steps you need to do to make it all come together – and do so without stress or burnout.

You can do this too. Set a date. When will your big thing happen?

Then work backwards from there – mapping out all the steps you need to do to make this happen.

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