How to Make $100k with Your Business

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Want to Know How to Make $100k?

Press play on today’s podcast and learn 4 ways to make your first or next $100k in your business!

Today I’m going to share how you can make your next $100,000 with your business. And I’m not going to be sharing just one way, or two ways, or even three ways! No, I’m going to be sharing 4 ways you can make it happen for yourself so that you can take any one of these ideas, or a combination of these ideas and run with the one that you feel most drawn to creating for the people that you help. Choose the idea that you feel will be the most valuable to your audience in helping them reach the result that they want, while at the same time giving you the time freedom that you want.

One of the biggest milestones entrepreneurs want to know how to reach, is how to make $100k. You may be there too. This could be your first six figures that you are just ready to reach in your business. Or, maybe you’re already making this, but you just aren’t sure how to increase your revenue without working more hours or hiring more people.

I hear you! And what I’m sharing today will help you!

I have coached many consultants, coaches, online service providers, authors and speakers through this process, and today I’m going to share some numbers with you, so I would definitely grab your business journal and a pen to jot these numbers down. And if you don’t have a business journal, I highly recommend getting one because it’s so so nice to have all of your ideas in one place!

These numbers will help you to see what’s possible for you and how simple it really can be to reach your next $100,000 in your business. I love numbers and I love playing with them all day long! They inspire me so much because of what the numbers mean. They mean a greater lifestyle for my husband and daughter. They mean I get to create fun memories with the people that I love. The more money I’m making, the more people it means that I am helping and transforming more lives and businesses for the better.

Okay, so here’s how to make $100k

First, you need to know the problem that you are solving for people. Once you know this, you can create different ways for people to work with you and solve the problem that they are facing. Now, onto four different ways you can make $100,000.


The first way you can make $100k…

You could take the problem that you solve for people, map out all of the steps along the way from where they are now to where they want to be and turn it into a 12-month private coaching program where you work with one client directly. Or you could provide a done-for-you service for your individual client. Let’s say you would like to charge $2,000/mo for this paid offer. If you charge this amount, which is very normal in the coaching arena or high-level service arena, then all you would need is have 5 people become your client to be making well over $100k a year! And if you didn’t want to charge $2,000/mo, but let’s say $500/mo for a service for example, then all you would need is 20 people to be making your next 6-figures!


The second way you can make $100k…

You could take your previous paid offer, and package it in a way that can help several people at once in a group coaching format. Let’s say you make your group program a 6-month program, and you price it at $500/mo. That means in order to reach $100k in your business, all you would need is to coach 34 people! That’s it. Let’s say you had this program going all year round. This means  you would only need to enroll 3 new people a month into your program! You can so do this!


The third way you can make $100k…

You could take a portion of your group program, take out the live calls, and turn it into a self-study online course that doesn’t require any of your time once you create it. Let’s say you price this course at $297. All you would need is to have 337 people join total to make $100,000. That equates to only needing to bring in 28 new people into your course every month! That is totally doable once you have a good funnel in place.


And lastly, the fourth way you can make $100k…

You could create a monthly membership program. My clients and I love these because they are typically sold for a low-tier price anywhere between $19-$99/mo and they don’t have to require that much work to run! They give you recurring monthly income month after month. There is security financially when you have multiple income streams in place. For example, let’s say you have 500 people in your membership. Well if one of these people decides to cancel, you won’t be hurt by it at all because you still have 499 people paying you every single month. So let’s say you create a membership program where you give your members 1 thing every month. Whether that’s a tool, a template, a training, a Q&A session, whatever. It depends on your business. Let’s say you create this, and to be a member it costs $49/mo. Well in order to reach $100k, all you need is 170 people to join! So if you can get 15 new people to join each month – which you can totally do – then by the end of the year you’ll have enough people in your membership to make $100k.




And of course there are so many other ways you could take what you’re already doing in your business and package it up to provide the most value to your clients as well as to your life.


Everything you do in your business, I challenge you to run through these TWO filters:

The first is: Does this idea serve my clients and bring them great value?

The second is: If so, then does this idea serve my life? Does it provide me with the amount of financial security that I would like and does it provide me with the time freedom that I need for my own self-care and time with the people that I love?

If either of these two answers is a “no”, then it’s back to the drawing board.

This is your life my friend. Your life is short and it is precious. You deserve to live it to the fullest expression of yourself.

The reason why I shared these today was because I believe that you should never feel stuck in your business. And many entrepreneurs do. Whether it’s stuck because you’re not finding clients at all. Or stuck because you don’t like the clients you have and feel burnt out. Or stuck because you’re just overwhelmed with a huge workload and have no time freedom…  Wherever you are currently at, if you don’t like it, I want you to know right now that there is a reason why you don’t. It’s because there is a desire for more. A desire for something that is better suited for you. And you can get there.

If it’s in the depths of your heart, then it is available to you…

You just need the proper tools, strategy, and unwavering dedication to the vision, until your dreams become your reality and you live into it.

So I challenge you to do that today.

I hope that this has served you and that you go ahead and choose your first paid offer to bring you to making $100,000 with your business so that you can begin living the life that you want! I would love to hear what that paid offer is! Feel free to email me or join my free facebook group community to let me know!

I can’t wait to hear from you! And if you have any questions or ideas for content you would like me to cover in future episodes, let me know! I am here for you. I hope you have a great week and I will be back with a new episode again next week!


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