How to create a paid offer that people actually want

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This can be an entire series of posts, and I will be adding more for sure on this topic because I could talk all day on how to package up your paid offers to sell. It’s what I do with my clients and is fundamental in successfully building and scaling your online business.  Today, we’re talking about the most foundational pieces you have to know when it comes to creating a paid offer that people actually want.  It all starts with knowing what people actually are wanting in the first place.  What do they want? People who pay for services or coaching all want the same thing… they want a solution to the problem that is directly in front of them staring at them in the face. The problem they can articulate is the problem you want to show up and share that you help with.  They want to be on the other side of the problem. And the faster you can help them get to the other side, the more valuable your paid offer will be to them and the more they will be willing to pay for it.  So what problem do you actually solve or want to solve? First, we’ve got to look at the major categories where people want to see change the very most.

These big four key areas of life that people are willing to pay high-ticket for are:

👉 Relationships

👉 Health

👉 Personal Development

👉 Money

Within each of these big areas, there are a plethora of specific situations that come up that people want the answers to or help with solving. 

Let’s take Relationships for example…

The problems people are wanting solutions to could look like this:

  • How do I move on after divorce?
  • How do I have a better relationship with my daughter?
  • How do I find a true partner to enjoy life with?
  • How do I heal from an affair?
  • How do I make deep friendships as an adult?


And for Health, people look for all kinds of things such as… 

  • How do I heal my gut?
  • How do I get rid of my acne?
  • How do I overcome anxiety attacks?
  • How do I lose weight?
  • How do I get fit and vibrant?
  • How do I keep weight off?
  • How do I stop drinking?


And for Personal Development, people look for things like… 

  • How do I end the stress and overwhelm?
  • How do I get the dream job I want?
  • How do I live my best life?
  • How do I become more productive with my day?


And for Money, people look for things like… 

  • How do I start my business?
  • How do I make 6 figures?
  • How do I invest in my future?
  • How do I make passive income?

These are all just a few examples under each of these categories and many questions may cross over into one or more of the categories, but one will be the dominant category.

Interestingly, every single one of these starts with:

“How do I…”

Some entrepreneurs decide to go with guiding people through solving one of these big questions in its entirety.

But there are others who decide to solve a piece of the big question. 

For example, I help women specifically who want to grow their online business to make $30k months consistently as the overall problem I solve and the transformation that women get because of the work they put in while working with me.  However, I have one of my paid offers specifically dedicated to one piece they need as a stepping stone to make that happen – and that is creating a website that is a powerful marketing tool for their business. So that is a small piece of the bigger piece of the money category.  Within each of these big areas, there are specific pieces of the problem that can be solved. And within that, there are specific PEOPLE you can solve the problem for.  That is niching down. Deciding first on the main category you want to help people with.  Deciding next if you’re helping people with only a small piece of the bigger question or the entirety of the bigger question.  Then lastly, how could you provide the answers to this question specifically to a clear niche of people who are going after achieving this in their life?  When you niche down and choose a clear dream client to work with – then you’re able to go deep in what that particular client most needs and THAT is how you bring the very most value, because you’re speaking directly to them!  When people feel understood, they start to trust you. When people trust you and see that you have the solution they are looking for to help them achieve what they’re after, then they buy from you!  It all starts with knowing the problem you are solving for people and then WHO you are specifically solving the problem for. Who are you going deep to help so you can provide the most value to them.  When you can clearly show a result that comes from the work you do with your client and that result has a clear before and after, then you have a great foundation for building an offer that people will gladly pay for.  P.S. I did not personally bring these four categories together.  They are widely accepted as the main categories people pay high-ticket for and many coaches use these categories in their work. It took me some time sitting with these categories to decide if I agreed that they are complete, and I have decided that I do agree with it, however, there are MANY subcategories under each. As long as you provide a specific, tangible result where there is a clear before and after, then it’s simple for people to wrap their mind around the value of it and they will pay well for it. 

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