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Do you feel pulled in every direction, and not quite sure which direction is the right direction to go in that will actually work for you?

Do you feel like you are creating so much content or investing in so much education on how to make things better, but you feel so exhausted and discouraged because you’re not seeing the return on the work you’re putting in? Do you wonder when it will all come together, or even worse IF it will all come together at all?

This is what I hear from so many entrepreneurs, so if you’re there today, this episode is meant specifically for you.

How do you build your business faster to the point where you are receiving the income that you want and the time freedom that you want?

Essentially what you want to do is first envision that end result so clearly, and then work your way backwards for the steps that you need to take to get you to where you want to go.

What do you want your life to look like when you have the business you want to have? What problem do you want to solve for people? How much money will you be making every month? How many private clients do you want to be working with at a time? How much time freedom will you have and how much time will you be working on a weekly basis?

When you have the business you want to have, what will your days look like? How will it better your life?

You’ve got to get super clear on your vision first, then work your way backwards all the way to that next step that will move you in the direction you want to go.

The problem is that most people don’t do this.

The steps that they take aren’t actually steps in the direction they are wanting to go.

It’s kind of like a marathon. Those who build their business fastest see the finish line – to start with, it’s just in their minds, they can see it. They envision how they’ll feel at the end of it. They envision the flags, and the cheering people and the donuts and the medal that will be put around their neck. Then they don’t keep their eyes off of the path in front of them until they can actually finally see the finish line with their own eyes – so at this point it’s not just in their mind, and they keep pushing through until they get to where they want to go. They put one foot in front of the other until they cross the finish line.

And then there are those entrepreneurs who envision a finish line one day and other days they don’t see it at all, so why run? It’s probably pointless anyways. They either stop halfway because it seems like it’s just taking too long, but then they’re encouraged again and then start up again later. But it’s a pattern. They stop and start, stop and start, and they wonder why it’s taking so long, until they stop completely and give up. Now, this may be where you’ve been at… and you know what? Today, today You have the choice to this time not quit on your dream again. Not quit on your dream today. Not today! Today you’re going to choose to believe in your vision and work towards it. One foot in front of the other. When you don’t give up, you will not fail. Sure, you may puke. Sure you may lose your footing and fall down. But you get right back up again and keep on going. Keep on putting one foot in front of the other, never losing sight in your mind about that finish line until you finally see it – then CROSS IT. When you wake up and do this every day, you are going to WIN. You are going to be successful because you persevered.

Then there are others who are just dancing at mile marker 1 when they’ve just barely started their business. You know they put up a quick website… and they try messaging people on Facebook, they’re dancing at mile marker 1 – and I’m not talking about a cool dance, you know the ones where your jaw drops in awe about how graceful and fluid they are in every move their glorious body makes? I’m talking about dancing like an electrocuted grasshopper – you know I’m talking about how I dance! Haha – and I used to dance like this in terms of entrepreneurship too for a time, until I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. So these entrepreneurs are stuck at mile marker 1, mile marker 1 is usually when people who are starting a business becomes inundated with the immense world of the online space and everyone’s advice on what to do and they’re torn in what is going to work, so they try to do a little bit of everything. They try to follow all of the experts and do all the things, yet still they don’t have the full picture of what they actually need to do for their unique business, so they stay stuck at mile marker 1 and don’t gain any more progress. And soon, since nothing seems to be coming together, but they’re spending an insane amount of time and effort dancing there, they blame it on the vision probably just wasn’t meant for them or the market isn’t responding to it, and so they quit.

Then there are others who don’t even start but are silently carrying their greatness inside of them, afraid of letting it show, not telling anyone – because what will they think anyways? Who are you to think you can make that big dream come true? Who are you to be that person you dream of becoming and doing that thing you dream of doing?

The good news is that you’re here with me right now, and wherever you are at, you can get on track and follow the pathway for your unique business. You can start today and keep your eyes on your unique lane. How do you do this simply?


➤ First, figure out what phase you’re in in the building process of your business:

Phase 1: Idea/Niche Selection

Phase 2: Business Structure / Business Planning

Phase 3: Brand Building/Creation

Phase 4: Online Marketing

➤ Next, find ONE person to help you through the phase you are in:

Once you’ve identified the phase you are in, instead of staying stuck with the lack of answers for how to proceed, take that very question and find someone who can help you see your unique pathway. I didn’t say find 20 different people. I said find ONE person. Choose ONE person who has already done what you want to do in that phase and learn from them and follow their process. Whatever they recommend – get. Whatever they want you to do – do.

Take action. Make it happen. Keep your eyes on your finish line. Cross that mile marker.

You don’t need to implement everything from everybody to create a successful business. (In fact, trying to do this is what leads to failure)

➤ Stop Trying to Figure Everything Out On Your Own!

There is a plethora of information out there and a million different directions you can go, with your business. If you’re trying to implement everything from everybody, you won’t get anywhere and you will quickly burn out.

The key to success is focus.

So what can you do?

All you need is one pathway that works – for everything to come together.

So find someone you trust, and be a student until you master what they teach and you have the results you want. Then move onto the next phase until all 4 are done!

Now, I’m going to leave you with some questions to ponder…

Ask yourself this…

➤ “Am I in phase 1, 2, 3 or 4?”

Phase 1: Idea/Niche Selection

Phase 2: Business Structure / Business Planning

Phase 3: Brand Building/Creation

Phase 4: Online Marketing


➤ “Who is the one person for me who can help me master this phase?”

➤ “How am I going to get their help? A course, coaching/consulting, or services? What is it going to be?

➤ “When am I going to reach out to them?”

Then once you have the answers to these questions.. Do it. Take action. Run your race and cross that finish line!

Whatever your dream is, you can have it. You just have to decide today that you will not stop running until you do.

One of the best things you can do is create a solid business plan that will help you get there. You can click here to get my free course Design Your Business Plan (Make 6-7 Figures In Your Online Business) – it’s a 6-part video series that I’ve created and have made available as a valuable resource to you for free and will help put you on the path to where you want to go.


  1. Tracy Ann

    This is great information! Yes, there’s SO MUCH info out there! I’m working on getting my art to the print-on-demand sites. Getting it all together is challenging, but in so exciting! I need my own website and I’m working on it now. Saw your email, yes I’m already on your list!💐 thank you so much! You’re an awesome inspiration as you instruct!

    • Rebecca

      You are so welcome, Tracy Ann! Thank you for your lovely comment. Great job taking the step forward to getting your art out and into the world on a larger scale. There are always many steps into the unknown when building a business, and often the unknown is what makes it feel challenging to us. But you’ve got this! You can do this. You were made for this!


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