How to create an amazing lead magnet

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How to create an amazing lead magnet

Ready to learn how to create an amazing Lead Magnet to help you grow your email list full of people who want to work with you?

Ready or not, I’m about to tell you!

But first…

Why do you want to have a Lead Magnet in your online business?

For me, having a Lead Magnet changed so much in my business for the better! When I was first starting out in business and doing design work for clients, I had to hunt for every single client that I got. I had to bid on projects. I felt like I had to prove myself over and over and over again, every time there was another client who needed work done. My portfolio was awesome, but I was competing in a sea of so many others that most of the time, (now that I’m on the hiring end) these poor clients didn’t have the time to sift through THAT many proposals. I had to do so much in order to get the clients. But it actually didn’t have to be that way. There is a way to rise above the noise and be everything your dream client is looking for and more. It starts with creating a LEAD MAGNET.

When I finally came to this realization after shifing into the online marketing space – SO MUCH opened up for me… and I know, from experience, that so much is going to open up for you as well. Whether you are a coach, a consultant, an online course creator, a service provider, an author, or a speaker… this is for you. When you begin paying attention to building your email list and getting an amazing lead magnet in place, so much is going to change for you.

Because when you build an email list, you are bringing people together who want what you offer. These are people who are leads for your business, people who want to hear from you and who want to learn from you and who want to buy from you.

When you build an email list with a lead magnet, the right way, you will be able to create a profitable business, because you will have leads full of people who want to hear from you and who will become customers and clients for you.

As an example, if I want to take on a new client in my business – let’s say I open a new coaching spot or want to enroll more people into a particular program I am running, all I have to do is simply send out an email and I will get sales from that email, or I will get discovery calls booked from that email and it all is because I had built a list of people who want to hear from me and who love my content.

I would not have this list however if I didn’t have amazing Lead Magnets created in the first place that allowed me to start building this list of people who want to hear for me.

So what exactly is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet goes by many different names. It is also sometimes called a freebie, or a free gift.

Essentially, here is what it is at its core:

You are giving something away (typically for free*) in exchange for your new subscriber’s name and email address. You want to create something relatively quickly, that is valuable to your dream client.

*Now there are paid Lead Magnets as well that you can utilize, but that’s a whole other blog post that we could definitely do.

You can have both free and paid Lead Magnets in your business, but I would recommend starting with free just because you’re able to start really building that list quickly.

So essentially it’s something you give away for free that is valuable to your specific audience.

So, first of all, who or do you help in your business? Who is your ideal clients?

Then, what can you create for them that will help point them in the right direction for that next step that they’re wanting to take?

There are so many different ways to create Lead Magnets but essentially at the core, it’s something that you give away for free in exchange for their name and their email address. Once you have their name and their email address, you can keep sending them relevant content that they love and that will keep the relationship going with them so that you’re warming them up to then want to buy from you when you make an offer.

So that is what a Lead Magnet is…. now how do you set it up?

So the very best way to set it up is to actually use an email marketing system.
In my business, I use Ontraport. Ontraport is a more advanced email marketing system that you can use, and I have online courses that teach all about it and how to set it up and what exactly to do. But there are so many different email marketing systems out there. I also teach how to set up Mailchimp and how to set up ConvertKit in my program, the Website in a Week Workshop.

There are a lot of options that you can do, but no matter what, you do want to have an email marketing system of some kind so that you can start building your list.

Next, in order to start building your list, you want to create a separate page on your website that has no menu on it at all. The sole purpose of this page is to share about your Lead Magnet. You’ll share about what this is, and the results that it’s going to help your audience achieve when they decide to opt-in to get the Lead Magnet and implement it. On this page will also be the form for your new subscriber to put in their name and email address. This form automatically puts them in your email marketing system and will send them all emails you set up, dripped out over a series of days.

On the opt-in page, typically you’ll want to show an image of what the Lead Magnet is. For example, if your lead magnet is a guide of some kind, then you would show a picture of the guide. Whatever your lead magnet is, it’s nice to show a little illustration of it. Then next to the image, you’ll have the form where they can opt-in with their name and their email address. Then after they put in their name and email address, on the next page it would say:

“Thank you so much for subscribing, go ahead and click here to download”

or you can say,

“Go ahead and check your inbox because I’m sending you your free gift now!”

