How to set a weekly “No-Matter-What Goal”

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How to Set a Weekly No-Matter-What Goal

Today we’re talking about the goals that you can set on a weekly basis to make massive momentum happen in your business.

This is such a good topic because this is the kind of goal that I set every single week in my business… it’s called the “No-Matter-What” goal.

Every week, I ask my clients, who are in 6-Figure Coach Academy, “What is your “No-Matter-What Result” that you are going to achieve this week?

What exactly is a “No-Matter-What Goal”?

Simply put: The “No-Matter-What Goal” you set is a specific goal that you have 100% control over.

It’s important to set this kind of goal because if you don’t, it’s easy to start losing momentum in your business.

Because where most get tripped up over when it comes to goal setting is that they set goals that they have no control over.

These are goals that are completely up to other people and what they decide to do or not do.

These goals would be things like:

  • The actual number of clients or course sales you’re going to get this week
  • Counting on a specific person to join your program
  • Depending on one ad to perform exactly how you want it to

These goals aren’t good goals to set…not on a weekly basis anyway.

You definitely want to have a revenue goal in mind for your month and your quarter, but on the weekly level, you’ve gotta have the quick wins you can control and know that as long as you do these things you are doing the work towards your bigger goal, and you’re putting yourself in the arena to receive the bigger goal that you want.

Essentially, you’re breaking the big goal down to small, result-based actions that you can take that will help you to reach the goal that you want.

I found a great illustration the other day that I want to share with you here.

These are the steps you can do no matter what each week. When you are doing the small clear results each week then you will be moving things forward and get to your goal far faster than if you keep your projects and goals big and just out of reach.

So, how can you take your big goal, and break it down to a smaller goal. That smaller goal can be the very thing you move forward as your “No-Matter-What Result” that you are going to make happen this week.

When you do that, you are one step higher up the ladder.

Your No-Matter-What Goal is a goal that you can 100% set and stick to COMPLETING this week.

Every single week, you can choose a different goal if you would like.

Ask yourself, “What is going to make the most difference this week that I can do with the amount of time that I have available to do it in?”

Then do that.

I recommend choosing a No-Matter-What goal that is going to stretch you or scare you a little bit.

Typically, the very goal that scares you a bit is the exact thing you need to do to move you closer to the bigger goal that you have set.

Imagine with me for a moment….

We are working together and I tell you to set your impossible, extraordinary revenue goal for this year.  Because you can make a lot happen in one year when you set your mind to it and get clear on what you need to do to get there.

For most of my clients, their goal is to make $30,000 a month. However, the number doesn’t really matter, because  if you have yet hit your first $10K a month mark, and it feels like, “oh my goodness, having $10k/mo would just change everything for me.” Then that is likely your first milestone to hit and you can use that as your extraordinary goal.

Whatever income goal you want to make, just decide what that is. It’s just got to excite you and motivate you! Those are the only requirements.

So choose that! Then, break it down on the weekly level. What are the steps you could take to help you get to that income goal in your business?

That is where the weekly, “No-Matter-What Goal” comes into play.

This is where you are able to create a specific result that’s not dependent on anyone else, because these specific steps are based on the ACTIONS only you take. ONLY YOU (or your team under your direction).

Write the goal as if it’s already happened

I love to set my “No-Matter-What” Goal at the beginning of the week, yet write the goal out as if it’s already happened. So essentially, I’m reading what I’ve written as though it’s Friday already and I am done with work for the week. What have I made happen in my business?

For an example, here is a goal that I made recently:

“I made five direct offers this week:

If this was your goal, then this would mean that by Friday,  you have reached out to five different specific people and invited them into your program or shared about your paid offer.

This is a goal you have 100% control over.

The problem with making short-term goals that are dependent on other people is that it’s easy to switch from motivated, high-vibe energy to desperate energy.

When we don’t meet it because someone ELSE doesn’t do the action we want them to, we start thinking something is wrong with ourselves or our offers (I used to do this all of the time and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong!).

Then we start thinking things like,  

  • “Oh, it’s just not going to happen for me”
  • “See it didn’t happen. What’s the point in even setting goals to begin with.”

The truth is… whatever you believe is what will happen when you practice that belief enough

Our thoughts become the things and experiences that make up our lives.

Yes, you have your extraordinary goal, the impossible goal, the big goal for your year!

But on the weekly level, what are you doing to move forward to achieving that goal?

What does that look like for you?

Every single week, you can choose a different one for every week. Or you can do the same one again and again until you are seeing momentum towards that bigger goal happen.

In the end…

What matters is that you show up each week and you did the thing that you’re committed to doing because it’s moving you in the direction you want to go.

When you do that, you are doing your part and trusting the extraordinary result is going to happen one way or another. When you do that, you are not holding on so tightly to the outcome, but you’re simply showing up, doing your part, and living from your best self!

This is when clients and sales will flow in. The key is you have to do it consistently.

And it may not be perfect.

In fact, it won’t be perfect at first or ever really.

But that’s not what matters.

What matters is that it’s real.

What matters is that you are showing up as your best self.

You’re showing up, you’re being vulnerable.

You’re being brave.

You’re caring for your people and helping the world.

This is what brings sales in, not perfection.

So my friend, what are you committed to achieving this week in your business?

What is the result that you are going to create that you have 100% control over?

What is the thing that is scary for you, but you know, is the next step that you need to take?

What if you decided to just take that step? Imagine what that would open up for you. 

Write your “No-Matter-What” Goal down, put it on a sticky note then put it in your calendar as to when you’re going to do it, and then honor that time and show up and do it!

Let’s make results happen in your business. Let’s do it every week.

You are worth playing big.

Your dreams and the people that you are here to help need you to show up!

So go all in my friends!

If you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level, join me inside of 6-Figure Coach Academy where I’ll help you do just that! 

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