How to set a weekly “No-Matter-What Goal”

How to set a weekly “No-Matter-What Goal”

How to Set a Weekly No-Matter-What Goal

Today we’re talking about the goals that you can set on a weekly basis to make massive momentum happen in your business.

This is such a good topic because this is the kind of goal that I set every single week in my business… it’s called the “No-Matter-What” goal.

Every week, I ask my clients, who are in 6-Figure Coach Academy, “What is your “No-Matter-What Result” that you are going to achieve this week?

What exactly is a “No-Matter-What Goal”?

Simply put: The “No-Matter-What Goal” you set is a specific goal that you have 100% control over.

It’s important to set this kind of goal because if you don’t, it’s easy to start losing momentum in your business.

Because where most get tripped up over when it comes to goal setting is that they set goals that they have no control over.

These are goals that are completely up to other people and what they decide to do or not do.

These goals would be things like:

  • The actual number of clients or course sales you’re going to get this week
  • Counting on a specific person to join your program
  • Depending on one ad to perform exactly how you want it to

These goals aren’t good goals to set…not on a weekly basis anyway.

You definitely want to have a revenue goal in mind for your month and your quarter, but on the weekly level, you’ve gotta have the quick wins you can control and know that as long as you do these things you are doing the work towards your bigger goal, and you’re putting yourself in the arena to receive the bigger goal that you want.

Essentially, you’re breaking the big goal down to small, result-based actions that you can take that will help you to reach the goal that you want.

I found a great illustration the other day that I want to share with you here.

These are the steps you can do no matter what each week. When you are doing the small clear results each week then you will be moving things forward and get to your goal far faster than if you keep your projects and goals big and just out of reach.

So, how can you take your big goal, and break it down to a smaller goal. That smaller goal can be the very thing you move forward as your “No-Matter-What Result” that you are going to make happen this week.

When you do that, you are one step higher up the ladder.

Your No-Matter-What Goal is a goal that you can 100% set and stick to COMPLETING this week.

Every single week, you can choose a different goal if you would like.

Ask yourself, “What is going to make the most difference this week that I can do with the amount of time that I have available to do it in?”

Then do that.

I recommend choosing a No-Matter-What goal that is going to stretch you or scare you a little bit.

Typically, the very goal that scares you a bit is the exact thing you need to do to move you closer to the bigger goal that you have set.

Imagine with me for a moment….

We are working together and I tell you to set your impossible, extraordinary revenue goal for this year.  Because you can make a lot happen in one year when you set your mind to it and get clear on what you need to do to get there.

For most of my clients, their goal is to make $30,000 a month. However, the number doesn’t really matter, because  if you have yet hit your first $10K a month mark, and it feels like, “oh my goodness, having $10k/mo would just change everything for me.” Then that is likely your first milestone to hit and you can use that as your extraordinary goal.

Whatever income goal you want to make, just decide what that is. It’s just got to excite you and motivate you! Those are the only requirements.

So choose that! Then, break it down on the weekly level. What are the steps you could take to help you get to that income goal in your business?

That is where the weekly, “No-Matter-What Goal” comes into play.

This is where you are able to create a specific result that’s not dependent on anyone else, because these specific steps are based on the ACTIONS only you take. ONLY YOU (or your team under your direction).

Write the goal as if it’s already happened

I love to set my “No-Matter-What” Goal at the beginning of the week, yet write the goal out as if it’s already happened. So essentially, I’m reading what I’ve written as though it’s Friday already and I am done with work for the week. What have I made happen in my business?

For an example, here is a goal that I made recently:

“I made five direct offers this week:

If this was your goal, then this would mean that by Friday,  you have reached out to five different specific people and invited them into your program or shared about your paid offer.

This is a goal you have 100% control over.

The problem with making short-term goals that are dependent on other people is that it’s easy to switch from motivated, high-vibe energy to desperate energy.

When we don’t meet it because someone ELSE doesn’t do the action we want them to, we start thinking something is wrong with ourselves or our offers (I used to do this all of the time and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong!).

Then we start thinking things like,  

  • “Oh, it’s just not going to happen for me”
  • “See it didn’t happen. What’s the point in even setting goals to begin with.”

The truth is… whatever you believe is what will happen when you practice that belief enough

Our thoughts become the things and experiences that make up our lives.

Yes, you have your extraordinary goal, the impossible goal, the big goal for your year!

But on the weekly level, what are you doing to move forward to achieving that goal?

What does that look like for you?

Every single week, you can choose a different one for every week. Or you can do the same one again and again until you are seeing momentum towards that bigger goal happen.

