My rule in business: Create more than you consume

by Feb 2, 2021Unstoppable Mindset0 comments

There is a rule I have for myself: Create more than you consume.

Having this rule has helped me increase my impact in the world.

I didn’t always have this rule though…

When I first started my business back in 2008, my dad was my only business mentor. He was an entrepreneur himself, and so all of my questions naturally went through him.

Then a few years into my business, my dad passed away.

I then stumbled upon the world of online marketing on my quest for a mentor I could trust to guide me. I consumed all kinds of training and teaching and videos and books from all kinds of people. I soaked it all in. I did this for years…

But it wasn’t until I actually put what I learned into action when things started to change.

Listen to today’s podcast where I share what happens when you start creating more than you consume AND what you can definitely consume to help you on your journey to grow into your best self!


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