Why I decided to offer the Website in a Week Workshop Low-Tier

Why I decided to offer the Website in a Week Workshop Low-Tier

Why I decided to offer the Website in a Week Workshop Low-Tier

Today I wanted to share the reasons why I have decided to offer the Website in a Week Workshop at a low-tier pricepoint, even though it is high-tier value.

If you have been in my circle for a while, you probably have heard about the Website in a Week Workshop. And if not, then let me share a bit so you’re familiar. The Website in a Week Workshop was my first big program I put together that teaches non-techie coaches and solopreneurs the complete step-by-step process for building their website with ease – without code, fancy design skills, or prior WordPress knowledge so they can put an end to website shame for good.

This program has helped the most people of all my work to date. I’ve been running this program for the last 6 years and it has gone through a variety of different package offerings from $97 the first time I ran it, all the way up to $1,997 for lifetime access. Every time I offered it, I added more value to it and made building your website even easier with every update. And now… I’ve decided to offer this highly valuable course for a low-tier price.

It may seem kind of silly to do that when it is so valuable. However, I’m in the process of shifting a lot of things in my business to serve you better, and this choice felt SO GOOD to make.

In business, it’s important to know there are no rules. You can decide to offer something for nothing if you want. You can also decide to charge thousands of dollars if you want. What matters is the value that you get and that you love your reasons for why you are making the choice to do something and follow through boldly with those choices.

Here are my top 3 reasons for making this move:


I created this program because so many new coaches and solopreneurs have no idea where to start when building their business. Most know that they want to get a website in place, but aren’t sure how. So often, in the early days and months and even years in business, they can be stuck and not move things forward. Building a website can feel daunting.

What do you say to resonate with your ideal clients?
How do you make it look the way you want?
What platform should you use and how do you actually build it?

This program addresses all of it so that the barrier to entry into being successful in the online world is removed. Having these skills and a website that is a powerful marketing tool for your business that is working for you around the clock changes everything.
The lower price I offer the program for, the more people can get the help they need…
Because the truth is…


I know that investing big bucks in yourself, especially if you are just starting (or you’ve been burned in the past), is super scary.

I remember when I was first starting out, I was looking at this $497 program I really wanted, but was afraid to take “the jump” to get it. And I just sat there pondering it for months. All of that time… if I had just chosen to bet on myself faster, I could have gotten the knowledge faster to make the moves I needed. Eventually, I did invest in it.

And as soon as I did, everything started opening up for me and I started making even bigger moves and bigger investments in my business which has ultimately led to my success today.

I call this the “big moves snowball effect”. Once you get started and are able to invest in one thing that is going to make a difference for you, you implement that thing, start seeing results, which will then lead you to that next decision to help your business grow, then you see even more results, then that next thing, where you get even bigger results. Before you know it, you’re making 6 figures, working only when you want, and making a big difference in the lives of your clients.

A business website that WORKS for you is a HUGE piece of the business puzzle.
Once you create your website, you begin building so much trust in yourself and your ability to make even more things happen in your business.

My thinking is… if I can help more people to make that first jump with a small price to invest in themselves and their future – where they can actually learn everything they need and get tons of value – and help them to believe in themselves and what they are capable of – that’s a huge win! The world needs more people who have come alive in their passions and doing the work they really want to be doing in their lives.

And I’ve saved the best for last…


My biggest reason of all is that I am here to make a massive impact in the world in my lifetime. My dream is to leave a ripple effect in all the work I do. When I help you, you are equipped with the tools to help your clients thrive. When you help your clients thrive, they are able to more effectively help the people they touch in their lives. It’s a ripple effect of good change in the world. I’m on a mission to directly help millions of women do just that. Overcoming the tech challenges and having a website you love and are proud to share with the world is everything. For me, having a website that converted to clients gave me so much opportunity and freedom that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I can have a bigger, wider impact far more quickly if I offer it for less, and help people make that first investment in their business that will help them make a change and step into that next level in their business and that next version of themselves. I can’t do that with every program I run because it doesn’t make sense for me and the goals I have… but I can do it with this program. But low price doesn’t mean low value. When offering any program, you should always try to overdeliver in the value. I overdeliver in all my programs. Even at the $1,997 price point this program used to be at – I over-delivered. Now, by making it less, I’m just able to overdeliver on an even bigger scale which makes me ridiculously happy with all of the shifts I’m making towards more growth and impact with my own business.