In the end…

What matters is that you show up each week and you did the thing that you’re committed to doing because it’s moving you in the direction you want to go.

When you do that, you are doing your part and trusting the extraordinary result is going to happen one way or another. When you do that, you are not holding on so tightly to the outcome, but you’re simply showing up, doing your part, and living from your best self!

This is when clients and sales will flow in. The key is you have to do it consistently.

And it may not be perfect.

In fact, it won’t be perfect at first or ever really.

But that’s not what matters.

What matters is that it’s real.

What matters is that you are showing up as your best self.

You’re showing up, you’re being vulnerable.

You’re being brave.

You’re caring for your people and helping the world.

This is what brings sales in, not perfection.

So my friend, what are you committed to achieving this week in your business?

What is the result that you are going to create that you have 100% control over?

What is the thing that is scary for you, but you know, is the next step that you need to take?

What if you decided to just take that step? Imagine what that would open up for you. 

Write your “No-Matter-What” Goal down, put it on a sticky note then put it in your calendar as to when you’re going to do it, and then honor that time and show up and do it!

Let’s make results happen in your business. Let’s do it every week.

You are worth playing big.

Your dreams and the people that you are here to help need you to show up!

So go all in my friends!

If you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level, join me inside of 6-Figure Coach Academy where I’ll help you do just that! 

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Your word of the year [Raw & Vulnerable]

Your word of the year [Raw & Vulnerable]

Have you chosen your “Word of the Year?”. 

You have probably heard about the word of the year idea. 

Maybe you have even set one in the past, but perhaps it didn’t do much for you and you’re wondering what exactly you’re missing… 

Or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about and this is your first time hearing about the idea of having a “word of the year”. 

Whatever your experience has been with the Word of the Year, my newest podcast episode is a must-listen, especially as we are in the very first week of this brand new year. I get RAW AND VULNERABLE in this episode and share about how this past year has been the best year yet for choosing a word, and why. 

Having a word of the year has guided me and grown me in so many ways over the years, and when you do it right, you can experience the same! Listen to the episode by clicking above!

Then let me know below:

If you have chosen your own word of the year, WHAT IS YOUR WORD? I would love to hear and cheer you on to making that your reality!

A letter from your future self

A letter from your future self

One of most powerful exercises you can do to set yourself up for the most impactful year in your business is to consult with your future self.

Imagine yourself, one year from today. This is the “You” of the future. One year into the future. 

What has she made happen?
How did she do it?
What was she thinking when approaching the opportunities and ideas that popped up for her throughout the year?

Whatever you want to achieve in the year ahead, you can absolutely do. 
One of the best ways to do this is to receive a letter from your future self… but first, you have to write it!
Tune into this episode where I show you how.

Let’s make this the best year ever for your business!

You can do it. You just need the right tools and take the right action.

The 3 lessons I would have paid to know

The 3 lessons I would have paid to know

How exactly do you properly close a year like the one we just had? It’s been a year of unpredictability that many of us have never seen before…

What do you do with that?

Your strength and your power is found in realizing what parts you CAN control and letting go of what you can’t. When you try to control outside things, you lose your peace. When you accept what is and focus on the things you CAN control, you are at home with yourself. From THAT place, you can create anything you want!

Ahead, you have a completely blank slate of a year to do with however you please.

But in order to be fully equipped to go into this new year, I urge you to own your power and not let this year be one that you’re running from. Instead, what can you take and learn from it to power you up as a person? To make you more ready and equipped for whatever comes your way in the new year?

What are the 3 biggest lessons you would have happily paid to have known in advance?

Think about this. Truly think about this.

What are the lessons that you learned this year, that if you had known them before you started this year, it would have saved you so much time or would have given you the ability to make so much more money?

This is an end of the year reflection, that when you do it, you will be able to take the best things you learned into the new year. The things that have shaped you and grown you as a person. By intentionally taking them into the new year with you, you take the best of the year with you and rise above it instead of wanting to run away from it.

I share my 3 biggest lessons in today’s podcast episode. Take a listen and let these sink in.

Then, I’d love to hear what your biggest lessons have been in the past year! Post in the comments below. It’s been a crazy year. It may not have ended up how you expected. But you have the power to uncover the lessons that you’ll take into the new year. Sit down and see the lessons that have come from it.

These are the lessons that will propel you forward and move you to creating the most impactful business and extraordinary life, in the year ahead!

Today is your day! Life is short and your dreams are worth it.

Hitting your goal doesn’t matter

Hitting your goal doesn’t matter

Hitting your goals do not actually matter.

