How to effortlessly bring in new leads every day

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How to effortlessly bring in new leads every day

Let’s talk about leads. 

Do you have new leads (that is, brand new people who would be a perfect fit for your paid offers) being introduced to your business and joining your email list daily?

If you don’t, there is no better time to start than today. 

Because when you have people joining your list… 

Who are eager to solve the exact problem that you help people solve…

Then, that’s when you have a business, my friend.

Your job is simply to reach these people. 

One of the biggest challenges I see so many entrepreneurs run into is HOW to reach their dream clients. 

When I was first starting out in business, I did not know how to do this either. 

Then after a lot of trial and error, and hiring lots of mentors – I found out how….

And I implemented. 

And everything changed for me. 

Now I have new leads coming in daily to my business. 

And you can easily have this too. 

All you have to do is set it up.  

You simply need to have a good lead magnet that your dream clients would find really valuable. Not something that is a throw-away, that they look at once and never revisit… But a lead magnet that they can refer back to again and again. 

And then you want to have a way to get in front of the people your lead magnet is made for. 

My favorite way to do this requires no time on my end… 

I have entire funnels running for me on autopilot. 

I have people joining my list every single day. 

I also make offers every single day.

And the equation for making money in your business is that the more offers you make and the more people you make those offers to – the more clients & sales you get. 

I’m not talking about super salesy offers, but genuine, authentic offers that are natural and cause people to want to join. They sound like this…

“Hey, I know sometimes you have this problem, I did too… and I found what works for myself/others. If you want my help, too – I’m here and we can work together so you can have success too.” 

Every day, multiple times during the day and night, I am making offers that sound just like this to people who are an aligned fit for what I offer. The best thing about this is that it’s happening WITHOUT me having to do a thing now. 

All I had to do was create my funnel* and it now runs on autopilot, bringing me new leads every day. I have these funnels in my business running for me year-round behind the scenes on evergreen. 

*What is a funnel?

A funnel is a series of events you take people through that looks like this:

Free offer > a series of value Emails > Invite to paid offer

Essentially, a funnel is a way for you to attract people who would be a good fit for your paid offer by offering something first that is free, and then warming them up and inviting them to take the next step and join your paid offer. A funnel is a way to “funnel” people into your business who are a good fit vs. trying to market to anyone and everyone whether or not they are interested in your offer. When you have a good funnel, you are able to market your offers to the people who actually want what you have.  

This changes the game for you. 

You can get one or multiple of these funnels in place in your business too – making offers and sales while you sleep. 

If you want my help showing you how you can create your own funnel for your online business so you can start attracting new leads daily who are a fit for your paid offers, then come join me inside of 6-Figure Coach Academy. This program is my monthly group coaching program where I will help you pinpoint your dream clients, create a compelling lead magnet they will love, and help you set up Facebook ads so you can keep new people coming into your business on autopilot day after day. Doors close soon, so now is the time to get yourself signed up! I’d love to see you inside as you work on taking your business to the next level. 

Also, if you’re not yet a part of my free community of coaches and experts on Facebook, I’d love to see you there! Join Become a 6-Figure Coach here.



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