If you do not yet have a website or you are just not happy with the site you have now, I invite you to join me inside the Website in a Week Workshop! Read all the details and get signed up by going to websiteinaweekworkshop.com and you can read all about what’s included and what you’ll be able to accomplish with this program!

What you need before you can breakthrough to 5-figure months

What you need before you can breakthrough to 5-figure months

What you need to breakthrough to 5-figure months

I remember how I felt so clearly when I broke through and had my first 5 figure month. That was back in early 2016 and then I did it again and again – now I only keep growing every month because I have the foundation set.

However, before I had the foundation, I was so shaky! It had taken me 7+ years in business to get to my first five-figure month.

Now I can see so clearly see what made the difference between what I had in place when it finally worked and what I didn’t have in place when it didn’t work for the first 7 years.

The foundation I had to have before I made my first 5-Figure month was…

  • Needing a VERY strong reason (a “why”) for wanting 5-Figures.
  • Having clear offer that solves a clear problem 
  • Knowing how to reach and build the audience my offer was made to help
  • Having people – even just 1! – cheering me on who understands this world.
  • Creating a simple strategy I could actually follow without getting overwhelmed and giving up
  • Needing to believe it’s possible and choosing to actually bet on myself

When I finally managed to get these pieces in place bit by bit over those first 7 years in business through lots of trial and error, suddenly I had the foundation where growth can grow.

Now, if I lost my entire business today and had to start all over from scratch, I could build it all up again in a couple of months.

Not 7 years! 

You can do this too…  and you don’t have to go 7 years like I did to have all these pieces. Time is the one thing that could have been completely different for me if I had someone who could point out these pieces and help me bring it all together sooner. Join me inside of 6-Figure Coach Academy where I’ll guide you through my proven path I have helped my clients through to build their income to $10k, $20k, $30k, and $40k/months. If they could do it, you can too, with the right offer, in front of the right audience. I’ll help you bring it all together. 

Also, if you’re not yet a part of my free community of coaches and experts on Facebook, I’d love to see you there! Join Become a 6-Figure Coach here.

How to price your 1-to-1 private coaching and consulting

How to price your 1-to-1 private coaching and consulting

How to price your 1-to-1 private coaching and consulting

If you are wondering how to price your 1-to-1 coaching or consulting, today I want to let you in how I have priced mine over the years and how I advise my clients to price theirs. 

When you price your coaching and consulting this way when you are working directly with clients 1-to-1, you are setting yourself up for growth and the ability to scale your business. You are pricing with the long term goal of your business in mind. 

Before we dive into pricing…you have to know one of the most valuable lessons in life as a business owner. 

Money is renewable. Time is not. 

When it comes to any kind of 1-to-1 work, it requires your time. Your time is the MOST precious resource you have and will EVER have in your lifetime. It is linear… This means when the time has passed, it’s gone. 

Your time matters and you want to own that in everything you do in your business if you’re going to grow to the level that you want. 

Then there’s money. Money is renewable. When you spend money in the right places, you can relieve yourself of tasks you don’t need to do and can grow far faster. The same thing is true when you are deciding on your pricing. When you exchange your time for money, make it an amount that is worth it for you for not just the short term, but for the long term goal of your business. 

Because you are exchanging your time to work with one individual client.. here is how I recommend pricing your coaching or consulting based on where you are at in your business. 

Scenario 1: You are just starting out and creating your practice. 

When you are just starting out in your coaching practice, you may want to build up as much experience possible with clients. Because of this, your long-term goal for taking on 1-to-1 clients now is to gain experience working with clients and understanding how to best help them get the results they are after. Having this experience can only happen by actually working with clients, so it is invaluable to create the best programs down the road. 

When you’re working with your first several clients, you will also be gaining testimonials that you can use throughout your entire business that will help you to sell your paid offers even more easily, at higher price points down the road. 

When we’re doing ANYTHING in business, we want to focus on the long term goal it accomplishes before we do it. In this stage of business, we’re focused on gaining valuable experience and testimonials that will only help you to grow your business later. That is the long term goal.  

So what investment do you charge that makes it worth to you to take on a client in exchange for receiving valuable experience and testimonials?  

This is ONLY a question you can answer as it depends on a variety of factors that you have in your life. What do your bills look like? How much time do you have to work with clients in your calendar? How many spots do you have open for client work?

Some of my own clients will take on a coaching client for a small fee per month for a set number of sessions or months working together and then every new client they raise the price little by little until they are working at the end price they will settle at for a while. 