So that is how you would set it up. You want to make sure you have the opt in page, and the thank you page, and you want the form on those pages on the opt-in page. You want that form to be connected to your email marketing system, whether you go with Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Ontraport or AWeber.

Whatever it is that you’re using, make sure you have a series of emails that are automatically sent to them as soon as they sign up, because when you can get this in place and it’s all automated you will not have to do anything at all every single time you get a brand new subscriber on your list!

So that’s how you set it up!

Where many entrepreneurs mess up…

The next thing that you’re definitely going to want to make sure that you do (and this is where a lot of people mess up and they are missing out on a lot of opportunities”) is to create your Lead Magnet with purpose.

Create your lead magnet with purpose

So you want it to be intentional. You want to always have the end goal in mind when you are creating a Lead Magnet.

The end goal would be when you can clearly answer this question:

What is the first paid offer I’m going to share with my brand new subscriber?

Once you decide what that paid offer is, then you can create your Lead Magnet to educate your subscriber to the point where they learn about the process, they learn what they need to get in place and then your paid offer is the logical next step for them.

What I see happen a lot is that somebody will create a Lead Magnet, but they don’t quite know how it’s going to translate to clients in their business but they’re just wanting to build their email list. And that’s absolutely okay if you don’t have a clear paid offer yet, but you’re going to want to make sure that your lead magnet’s topic is going to be within the realm of what you’re going to want to sell. So if you don’t have a paid offer officially yet, and you are working on building up your list, you absolutely can do that. My advice would be to at least have a general idea of what it is that you’re going to sell. That way you can keep showing up with free content weekly, and then when you’re ready to actually release an offer they will be primed to purchase from you. So as long as you do that, you will be just fine.

But the problem that I see happening for a lot of entrepreneurs is that you have such a big heart and you just wanna give, give, give and that’s absolutely beautiful to do. But, if you are going to treat your business as a true business and step into the level of CEO in your business and be able to impact people’s lives at a really high level, you’re going to want to have paid offers in your business too. Not just free content.

What I see a lot happening among many great-hearted entrepreneurs is that they will create a Lead Magnet, and give it awat for free (which is good!) but then they aren’t offering anything to them that is paid. So they’re not quite getting the clients that they want. So then they create another Lead Magnet and give that for free and another one and that for free and they keep giving, giving, giving, yet they’re not actually making any offers or you don’t know how they all fit together. Then they burn out. That’s not what we’re here for! We’re here to do our good work in the world!

So, when creating a lead magnet, I recommend at the very least, having a general idea of the paid offer that you’re going to share as they go through your automated email series. You can have people book a call with you so that you can get on Zoom with them. Then you can chat about the different things that they are struggling with on the topic area of the Lead Magnet that you’ve created. Then make an offer to them!  Enroll them into your coaching or your service that you have.

Now, if you’ve had a business for a while but you don’t yet have an amazing Lead Magnet in place – you can uplevel your business so much by adding a Lead Magnet. With it, you can start really building that email list up and have even more leads. So for you, if you have a service or a coaching program or some kind of paid offer already in your business, and you know it really, really well… then what is a Lead Magnet that you can get in place that would educate your subscribers even more and help point them in the right direction to make the next logical step to actually hire you for the service that you provide or hire you as their coach or enroll in your program.

So the Lead Magnet is that education piece that bridges the gap and warms people up to your content and the offers that you have in your business. It’s a bridge that leads your dream clients right to you!

Running your lead magnet on evergreen

I highly recommend focusing on one paid offer per Lead Magnet that you create. That way, it’s a direct correlation and the very first offer that your new subscriber is going to see is the offer that directly correlates with the Lead Magnet that you’ve created. With this, you’ll gain the most opportunities possible with your new leads you’ve brought to your list. Towards the end of the email series that your new subscriber gets you’re going to want to invite them to join you in the paid offer that is the next logical step for them.

What’s amazing about having an email sequence like this in place and running on evergreen (which means it’s continually running without stop) is that it doesn’t take any of your time at all, once it is created. (HELLO FREEDOM!)

