How to end the year strong in your business

How to end the year strong in your business

2020 has been a doozy of a year.

Many people’s lives and businesses have been turned upside down.

We’ve had to adapt so much to the change all around us.

Despite everything going on, now is the best time in the history of ever for online business owners who are coaches, online course creators or service providers.

Online business is booming because:

People are having to face their struggles…

They’re having to face their unrealized dreams…

And they can’t avoid it any more.

This pandemic has shaken the world up.

People are looking for hope.

They’re looking for answers.

They’re looking for community.

They are looking for the solution that you provide. 

You must show up for them.

Clients are everywhere.

You simply need to get in front of the right people, with the right offer.

So let’s end the year strong by doing just that!

What you do in this last month and a half of 2020 will set you up for next year so much stronger than if you just let things coast on by.

Imagine ringing in the new year, looking at what you accomplished in the last month and a half, having a much fuller client list of people you love to work with, or having your monthly membership program launched and are helping lots of people.

To end this year strong, I want to challenge you to do 2 things.

Just 2. 

Do these 2 things really well.

  1. Choose one offer.
  2. Market your offer.

Choose one offer. 

What is one offer you will focus on this next month and a half?

Will you sell a service, a specific coaching package, or a membership?

How will you make this one offer the most incredible value to your ideal client, that they can’t say no?

How much will you sell this offer for?

How many clients do you need enrolled in order to make the income that you want?

Choose one offer, know the number of people you will get enrolled in this offer, and then go all-in.

Market your offer. 

Invite as many people who fit the criteria of who you are looking to help, and simply ask them if they would like to work with you. Yes, it can be that simple.

If you already have a list of people who want to hear from you, then you can reach out to them. If you don’t have a list of people, you can build this list, warm them up with value, then reach out to them.

Get your offer in front of the people who are an aligned fit for your offer, and invite them to go to that next level. This is all that online marketing is. 🙂

You can’t get clients if you don’t have your offer out into the world and are inviting people in.

There are many ways to share your offer with your ideal client… 

>> Offer free consults and sign people up for our offer on your call

>> Put your offer on your website

>> Share your offer on your social media posts

>> Reach out to your list talking about your offer

>> Send individual emails sharing your offer

>> Be a guest on podcasts and invite people into your community (with a freebie to your email list or your own FB group), in your community you’ll share about your offer

>> Show up in Facebook groups sharing value and making connections

>> Run Facebook ads to a great freebie/lead magnet to build your list more and bring your new contacts through an automated funnel where they will be invited to take advantage of your offer

>> Create an amazing sales page for your offer

There are countless ways to get clients.. These ideas will get you started.

Pick one offer. One product, program, or service that you provide..

Then ask yourself this:

“What is the end result that my client wants, that my offer provides?” 

Knowing THAT is gold.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to solve a problem for people and provide the answer in the form of your offer. It doesn’t matter if your offer is coaching, a service, a membership, or a course. All of these at the core, solve a problem. 

When your ideal client sees that you understand what their problem is and what they want to specifically achieve – of course they will want to work with you.

This is what sets you apart from everyone else who is just trying to sell their stuff.

People don’t want to buy a service. They don’t want to buy coaching. They don’t want to buy a course.

People want to buy solutions that will make their life better. 

THAT is what you are selling.

So, take that end result that your offer provides and talk about it. Talk about it in any of the ways above to get it in front of your ideal clients. Share how your offer will create this for them. Don’t stop talking until you have the number of clients that you want.

You can do this!

You have something valuable to give to the world, so show up!

Your people need you.

If you are interested in reaching $30k/months with your online business and creating more time freedom at the same time, comment below and let’s chat about how you can make that happen! You have what it takes, you simply need the map and guidance to get you there.

3 biggest things you need on your website to book more clients

3 biggest things you need on your website to book more clients

I’m really excited to be talking with you about this because it will help you bring in more clients into your business. We’re talking about the three biggest things you’ve got to have on your website in order to book more calls, more discovery calls, which will turn into more clients for your business.

This is for you if you have a higher-tier offer that you provide in your business. It could be a private coaching program or a group coaching program, or if you provide a service to your clients.

So what are the three things that you want to make sure that you have?

#1) Branding with Personality

So the first thing that you want to have, number one, is that you want to have branding across your website that reflects your personality, that shares who you are as a person.

Now, why is this important? It’s important because people want to work with people.