My favorite formula for deciding your price in this stage is to look at how much you want to make to cover: all your expenses in your home, all your expenses in your business, and add in a little buffer space… whatever that number is you can divide it by the number of open client spots that you have that you want to work with at a time. 

If you are wanting to leave your 9-5 job, the formula could be that you want to replace your 9-5 income with your private clients. In this case, take the number of hours that you want to work with clients then determine how many client spots that is. After this, take the monthly amount you currently make at your 9-5 and divide it by the number of clients you can take on and then voila! There is your coaching investment amount! 

 Scenario 2: You are ready to scale your business

When you have worked with private coaching or consulting clients to the point where you are just ready to scale your business because you have gained the experience you want and you are ready for mass growth, then pricing your 1-to-1 coaching and consulting starts to look different. 

When you scale coaching and consulting, you are creating a program that allows you to help an unlimited number of people at a time. This means that you create something one time and sell it to however many people at a time that you’d like. When you have a 1-to-Many program,  every time somebody new joins your program, it takes ZERO time away from you. 

So, suddenly you are in the position where the value that you give and the way that you serve others is INDEPENDENT of your time and you have complete time freedom, should you want it! 

As you grow your 1-to-Many program (whether this is a monthly membership or an online course), you are setting up the marketing for it that allows you to create passive income for your business. Once you grow your program to the point that you’d like, and it’s making as much income as you’re making with your private clients, then you are in the position where you can easily scale back your 1-to-1 clients if you want! 

When you reach this place, it’s completely up to you! You may not even choose that you want to continue with 1-to-1 at all! Or maybe you do because you love working with people on that deep personal level as well. 

But when you’re at this place, the long term goal really changes. Now, you have the experience and you have the testimonials, so if you choose to continue, you’re simply continuing because you WANT to, not because you have to in order to meet your revenue goal. 

At the same time every time you say “yes” to working with a client 1-to-1 you’re saying “no” to creating:

  • More group programs
  • More digital products
  • More marketing avenues for selling your current passive income products and programs
  • More time with your family
  • More time for traveling and creating new experiences beyond the screen


So, for the growth of your business, you have to love your reasons (and the investment you choose to charge) for taking on each 1-to-1 client that you decide you want to work with. 

Oftentimes, the investment you choose to charge will go up when you’re in this stage of your business because you have other programs that can help the client, but the client wants that 1-to-1 experience. 

So, have fun with this and the price that you choose to charge. You can charge as much as you’d like for 1-to-1! There is no set amount you need to make. Instead, what makes the most sense for you? Whether it’s $2,000/mo or $10,000… charge what feels good to you and that stretches you just a bit so you’re always growing and at the same time, realizing what is possible and inviting your client to go to that next level with you too! 

I always say that 1-to-1 pricing is completely whatever you want. No strategies needed. Charge what feels right to you and makes it worth it to you as you’re trading your time in exchange for it… the most precious resource that you have.  

1-to-Many is where the strategies or 1-to-1 using time from a team (if you provide 1-to-1 services and have your team handle the services for your clients) come into play! You have a lot more room to experiment and run the gammut of pricing strategies and different marketing avenues because you are helping far more people independent of your time. When your time isn’t tied to an individual person, you can use all the strategies. 

When your time is tied to a particular client and you decide you are taking on 1-to-1 clients, you’ve got to charge what feels the best to you for where you’re at in your business, keeping your long term goals for your business in mind. 

AND GO ALL IN with your 1-to-1 client!
Help that client get results!! That’s why we do this work. ❤️

If you want deeper help on yoru coaching offers, join me inside of 6-Figure Coach Academy where we can dig in and create the most amazing offer to share with your audience.

Also, if you’re not yet a part of my free community of coaches and experts on Facebook, I’d love to see you there! Join Become a 6-Figure Coach here.

Your strategy for clients and sales in your online business

Your strategy for clients and sales in your online business

Your strategy for clients and sales

Do you have a clear way to get clients coming into your business?

If not, then this is certainly the episode for you to learn from. Even if you do have a clear way to get clients into your business or for bringing in sales for your digital course or product, you can never be too clear and honed in on your specific strategy for money.

There are four distinct steps in order to create a good strategy for money in your business.

Let’s dive into each one of those steps briefly so that you can understand how they all fit together. You’ll want to map these out in order and make sure that the steps are all working together so you have that full picture strategy in your business and you know exactly how you’re going to be bringing in the clients and the sales.

So the four steps are:

#1) What are your paid offers?

