How to Choose Your Niche as a Coach

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So, you’re a coach and you’ve been told you need a niche, but you’re not sure how in the world to choose one or even why exactly you need to choose one. 

Firstly, you don’t need to do anything. 

You don’t need a niche. 

You can help anyone… at any time… with anything. 

This is always available to you and you could make it work if you want to for a while.

However, it’s typically much more difficult to do because you aren’t sure 100% who you’re speaking to…

When you don’t have a niche, everything you write ends up sounding dry and generalized, and you don’t get anyone asking about your coaching packages. 

Often you’re also left feeling scattered and unsure of what to even write about in the first place. 

However, when you choose a niche, suddenly, your brain has something to wrap its’ mind around and go “all-in” on. 

Our brains love concrete things. 

They’re made to focus. 

And when we have something concrete to focus on, it’s 100x easier to take action because we know what we’re doing.

Businesses take time to build and people want to know you can help them specifically. 

The ONLY way they’re going to know that, is if you are speaking directly to them. 

Sometimes it takes the same message a few times to build enough trust for somebody to reach out to work with you. 

But in order for them to even be drawn to you to begin with, you have to get their attention. 

You can cut through all the noise with a powerful message catered directly to the person who desires the result you help people with in your coaching.  

When you have a niche, you can far more easily capture their attention and excitedly draw them in so they see you as the obvious coach who can help them with the exact thing they are wanting to achieve or overcome.

So, you don’t need a niche, but you’ll likely be far more successful, far faster WITH a niche. 

If you want faster results, zeroing in on the result this person is after and who this person is will attract them like bees to honey… 

The biggest thing that come up for my clients and for myself when I was choosing to narrow my own niche down is that I got scared that I could somehow choose the “wrong” niche.

That by choosing a niche in the first place, I would be saying “no” to opportunities to help others who also need my help. 

However, in trying to keep everyone who could benefit from my coaching, I was having the most difficult time talking to the people I really wanted to talk to by keeping several people in my audience who didn’t really need to be there. These are the people I was just hanging onto because I was scared that if I let them go in my marketing, I would lose something.

It’s human nature to protect ourselves. However, most of the things we try to protect ourselves from aren’t even a threat and actually are keeping us small. 

How I approach things now and how you can approach things too if you find it helpful is by asking yourself this question:

Who am I most aligned with and excited to work with? 

For me, it’s the coaches.

The ambitious women with big hearts…

who also have a family and want to build a successful business that gives them excitement and joy every day because they’re making a real impact in people’s lives. 

So how exactly do you zero in on the niche you want to help with your work as a coach?

Follow this simple 5 step framework to choose your niche right now! (This is the process that has worked for my clients and I, which is my adaptation from the Life Coach School’s “Narrowing Your Niche” worksheet)


STEP 1: 

First, what main end result do you want to help people create the most?

This would be the result they are looking to achieve. 

People pay coaches well in all 4 of these areas:

> Relationships

> Health 

> Personal Development

> Money

Choose the area you specifically want to help people achieve the most. This is step 1. 

As an example, my niche is “Money”. They want to make more money with a business. 


How would your dream clients finish this sentence? How do I __________? 

As my example, my clients would be typing in: “How do I make 6 figures as a coach?”


Who are they? What are two defining characteristics of this person?

For me, I help women who are coaches.

Women & Coaches are my two definers. They are women who choose to be a coach. 


What circumstance do they find themselves in?

As an example, I help people make 6-figures with their business (step 1), but not just any people – I help women coaches (step 3), but not just any woman who is a coach – I help women coaches who are raising a family at the same time (step 4 – the circumstance).


What makes your solution one step further amazing for this audience? What is a second problem you’re solving that this specific audience you have chosen would find so helpful and much needed?

Because my audience are women who have kids, they often don’t feel like they have enough time to build a successful coaching business because the other people they see who have successful businesses are not mom’s – so they blame the lack of time for why they aren’t successful. So, the reason why my solution is amazing for this audience is because I’m teaching how to build a successful coaching business working under 20 hours a week. 

When you choose your niche, what it comes down to more than anything else is clarity of who you would love to work with.

Because you can work with anyone.

If you feel a bit stuck, try looking at it from where you once were 6 months ago, 1 year ago, or even 5 years ago. Who was that person? What was she going through? How could she have benefited from your coaching back then that you could offer her now? Usually, as coaches, this is who we’re most drawn to work with because we can understand and relate to them the most because we WERE them. We are them. We see past selves in them. And as coaches, we’re helping them rise up more rapidly then we did because we are helping them tap into their inner wisdom and our wisdom we have gleaned from our own journey. 

The clearer you get on who this person is, the more aligned your message will be to attract them and the more people you will attract because you’re making that connection with them because you understand who it is you’re talking to. 

It’s easy to talk to everyone. It’s general. It’s safe. Yet, your results will be very small. 

But when you are clear, and pinpointed on who you help in the world, these people (these dream clients) will see your content and be attracted to you! And that is the results I want you to experience in your business. I hope this served you my friend! Keep moving things forward because you are doing important work in the world and people need you!


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