People want to work with people that they feel like they know and that they certainly like, and that they can and trust. So, if your website currently does not reflect who you are as a person – if it has no personality…

if it’s “blah” and you’re ashamed to share it – it’s not going to truly bring in the clients that you want to work with, the high caliber clients that you want to have.

So your website needs to have good visual branding that shares your personality with them. The colors on your website, the fonts that you’re using, your photography, all of it needs to play and work together harmoniously in order to bring in more clients.

When you have a look and feel that is truly your own..

One that is unique and not cookie-cutter…

One that reflects who you are as a person…

people are going to resonate with that.

So you want to make sure you have that across your website.

#2) Conversational Website Copy (the words on your website)

You want to have website copy that also communicates your message.

So, whereas your branding communicates who you are and works to resonate and attract your client through visuals – your website copy needs to also bring your clients to you through words.

It’s super important to have a clear message and talk directly to your ideal client.

So what stories are you sharing on your site? Does their copy reflect what your message is all about?

Is it clear what your client, your end client, is going to receive when working from you?

Are all of those things clear?

Does your website copy reflect what you are all about and the value you provide your clients with?

Is it conversational in tone? Is it something that people actually want to read? You’ve got to make sure your website copy does this.

When it does, you’ll connect with the people you want to help and bring more clients to your business.

#3) A Clear Call-to-Action

On your website, do you have a clear call to action to take that next step with you? Do you even know what the next step is that you want your website viewers to take? Is it clearly communicated on your site?

Do you want them to go to a booking page to book a call with you?

Or do you want to take them to a checkout page to actually check out and make the purchase to work with you?

What is your plan?

What is your process for bringing people into your business through your website?

You’ve got to have a clear process in place so you are creating a good experience for your new clients.

From start to finish, we want to create a beautiful experience for your clients.

All the way from when they first hear about you and your brand to when they are actually on your website and looking through your content, and then realizing, that you are the person to help them with the problem that they face, and then to actually book that next step with you and become a client.

Now I want to hear from you.

Do you have these three things implemented on your website?

Let me know by commenting below or heading over to my free Facebook group community “Women Entrepreneurs Building Online Empires” where we can hang out there.

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you want to learn how to build your own website? I’ll walk you through everything you need to know step-by-step in my program, the Website in a Week Workshop. Click here to read all the details and get yourself signed up!

For your online success,

The Only Webpages You Need to Start Making Money

The Only Webpages You Need to Start Making Money

Today, we are talking about the three webpages that you must have in order to start bringing in clients effectively.

Now, I help clients build these pages out all of the time.

Some of my clients want to only build out these three pages to start with and other clients of mine want to have the entire website plus these three pages.

Why? Because these three pages are the pages you’ve got to have in your business in order to sell your paid offers from your website (and that’s the goal anyways, isn’t it? – to actually make money in your business!)

Simply put – when you have these three pages, you’ll be able to bring in more sales.

So what are the three pages?

Page #1) Your opt-in page

It’s also called a lot of different things. It could be called your “lead page” or your “landing page” or your “squeeze page”. There’s a lot of different names but it all does the exact same thing.

It captures leads. Leads for your business! Leads who are going to purchase your paid offers and become a part of your community.

So the first step of bringing people in and making sales online is to actually bring people into your community and onto your email list! And how you do this is with your opt-in page.

On this opt-in page, you want to make sure that you’re giving something away for free in exchange for their email address and their first name.

Then, once you have their email you can send them relevant emails to warm them up to buy from you.

Page #2) Your Thank You Page

The second page is your thank you page. On this page, you thank them for subscribing and then what you want to do is tell them to go to their inbox to retrieve the gift they have opted in to get.

This freebie gift is going to lead into your paid offers.

Page #3) Your Sales Page

Once you have those two pages in place, the last page, the third page is your sales page.

This page is going to actually sell your paid offer!

Whether you are selling a coaching program, a service, or an online course – you’ll want to have a sales page for each paid offer that you have so that your website is selling for you.

For an effective sales page, you want to dive into an entire story of taking your website reader on a journey through all of their pain points and painting the picture of where they want to be and then sharing the result that your paid offer is going to bring them.

All 3 of these pages work together and when you use them together in a seamless journey – you’re warming people up to work for you. That is how you start bringing in more clients with these three pages.

So if all else for your website – get these three pages in place and you will be able to start bringing in more sales into your business.

Now, I want to hear from you!

Do you have these three pages in place in your business yet?

Are you going to get them in place?

Let me know below in the comments! Or you can head over to my free Facebook group community by clicking here. I go live every week!

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