So your paid offers are those signature offers in your business. I recommend you focus on one or two of them at a time as the main offers that you are selling. Now, you may have a lot of offers in your business, especially if you’ve been in business for a while! Oftentimes what happens is that you do end up having a lot of different offers and different ways that people can work with you. There is no real problem in that, when you structure them right, and they each serve a purpose. However, where I see most people go wrong when they have a lot of different offers in their business is that it prevents them from actually marketing anything with focus. I see people get confused as far as which paid offers they really want to focus on and market. But the thing is the key to good online marketing is that you have a clear, distinct offer that you are selling. And then once you enroll somebody into that offer, you can always offer an additional offer on the backend as that “next step”.

So let’s say that they have enrolled in a specific offer that you are clearly marketing….

Let’s say in my example, I offer coaching.

And in my business, I do private business coaching where I work one-on-one with a client and then group business coaching in my program, Your Business Design Academy. So those are my two core offers that I have.

Many times what people will do is they will also do an add on an additional offer after we’ve been working together for a while. However, it’s important to note that I don’t spend my time marketing these offers to anyone but instead simply show up and share these offers with my exisiting clients, if they want them. So, I only offer it to those who are in one of those two business coaching programs. And that would be an offer for like a website design, for example or creating a new funnel. So, I market my coaching, and then when we start working together, and then when it comes to that time in their business to create a website or to create a sales page or to create what may be a new funnel for their business then they can add that on to their package, if they want. It’s an added value that I bring to help them move things forward faster. But, it’s never a requirement to go through me for these key pieces they need.

My focus though, is the actual coaching because that is what I want to sell the most of in my business. That is where my message and passion is above all else. That is my signature offer.

So what are your signature offers?

This is a really great time for you to hone in on what are those key offers that you are really wanting to be known for in your business.

What is it that you’re wanting to help people with the very, very most? What are those offers?

Those are the one or two core offers that you’re going to want to focus on. Because when you do that, you can always have people add on different offers on the backend. So, they don’t need to go anywhere! You’re not missing out on anything, instead, you’re gaining so much more because you have a clear focus for your marketing.

AND, the clearer you get, the more clients you will get as well.

So that’s number one, what are your main paid offers? And if you are just starting out in business, that is okay. You do not have to have a lot of add on offers. In fact, you don’t have to have a lot of offers in your business to start at all.

All you need to start with is one really good offer that people will pay you for.

So what is that gonna be for you?

#2) How will you get in front of your clients?

You’ve got to know where your dream clients are online. Then, decide how will you get in front of them.

What are the key platforms that you’re going to show up on within your business in order to get in front of your clients?

Now, when you’re doing this, you don’t have to stretch yourself then.

You do not have to be everywhere at once in order to get clients.

I would actually recommend choosing a couple key places that you are showing up in and just show up consistently with value in front of your ideal clients. How do you show up with value? Show up and show how much you CARE. Give your audience helpful insights and solutions and share case studies of what has helped others. Show up and truly help people before ever even asking for any kind of invitation into your paid offers. You’ve definitely got to be talking about your paid offers but you want to first show up with value. So what are some different nuggets of information and content, and value that you can actually be giving to your ideal clients? What are those different little pieces of content that you could create, and then you can be posting and getting people interested and wanting to work with you?

#3) What is your irresistible opening offer?

So what exactly is an opening offer? An opening offer goes by many, many different names. You probably have heard many of these. It could be called a “lead magnet” or a “freebie” or a “free gift”, or oh goodness, there are so many different names for what this is called. But essentially it is the very first touchpoint with your business that most people are going to have. Sure, they could find you on social media on whatever platform it is that you’re going to be utilizing the most to get in front of your clients. But your irresistible first offer, your lead magnet is something that you are typically giving away for free in exchange for your new subscriber’s first name and email address. This way you can be building your email list full of people who are excited to hear from you, to learn from you, and then to buy from you.

The very best way to build your email list is to create something that is valuable to your audience. You want something that you can give away for free in exchange for their email address. And ESPECIALLY when you are running ads, like Facebook ads or any kind of ad what you’re going to want to do is instead of pointing them just directly to a random page on your website, like your homepage where there’s a lot going on, you want to point them to a single page that gives them the opportunity to join your email list in exchange for receiving the free gift that you have for them.

This free gift can be a lot of different things, but it does not have to take a lot of time to get in place for it to be valuable. You could create a little guide if you would like. Let’s say it could be a one to three page guide, that does a quick overview of the different points that really you’re taking your clients in your paid offer through.