So you can be running ads to the opt-in page and have brand new leads coming into your business every single day. Then your automatic email sequence starts every time a brand new subscriber joins your list and it delivers your free gift for you. Then it automatically brings them through the email sequence and then invites them to join you in the paid offer that you have running.

This means:

You could be bringing in the leads every single day and be sharing your paid offers with people every single day.

Imagine how that is going to grow your business tremendously. Imagine that. (It always makes me giddy thinking about it!)

There are so many different types of Lead Magnets that you can get in place.

And I challenge you… if you don’t have a Lead Magnet in place yet, pick one of these and just go! Because when you do it right and you set up this whole system, creating the Lead Magnet, creating the opt-in page, creating the thank you page, creating the automatic email sequence, and you run it….this is going to build your business, my friend.

So I will leave you with a few different ideas of Lead Magnets that you can get in place. Now you absolutely do not have to have ALL of these. I would choose just one of them to start with and make sure it goes along with what your paid offer is going to be, after they go through your email sequence. So it creates your Lead Magnet with your paid offer in mind.

Some of the easiest types of Lead Magnets to get in place that works super, super well are:

#1) A Free Guide
A free guide works really, really well. It’s super simple to create. You could create like a one to three page guide, have a great cover image on it and then have the actual guide content. Then on the last page, have the invitation to book a call with you or to actually join your paid offer, if it’s a lower-tier paid offer that you are selling. Guides work super, super well in building your email list.

#2) An eBook
This digital pdf book could be maybe like five steps for something or three different main points that you want to cover. It can be so simple. It’s crazy not to have one in place. If you don’t have a Lead Magnet yet it probably just means that you’re overthinking it. You can create a three pager and put it on Evergreen, run ads to it, build your email list, and get in the game of online business and help more people.

#3) A Checklist
You can bring together a simple checklist of things that your dream clients would find valuable that maybe they don’t have this compilation of items on a list that makes it simple for them. You can create a checklist or you can create a

#4) A Worksheet
You could create a little worksheet to help your ideal client think through something specifically relating to what you teach in your program or what you do with your service.

#5) A Quiz
Something else that’s really easy to get in place is a quiz. A quiz is really easy. People love quizzes!

#6) An Audio or audio series
You could do a little audio series that could be really easy, or just even one audio. Instead of creating a podcast episode you can record and package that up as a Lead Magnet. It can be so, so simple.

Oftentimes we overthink things and indecision is the very thing that is separating you from the business you want and growing your email list.  All of the tools are there my friend, all of them are right there in front of you. All you have to do is decide on the paid offer that you want to sell the most and then create a Lead Magnet that will help you to build your list and sell your paid offer and get more people the help that they need because that is what your business is here for, right?

Those are a small list of some easy Lead Magnets that you could get in place. So if you don’t have one yet I recommend just deciding on which one you’re going to do from the list above and then make it happen this week and then let me know all about it!

Now, if you already have Lead Magnets in place in your business and you’re wanting to go to that next level you could absolutely create a recorded training or you could do a live webinar or you can create a tool or a template aor you can run a free challenge as well. Those take a little bit more planning to create than the more easier types of Lead Magnets.

What’s interesting is the easier types of Lead Magnets typically perform even better with your ad spend because they are quicker for your ideal client to take and to get the content that they are looking for. Whereas like a recorded training or a webinar there’s a little bit more of a commitment involved in that in their time investment. So typically the cost for ad spend is a little bit more on those types of Lead Magnets, but on the flipside, you have a more committed lead on the end of it. So it just depends on end goal and strategy you’re after.

But if you don’t have anything in place yet in your business, go for an easy lead magnet and run with it! Get it in place as soon as possible so that you can start building your list and pointing ads to that opt-in page that gives away your free Lead Magnet.

Then as you grow your business, you’re going to be getting lots of different Lead Magnets in place. But you’re going to find that there will be a few that you keep coming back to again and again for your specific business because they work so extremely well in building your list.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! What Lead Magnets you have created in your business that you love and that have worked for you? Make sure to let me know in the comment below or join my free Facebook group, Become a 6-Figure Coach and let me know there!

Lastly, if you don’t have a Lead Magnet in place – get one as soon as possible because it will truly change the game for you! If you’d like my help to fast track creating a lead magnet that actually works and brings you clients for your business, let’s work together inside 6-Figure Coach Academy.


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