I know what you are probably thinking…

“Wait a minute… of course it matters! Right?”

My goals are my dream! They are the reason why I have my business in the first place…

Let me clarify…

Setting your goals matters… of course.

When you have a specific result in your mind that you are going to make happen, you have the clarity for what you are aiming for and then that clarity helps you to determine the actions that you do in your business so you can reach your goal.

Having the goal in your mind gives you clarity for the actions you do in your business.

But hitting your goal…

That is what doesn’t matter.

This is an important distinction to make.

Yes, have a goal.

But when you don’t meet the goal, in the timeframe you set out to do, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t hit it…

Here’s what DOES matter:

What matters is what happens, what you do, when you DON’T hit your goal.

Because THIS, this is what is going to happen to you 90% or more of the time.

If it doesn’t happen like this, and you are hitting your goals 100% every time, then your goal is way too small, and you’re basing it off of things you’ve already done.

But when you set an extraordinary goal, it takes something more of you. It requires the next level of you to show up.

It GROWS you as a person.

Let’s say your goal was to sign a client this week.

Let’s say you set the goal at the beginning of the week.. and now it’s the last hour of your workday on Friday, and you haven’t met your goal.

Now, what happens?

The old you may not realize this point is so pivotal. That this is what matters the most in going after extraordinary goals.

The old you may have said something like:

“I’m a failure, I can’t do this. It’s never going to happen for me. Who am I to do this work? People don’t like what I have to offer. Am I even cut out for this?”

This is the default, unmanaged mind talking. Most everyone starts out thinking this way when they are attempting something in their business that is brand new. It’s the untamed brain. It’s natural for these thoughts to flow in.. but where I see most people get stuck is that they BELIEVE this thought.

If you believe this thought… what actions would you take next?

You would likely either:

  • Stop or pause the actions that you are taking that could get the result that you want, because you think they aren’t working
  • Let go of the goal all together and tell yourself that smaller goals don’t hurt as bad.

I am here to tell you that there is SO MUCH more within you than to do either of these things.

Because not meeting your goal, in the timeframe that you wanted, has nothing to do with what is possible for you, or what you can achieve and instead it has everything to do with how bold and brave you are for choosing to hold the belief that it is in fact possible.

What you tried, is worthy of doing.

It doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. It doesn’t mean that what you offer isn’t valuable.

It just means you tried something worthy and now, you can learn from it.

What could you do now to get better results than you did before?

What could you do now that could actually move you to reach the goal that you set?

When you take what you have done, and look at it, it gives you such valuable information for what you can do next.

Because the goal is NEVER the problem.

It’s what we do after we don’t hit the goal that makes the difference between ultimate success.

Don’t stop and start, stop and start.

Set the goal.

Go all in with the goal with your whole heart. Do the big moves that can help you achieve the goal.

And the 90% of the time when you don’t hit it in the timeframe you want, immediately assess what parts worked and what parts didn’t, and then go into your next phase with a better plan that you will work.

You don’t beat yourself up..


Look at the steps you have done.

Where is there progress?

Or is this goal going to require a different level from you to meet your goal next time?

Don’t ever give up on the goal.

Because if you want to get to your first $10k/month, you can do it.

If you want to uplevel to $30k/months consistently, you can do it.

It just takes having the inner knowing that this extraordinary goal is yours, and all you have to do is show up with the right actions to align with that goal and eliminate the amount of slowing down or stopping of your momentum to achieving it. When you can do that, you are able to get to your goal much quicker than if you are constantly stopping and starting back up again.

If you’d like me as your coach, sharing all my best business strategies that I have personally done and helped my clients execute, and receiving support and having me cheer you on every step of the way, join me inside of 6-Figure Coach Academy where I’ll help you do just that! 

Also, if you’re not yet a part of my free community of coaches and experts on Facebook, I’d love to see you there! Join Become a 6-Figure Coach here.

I’m here for your success,

How to Navigate COVID-19

How to Navigate COVID-19

Hello my friend, I hope that this video finds you well and that you are staying healthy throughout this crazy time that we are all in.

I’m really happy that you’ve taken a moment here with me to hopefully gain some encouragement as we all go through this crazy time that we’re all in together.

So I have been kind of absent for the last couple of weeks online. I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, but…

my world has just been turned upside down with all that’s going on right now.

My daughter is home from school and I was thrown into homeschooling her.

We actually believe that my husband has contracted the virus. He’s showing all the symptoms and he’s just not feeling good at all. Thankfully, it’s not at the hospital level though, so, and it’s been like this for the last couple of weeks. But he’s quarantining himself and we’re just staying to ourselves and hoping that he gets healthy really soon.