The very best lead magnets will educate your audience, give value on the specific thing they are wanting help with, and then point them into the direction of your paid offer as the next logical step to take. So, the lead magnet you create should be directly tied to the core signature paid offer that you are selling.

Your lead magnet is essentially giving people a taste of what it’s like to work with you, because you are showing up with value and you are educating them on the steps that they need to take. Then, when you’re educating them on the steps that they need to take, the next logical thing for them to do is take those steps.

Now sure, they can take the guide and they can get a lot of value from it. They could try to do things on their own, and many, many people will. And that is absolutely okay. You are there to show up with value to help others. But those who are wanting to really take that next step are going to take that next step and continue learning from you until they’re actually ready to book a call with you or sign up for your program, or but your course – whatever it is that you offer people. So, have this in place in your business. This is definitely a very key step in creating your money strategy for your business.

#4) What is your nurture plan?

First, what exactly is a “nurture plan”? A nurture plan is your plan for how you will be showing up with free content for your audience. You want to show up for your audience so you can “nurture” your relationship with them. This way, you will keep them engaged with your content so when they are ready to buy, you will be the person they buy from because they know, like, and trust you.

This content is 100% free content , which means that nobody has to opt-in with their name and email address to gain access to it. They get this content if they’re on your email list, as well as anybody who is on any of the social platforms that you show up on and you share value with.

So what is your nurture plan? How are you going to continue a relationship with your subscribers so that you keep them warmed up and you are building trust with them so that when they are ready they will reach out and buy from you.

As a little example, my nurture plan is my podcast which I take the transcript from and turn into this blog that you are reading right now.

So I show up and I create different episodes weekly and release on my podcast. Then I share this episode with everybody who is subscribed to my podcast, as well as anybody new who stumbles upon my podcast. I also share my latest episode with my email list, as well as the social platforms that I show up on as well.

So my podcast is my 100% free value content that I create once a week. That is what I do. But there are so many different ways of creating free content to nurture your audience. You don’t have to have a podcast. You just need to know WHAT you are doing.

Whatever it is that you do, show up with valuable content and insights that YOUR IDEAL CLIENT wants. Don’t think of your nurture content as “free” or “less than” the work you are doing with your clients. This will only attract people who only want free content. Instead, show up with value that your dream clients want. When you do this, you will be attracting your dream clients to you, the caliber of client that you want to work with. How you show up is everything!  Just be real, and authentic, showing up and sharing that you care. Share valuable content that’s going to help them move things forward. I create my free content as an additional resource for my paying clients, as I tackle many of the things that we cover in our coaching together, but am able to expand upon it in different ways so that even more people who are facing the same thing can hear what to do or gain more clarity on what they need.

There you have it! Those are the four steps you’re going to want to get in place to create a well-designed strategy for your business that brings you leads, clients, and sales WITHOUT burning you out. It is my mission to help you intentionally design a business that SERVES YOU, vs. you serving your business and then wondering why you started it in the first place. Because you can create a business that brings you the income you want, the time freedom you want, and the impact you want to make in the world, doing the work you are passionate about.

If you want to dive even deeper into developing your unique money strategy for your business, I take you through every step, this month (and any month you join) in my group coaching program, 6-Figure Coach Academy. You’ll get an entire training video every month, a workbook to go along with the material you are learning, a monthly coaching call with me and specific action steps to do every week as you work on creating and implementing your money strategy that will give you the clear pathway to more clients and sales in your business.

Go ahead and work on those steps and get it in place in your business, and make sure to tell me all about it, okay? I love hearing about your specific strategy for money and for all that you’re doing in your business and how you’re showing up and helping your audience. And if you have any questions, post them below! I may do a podcast episode on it just for you!

For your success,


Why you want recurring income in your business

Why you want recurring income in your business

Why do you want recurring income packages in your business?

I could talk about this so much, because it is so essential to have in your business.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you want recurring income:

  1. You will KNOW the exact dollar amount you can count on having each month
  2. You don’t have to worry about where your next client is going to come from
  3. You can add to your income every month, without having to spend extra time to make more money.

Essentially, when you have recurring income packages in your business, you are able to deliver immense value month after month to your clients, and know that you are growing in your numbers each month, without spending extra time doing so.

Recurring income gives you the security in your business, because you intentionally designed it into your business model.

You have income flowing in that you can count on every single month, because you structured it this way.

