You have a $30k monthly membership offer right under your nose

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You probably have a $30,000 offer under your nose right now and you don’t even realize it.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that you absolutely have one! 

All you have to do is recognize what it is and then plan out the steps to create it and offer it to the people who need it.

When you do this, it will catapult you into an entirely new level in your business.

Just imagine how things would be different when you are making $30k or more per month?

You no longer have to be working long hours…

You are no longer stressing about where your next client will come from…

You no longer are stuck at one level in your business…

It would change how you’re doing everything, wouldn’t it?

I guarantee that you have something right now in your business that you could turn into an offer that you can offer to thousands of people at once or even 500 people at once, and be able to make $30,000 months in your business consistently.

Yes, I’m talking about making $30k every… single… month, with ONE offer.

There are many ways to do this, but my absolute favorite way is to create a monthly membership product because it is by far the fastest way I have found to get to a consistent, high income, without having to work crazy hours.

What exactly is a Monthly Membership program?

You may have heard of this before, but do you understand the power a monthly membership can provide you? I’ll show you in an example… so keep on reading.

If you don’t know what a monthly membership is – I am so excited to share!

A monthly membership is typically an online program that you offer where your members are paying you every month in exchange for the value that you provide them with every month.

And this value… can be anything you want to offer that your specific audience—your niche—finds valuable.

So, here’s where I want to ask you the question:

What can you bring to others with your knowledge, your skills, or your expertise, that you are already doing in your business, that you can now do on a grander scale?

I guarantee you that you have unique gifts right now that you could package up into a monthly membership.

You just need to take a step back and look at what you are offering right now and strategize how you could offer it to hundreds or thousands of people at once and only work 3-10 hours per month doing so. There is a way right now to do this. It is right in front of you. You just need to tap into it and make a plan for what this looks like.

Here’s an example of how powerful a monthly membership is:

I literally just joined a membership group last month. It was a membership that a lady I’ve been following for quite some time offered, for $97 a month. I joined quickly because I wanted what she was teaching. I wanted it because of what it would do for my life.

When I joined, I saw that she has over 1,300 people in this program.

Let’s do the math.

1,300 people @ $97/mo is a grand total of her making: $126,100 THIS MONTH

And then next month, it will be the same because everyone’s subscription will renew until they cancel.

With the content she’s providing—showing up 2 hours a month live and creating a nice workbook to dive into that goes along with the content—it’s not unrealistic to believe that most of these 1,300 people are going to stay in the program.

I know that I am staying! I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon at all. No plans, because I’m loving what I am receiving.

And remember… for her, this is ONLY 2 hours of work PER month + the time to create the workbook and get the content together for the training. It would be safe to assume that she is only spending 5-6 hours total per month in creating and delivering this content. (side note: your membership can be completely different in what you deliver per month – this part doesn’t matter. What matters is the value the members in the program get.)

In exchange for this amount of time and these deliverables, she is making $126,100 PER MONTH.

And it will only continue to grow with the more people she brings in.

This is doing business the smart way.

To create time freedom in your life and an extraordinary income.

And when you have an income at this scale.. Making $126,100 per month, (which means well over a million dollars per year I might add), just imagine what you would be able to do with that income?

You’d be able to create any life you imagine.

You’d be able to have the money AND the time to do everything you want to do.

Everything you want.

There’d be no limits.

It is entirely possible.

And this $30k/month or more offer IS truly right under your nose.

I guarantee it.

In fact, let me show you!

Join this group and write a quick post telling me a bit about your business and I’ll help you find exactly what you could offer for your monthly membership so you can be on your way to creating $30k months and more.

It’s time to stop being stuck.

End this year strong so you can make this next year, the best year EVER in your business.

Let’s do this.


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