The Only Webpages You Need to Start Making Money

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Today, we are talking about the three webpages that you must have in order to start bringing in clients effectively.

Now, I help clients build these pages out all of the time.

Some of my clients want to only build out these three pages to start with and other clients of mine want to have the entire website plus these three pages.

Why? Because these three pages are the pages you’ve got to have in your business in order to sell your paid offers from your website (and that’s the goal anyways, isn’t it? – to actually make money in your business!)

Simply put – when you have these three pages, you’ll be able to bring in more sales.

So what are the three pages?

Page #1) Your opt-in page

It’s also called a lot of different things. It could be called your “lead page” or your “landing page” or your “squeeze page”. There’s a lot of different names but it all does the exact same thing.

It captures leads. Leads for your business! Leads who are going to purchase your paid offers and become a part of your community.

So the first step of bringing people in and making sales online is to actually bring people into your community and onto your email list! And how you do this is with your opt-in page.

On this opt-in page, you want to make sure that you’re giving something away for free in exchange for their email address and their first name.

Then, once you have their email you can send them relevant emails to warm them up to buy from you.

Page #2) Your Thank You Page

The second page is your thank you page. On this page, you thank them for subscribing and then what you want to do is tell them to go to their inbox to retrieve the gift they have opted in to get.

This freebie gift is going to lead into your paid offers.

Page #3) Your Sales Page

Once you have those two pages in place, the last page, the third page is your sales page.

This page is going to actually sell your paid offer!

Whether you are selling a coaching program, a service, or an online course – you’ll want to have a sales page for each paid offer that you have so that your website is selling for you.

For an effective sales page, you want to dive into an entire story of taking your website reader on a journey through all of their pain points and painting the picture of where they want to be and then sharing the result that your paid offer is going to bring them.

All 3 of these pages work together and when you use them together in a seamless journey – you’re warming people up to work for you. That is how you start bringing in more clients with these three pages.

So if all else for your website – get these three pages in place and you will be able to start bringing in more sales into your business.

Now, I want to hear from you!

Do you have these three pages in place in your business yet?

Are you going to get them in place?

Let me know below in the comments! Or you can head over to my free Facebook group community by clicking here. I go live every week!


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