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Instead, swipe the exact same business tools that I use in my online business and teach in my online courses and don’t waste any of your precious time. If you are a coach, consultant, or online service provider, then get all of the tools on this page and thrive! I am a VERY proud affiliate for most of the resources on this page. I am compensated when you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you. I use every one of these tools in my business and recommend them to my clients and audience because they are the best of the best. 



If you don’t get any other tool on this page, you’ll want to get Ontraport. It does EVERYTHING you need to fully automate your online business so that you can make money while you sleep.

✔ Lead capture pages (to help you build your email list)
✔ Checkout pages (to sell your paid offers)
✔ Membership site plugin (to house your online course content)
✔ Email marketing automation (to send emails to your list)
✔ Product delivery (to deliver the paid offers your customers/clients buy)
✔ Affiliate Partner Program (to expand your reach and help your own audience make an income while you make even more at the same time)

This ONE tool eliminates the need for hundreds of business tools on the market today that do the same thing, but not nearly as well. Get Ontraport Plus or Ontraport Pro now and get instant access to “Automate Your Empire”, my $997 online course for free!


(Build Your Website Like a Pro!)

When it comes to building your website, Divi does the job better than any other theme on the market. I know because before using Divi, I have tested and tried hundreds of ways to build a website and none even came close to what Divi has to offer. As soon as I found Divi, I was blown away. I then set to work creating an online course that has taught over 10,000 entrepreneurs to date. Many of these entrepreneurs had no technical website building experience. If they could build a professional looking website, you can too.

✔ Works with WordPress
✔ Fully customizable
✔ Works seamlessly with Ontraport
✔ Create a professional website for your business with ease

DreamLaunch Hosting (includes WordPress)

(Great host!)

Every reputable business needs a domain name and hosting in order to build their website and begin attracting clients. If you don’t have a presence online, you are missing out on the impact you could be having. Get setup today!


(For video /audio meetings)

Every coach, consultant, and online service provider needs an easy way to meet with clients from all over the world. My clients are international, and zoom works amazingly well for this! Whether you are running a group program or working with people 1-to-1, you can meet over just voice or with video too.


(To record & edit training videos)

One of the best ways to make a difference and scale your online business is to create training content in the form of video. Whether you record face to camera or record slides or actions you take on your computer screen or if you choose to record only your voice to create an audio program – Camtasia handles it all!

With Camtasia, you can:

✔ Record your screen
✔ Record your face
✔ Record audio
✔ Add music
✔ Edit your content!

Blue Yeti Mic 

(For great audio)

For the highest quality audio sound in your recordings, you want a mic that will do the job well! Blue yeti is that mic!

✔ Record crystal clear audio
✔ Works with Zoom, Camtasia, and WebinarJam (and so much more)


(To host your videos)

After trying several different hosts for my videos, I have settled on Vimeo to be my forever home. Vimeo gives me all the bandwidth I need which is HUGE when you have hundreds to thousands of people watching your content every day. Using Vimeo for your video host gives you the professional branded look you want and creates a great viewing experience for your audience.

✔ Unlimited bandwidth (This is HUGE!)
✔ Brand your videos
✔ Looks professional
✔ Plays your videos like a dream


(To manage your calendar)

When you are an entrepreneur, you can set your own schedule and talk with your clients and prospects when you want! However, you need to make a way for your audience to book a time that works for them from the open spots you choose on your calendar. I have used Calendly in my business since day 1, and have never looked back. I have come across many many ugly calendars out there, but Calendly is not one of them.

✔ Allows people to book a time with you from your open calendar spots
✔ Integrates with your calendar
✔ Send appointment reminders
✔ Integrates with your website


(To run live webinars)

When you are ready to start running live webinars, WebinarJam is a fantastic way to go and is what I use in my business.

✔ Unlimited attendees
✔ Share an offer directly with a clickable button
✔ Downloadable Webinar data and chat history

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