Permission to be you – a meditation for ambitious women entrepreneurs

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What if that thing you want so badly… 

the money you want to make…

The people you want to impact…

The work you want to do…

Is all right here, right now for the taking?

What if simply because you have the desire… 

it means you are a match for exactly what it is that you want? And it’s meant to be yours? 

What if you don’t need to be better, 



Have smoother skin? 

Be more skilled?

Have more experience? 

To make all your dreams come true.

What if you already have everything you need right now?

What if the wisdom of your next step to take…that unlocks the doorway to your dreams… is already inside of you?

You know you’ve come here to do extraordinary things in this one lifetime.

You’re meant to change lives.

You’re meant to do work you love. 

You’re meant to be there for your babies.

You’re meant to have the freedom to live this life well… on your terms.

You’re meant to have the money to pay for every single thing that’s important to you.

You’re meant to have it all.

It’s what your heart aches for.

It’s what you were made for.

You know that next step you need to take

Don’t question yourself. 

Your inner knowing… the Divine guiding you with every beat of your heart…knows the way

Your future self is calling out to you

To stop beating yourself down

To stop playing small 

To stop sabotaging your own success

To stop hiding from the world 

You’ve got a mission

A passion

Important work to do

This is your permission

To stop hiding from your own greatness 

To step out on that next step in faith that the next will be revealed, then the next, then the next. 

This is your permission to start showing up and shining brightly in all that you are, right now. 

All your flaws only add to your likeability.

All your fears are in the room in awe of what you are doing. 

All your excuses for why you “can’t” – they no longer lead the show. 

Whatever you want to do… you do.

Whatever you want to share… you share. 

Whatever you want to create… you create.

Whatever you want to give… you give. 

However many clients you want to help… you help. 

And the “how” of how you’ll do these things – the “how” always comes.

You just know it because you have countless examples of this being true.

And the money comes flowing to you – all the time. 

More money than you ever before thought would be possible for you is now yours…

Simply because you decided that you are good enough. 

Because you are. Exactly as you are.

Raw… beautiful… messy… you.

You are the answer to your dreams.

The key to your happiness. 

It’s all inside of you. 

You have permission to have it all. 

Now go out and live.

Your dreams are worth it. 


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