Hitting your goal doesn’t matter

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Hitting your goals do not actually matter.

I know what you are probably thinking…

“Wait a minute… of course it matters! Right?”

My goals are my dream! They are the reason why I have my business in the first place…

Let me clarify…

Setting your goals matters… of course.

When you have a specific result in your mind that you are going to make happen, you have the clarity for what you are aiming for and then that clarity helps you to determine the actions that you do in your business so you can reach your goal.

Having the goal in your mind gives you clarity for the actions you do in your business.

But hitting your goal…

That is what doesn’t matter.

This is an important distinction to make.

Yes, have a goal.

But when you don’t meet the goal, in the timeframe you set out to do, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t hit it…

Here’s what DOES matter:

What matters is what happens, what you do, when you DON’T hit your goal.

Because THIS, this is what is going to happen to you 90% or more of the time.

If it doesn’t happen like this, and you are hitting your goals 100% every time, then your goal is way too small, and you’re basing it off of things you’ve already done.

But when you set an extraordinary goal, it takes something more of you. It requires the next level of you to show up.

It GROWS you as a person.

Let’s say your goal was to sign a client this week.

Let’s say you set the goal at the beginning of the week.. and now it’s the last hour of your workday on Friday, and you haven’t met your goal.

Now, what happens?

The old you may not realize this point is so pivotal. That this is what matters the most in going after extraordinary goals.

The old you may have said something like:

“I’m a failure, I can’t do this. It’s never going to happen for me. Who am I to do this work? People don’t like what I have to offer. Am I even cut out for this?”

This is the default, unmanaged mind talking. Most everyone starts out thinking this way when they are attempting something in their business that is brand new. It’s the untamed brain. It’s natural for these thoughts to flow in.. but where I see most people get stuck is that they BELIEVE this thought.

If you believe this thought… what actions would you take next?

You would likely either:

  • Stop or pause the actions that you are taking that could get the result that you want, because you think they aren’t working
  • Let go of the goal all together and tell yourself that smaller goals don’t hurt as bad.

I am here to tell you that there is SO MUCH more within you than to do either of these things.

Because not meeting your goal, in the timeframe that you wanted, has nothing to do with what is possible for you, or what you can achieve and instead it has everything to do with how bold and brave you are for choosing to hold the belief that it is in fact possible.

What you tried, is worthy of doing.

It doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. It doesn’t mean that what you offer isn’t valuable.

It just means you tried something worthy and now, you can learn from it.

What could you do now to get better results than you did before?

What could you do now that could actually move you to reach the goal that you set?

When you take what you have done, and look at it, it gives you such valuable information for what you can do next.

Because the goal is NEVER the problem.

It’s what we do after we don’t hit the goal that makes the difference between ultimate success.

Don’t stop and start, stop and start.

Set the goal.

Go all in with the goal with your whole heart. Do the big moves that can help you achieve the goal.

And the 90% of the time when you don’t hit it in the timeframe you want, immediately assess what parts worked and what parts didn’t, and then go into your next phase with a better plan that you will work.

You don’t beat yourself up..


Look at the steps you have done.

Where is there progress?

Or is this goal going to require a different level from you to meet your goal next time?

Don’t ever give up on the goal.

Because if you want to get to your first $10k/month, you can do it.

If you want to uplevel to $30k/months consistently, you can do it.

It just takes having the inner knowing that this extraordinary goal is yours, and all you have to do is show up with the right actions to align with that goal and eliminate the amount of slowing down or stopping of your momentum to achieving it. When you can do that, you are able to get to your goal much quicker than if you are constantly stopping and starting back up again.

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