How business is like a garden

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Mikael, my husband, loves to garden. He plants the most amazing things, and plans out the landscaping for how everything will look.

I am taking off two afternoons this week where I’ll be helping him in our garden.

We have a whole mountain of bulbs right now sitting on our dining room table, all waiting to be planted. 

I was thinking today about how Mikael first started our garden… and just how similar a garden is to a well-designed business.

He first formulated a plan for what he wanted it to look like.

In this plan, he decided how each garden feature, garden stone pathway, and flower would all fit together and work harmoniously with one another.

Some flowers do best in full sun, others in shade.

Some flowers come back every year, without you having to do anything but water them once they are in the ground…

and others you have to replant each year, but you have the knowledge of how to grow them and help them to thrive. 

Business is so much like a garden… 

You first need to do the initial “landscaping” when you decide on your business plan, and the structure for how you’re going to reach the end result you want.

For a garden, that can look like:

How do I want my backyard to look?

What elements do I want it to have?

What would create the end result I want? 

In business, it would look like:

Your business plan and strategy for what unique marketing pieces you will bring together to create the income you want to have. 

You can’t throw a ton of things together at once and have it work. You need to be thoughtful, decisive, and intentional so that it serves you and your dream clients well.

Then, in a garden…. you need to plant the seeds where they should go. You need to do the work of digging the holes, putting them into the ground, and laying down the mulch, maybe even get your hands dirty in the process. 

For your business… you need to build the pieces out. You need to create the website, the marketing pages, begin building the email list, start creating posts on the social platform of your choosing, get things up and running to lay the groundwork so you can grow. 

Then… comes the consistency…

Then you need to do the consistent tasks that actually GROW the garden that is your business.

For a garden… You need to care for your garden consistently, give each plant the right amount of soil, sun, and water and remove the weeds that don’t belong. 

At first, there isn’t much movement…

The quick growers may sprout up immediately, sure. But other plants take more time. 

You may not see that anything happening with these plants at all, but there’s so much going on below the surface.

With a little more nurturing, they will grow into the most beautiful flowers and your garden will be in full bloom. Then, you can sit and enjoy the beauty all around you. 

For your business… the same thing is true. You have to keep working your plan long enough to start seeing long-lasting results.

What happens to so many of us is that when you only see small results at first, often we think our plan is not working. 

However, it’s the long-term consistency that makes the big results. A garden, just like a business, doesn’t create overnight success.

It’s the long-term efforts of consistency and care we put into it that do. 

When you do this for long enough,  before you know it, all your client spots are full and you’re making the income you want to make continuously. 

Then you may decide you want to expand your garden. You want to add more flowers. 

Every year, Miakel and I have built our garden out more and more. Right now, our backyard is one big flower garden. This year, we are building out the front garden more and just finished completely changing the look of the front landscaping. 

Expansion happens once you have successfully built the first area of your business and now you just want to keep going. 

Before you can expand, you’ve gotta first get to your first $10k/month and keep it going consistently. 

How you do this is to start your garden the right way. 

With #1: A plan. 

And #2: Consistency. 

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