But I have actually been feeling somewhat fatigued in the last week, and I’ve just been taking a lot of time to rest. But right now I feel really good and hopefully we continue on that trajectory.

But anyways, I wanted to jump on today to share a little bit of encouragement with you as we all go through this hard time together.

I want you to know that you’re not alone and that I know that my business has taken a hit.

From the people that I help, I’ve heard so many stories of just the crazy things that are happening. And…

I imagine if my world is like this, I’m sure that you’re also facing something similar too in your own business and in your own personal life.

So I want to share a little bit of encouragement with you today and give you some tangible tips of things that you can do to help as you venture through the next several weeks that we all have together, or months.

We don’t know how long this is going to last, so it’s important that we learn how to adapt in these times.

And so, I’m just gonna share a couple of things that have helped me in hopes that it also helps you too, okay.

So the first thing that I really wanna make sure that you do, because this is of utmost importance as we go through this time, and that is..

#1 Allow yourself to be poured into

Allow yourself to be poured into and at the same time, give yourself grace if you’re not meeting all of the goals that you’ve set out for yourself or if you have a crazy homeschooling day.

It’s okay, this is what everybody’s going through right now and you have to give yourself grace in this time. And take care of yourself, allow yourself to be poured into.

Whether that looks like having a call with a good friend or following people who encourage you, who motivate you. Talking with some of your connections that just lift you up. Listening to a really good podcast, or reading a really good book.  Just pour into yourself. Do a lot of good self care during this time. Make sure you have a good balance, okay?

Because you can’t be always at the television, watching the news, being flooded with all of that just negativity that invades your space, invades your mind and can get into your heart and cause you a lot of anxiety and fear as you go through this time.

So it’s more about consuming less and creating more. Consuming more good things, things that are going to lift you up and empower you during this time and allow you to focus on things that you can control instead of things that are out of your control, okay?

All the stuff that’s in the news right now, so much of it are things that are completely out of our control and we really have to focus on things that are in our control during this time, okay? So allow yourself to be poured into. So, so important as we venture through the next several weeks or months together.

When you are poured into or allow yourself to be poured into and to take care of yourself. You’re able to then give into others in a much higher capacity.

And this is so important as a business owner, and I know a lot of my audience are business owners. This is who I help, I help people who are coaches or consultants, online course creators, speakers and authors. Online service providers thrive in the online space. I help them by building their websites and coaching them, and teaching them how to build their own websites as well.

#2 Pour into others

But no matter who you serve in your business, you’ve got to make sure that you are showing up for them in this time, in this time that we’re all in together collectively. Show up for them in this time and speak to their specific needs in the area that you help your people with.

Speak to their needs.

>> What is it that you can do to help them specifically in the areas that you know, that you help people with to begin with?

>> What are the things that they’re saying that they’re facing?

>> What are the things that they’re saying that they are struggling with?

>> And what are they saying are the things that they need?

>> And then what are the things that you anticipate that they will need based upon all of the stuff that is transpiring right now?

Pour into others. Pour into the people that you help with your business. And realize the time that we’re all in is impacting everybody. It’s impacting everybody. So you’ve got to make sure that instead of looking at it or looking the other way and pretending it’s not happening because you don’t want it to be happening, so you just pretend it’s not. It’s not realistic and it’s not helpful to the people who are really struggling right now and who need the tools that you can provide to help them get above that struggle and see the areas that they can control. And give them some ownership of the things that are within their control, and point that out to them and help them see that.

So what is it that you can give to your audience?

What is it that your audience needs?

It’s time to step up as the leader that you are in this global pandemic.

Take a moment and think about those things, think about what you can do. Whether it be turning your service into an online program or whether it be taking a portion of a program that you have and offering it for less money to help those who are in the economic crisis.

Or what is it that you can do for your specific audience? That’s going to be very dependent on who you help, but you can come alongside them and you can help them thrive in the area that you help people with.

So take a moment, think about that, make sure that you are giving yourself grace in this process.

Make sure that you are allowing yourself to be poured into.

And make sure that you’re rising up as the leader for your people because they are counting on you and they want you to address what’s going on and have your take on how they should handle things in the area that you help people with, all right?

Okay, my friend, well, I hope that that has served you. If you’re interested in learning how to build your own website, I have actually just dramatically decreased the prices to my course, the Website in a Week Workshop, so you can definitely check that out.

Just go to

I hope that this message has served you, my friend.

For your success,

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