If it’s within you, it’s meant to be created

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If it's within you, it's meant to be createdI was thinking this morning while combing my hair and pacing my bedroom floor while letting a tangent of thoughts flow through me. What came to me today was the even clearer realization of how everything good in my own life has come about because I first recognized that I had the thought and desire to have it, believed it was meant for me, then I moved into alignment with it taking the actions I needed to take, and that is when it came forth and solidified itself in my life. 

It’s hard to think of instances where this hasn’t been true in my life. 

I  have a shining example right now with this adoption process my husband and I are going through. We’re seeing all that we’ve put in, actually start to take shape. It’s been years in this process to get to where we are now, just starting to have visits with our hopefully soon to be adopted daughter. 

But we wouldn’t be where we are today IF we hadn’t followed the nudges that were inside of us that this is what we are meant to do. 

The thought I wanted to bring to you today is that IF something is within you… and if it’s within you and it’s burning or it repeatedly keeps coming back…  and you know it has the potential to do so much good in your life or somebody else’s life.. Then that thing within you is meant to be created. It’s a dream deep inside of you that is meant to be created BECAUSE you are a magnet for it. 

Whatever it is.

If you want to have a five or six-figure-a-month business..

Or you want to buy your dream home

Or take that vacation you’ve always wanted to experience

Or do that incredible philanthropic mission to help people in that country you have always been drawn towards.

The key is.. Yes, if it’s within you, it’s meant to be created. 

BUT, if you’re going to have it… you must do your part in the co-creation of it. 

You must take the steps that SHOW you know it’s yours.

This comes up EVERY single day when you’re a businesswoman building your online empire. I know it does for me. You can’t just go into business and keep going in your business without having a dream of some kind. Knowing your reason “why” you’re doing this in the first place. 

You’re in this for a reason! Whether it’s making the money because it’s just pure fun and you have grand plans for what you want to do with it and how it will help others and improve your own life or it’s solely on being able to help more people. Impacting and transforming lives for the better. We do all of these as women in business. 

But to even make your dream your reality in the first place…

#1 – You must know first that it is a dream inside of you and give it the nurturing and attention it deserves despite how scary and uncomfortable it may be to actually take the first steps to go after. 

#2 – Then you must know that because it’s inside of you, it’s meant to be yours. It’s meant for you. It’s meant to be created through you. 

#3 – Then you must act on that belief. Allow that belief to guide you on the journey towards creating it. 

And act upon it and believe in it over and over again until you have it. And you will have it. One way or another, it will come to you. 

Some people call this manifestation. I call it co-creation with the Divine. 

If you have something burning within you… you are meant to do your part in the creation of it. 

And guess what? 

To create this thing… you don’t have to know the entire pathway before you dive in. All you have to do is follow the nudge within you to take that first step. 

Make that first phone call. 

Find the information you need online and send that first email. 

Buy that domain. 

Write that first chapter. 

Hit record on your phone and shoot that first video. 

Own your dream as being meant for you. Because it is. 

When you do that, listen to that next nudge you know you’re meant to do and don’t second guess it, but do it. 

And when the obstacles and twists and turns come up (and they will), keep acting in the “knowing” that your dream is yours and it is meant for you to create… and keep on going. 

That is how you create a life of your wildest dreams. 

You are strong enough for the journey my friend. Know your dream is already yours. You simply have to believe it and act in alignment with it one step at a time. 

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