What exactly is recurring income?

A recurring income offer is any offer (and I’ll dive into different offers you can implement later in this post), that you sign a client up for where they pay you the same amount each month, for as long as they are signed on as a client. So, every single month, you provide something valuable to them that they want and need, and in return, each month they pay you (and this is automatic with the help of Ontraport) on an ongoing basis. So many of my own clients stay enrolled for years!

For me, implementing recurring income was life-changing.

When I first started out as a freelance graphic and website designer fresh out of college, I had the design skill, but I did not have any idea of what I was doing on the business side of things. I just knew I wanted to be my own boss, and I needed clients. So I set out and I found clients. But I didn’t have any idea that I needed to have specific offers in my business. I just wanted the client, so in my early days, I would do ANYTHING they asked, just to keep them.

Side note: I had no boundaries back then and no understanding that when you implement boundaries, you actually make 100x MORE money, and the client actually is MUCH higher caliber – and FAR more a joy to work with.

So back then in the early days, that’s what I did… everything. This meant I worked all hours, on all kinds of projects, and yet my income was only barely getting me by. How could that be when I was basically working around the clock? I realize now what I was missing. I didn’t design my business in a way that was going to bring in a specific income goal and time freedom. I was doing all the work, and yet I still wasn’t making the money I wanted to make. I never knew what the next month was going to look like.

The business was running me. That is NOT how it has to be, nor in my opinion how anyone ever wants it to be! When you’re just trying to get by each month… then you’re stuck in the reaction mode. You’re not able to get ahead because all you’re thinking about is surviving the month. Then the next month you do it again. It’s a vicious cycle, unless you get out of it. But many women don’t know there is any other way of doing things. No wonder so many businesses fail.. because the people running them get burnt out before they even discover what they need to do to change it and get the help they need.

Because when I changed this, everything changed.

And now, as a business coach, this is what I help women do every single day. So women like you never have to worry about how much you’re going to make. You always KNOW how you are going to hit your business numbers because you are steadily growing (and stacking) your income every time you bring in a new client into one of your recurring monthly packages. There is so much stability.

But it starts with deciding to design your business so that you are not overworked.

So that you can create financial stability and never have to work a job you don’t like.

You want to create packages to offer in your business so that you can bring in the recurring income and have the security every single month.

When you implement recurring income into your business, you can work your way to:

>> Have all of your private client spots filled and then can start a waitlist for when these monthly contracts end.
>> Once your 1-to-1 spots are filled, you can scale with a 1-to-Many recurring income offer. This is where you can help many people at once.

When you design your business to bring in income month after month, you will not have to worry about where your next client is coming from. You’ve created consistency in your business. You’re not dependant on any one client to take care of all your expenses.

When you have this, it gives you peace of mind. Nothing is worth more than that. 

There’s a way to create these packages to give you the life you want.

Here are 4 different methods you can think about, then choose the way that you want to move forward with and start!

Method #1: Provide a recurring monthly service

This is for my service providers! If you are a service provider, how can you take the service you have or create a whole new branch to compliment the service that you have (and you most definitely can find a way – it’s right under your nose) and turn it into a monthly service that you provide the same client each month. This is where you are working directly with one individual client at a time, every single month for this service.

Then, once you have your package decided, your next step is to determine how many clients can you enroll in this service at a time? How many clients can you take on at once each month, working only the hours that you want? This is the number of client spots that you have open each month. Knowing this helps you to NOT overwork.

Method #2: Coach clients towards achieving a specific goal

I have clients who start as service providers and then expanded in their business to include this as well. I actually did the exact same thing in my own business. Now, this is primarily the way I bring in income with 1-to-1 clients, where I work directly with private clients. Implementing recurring income this way in your business means that you jump on a specified number of calls with your client each month, and you spend 20-90 minutes with them, coaching them along the path towards achieving their goal. You can structure this however you’d like to make the most sense for the goal and the people you want to help. Once you decide what you want your private coaching program to look like, you can then decide how many clients you can take on at once time in the hours that you set aside for work. That is how many spots you have open in your calendar. Then month after month, the clients you enroll will pay you when you continually show up for them and they see progress towards the results they are after.

Method #3: Create an online program (a digital course or group coaching)

When you have all of your private client spots filled, this is when I typically recommend creating an online program because you have now reached your capacity, have gained a lot of experience, and now you’re ready to SCALE your business and create even more time freedom for yourself. With this method, you can create an online program where you take something you’re already doing in your business, and then you teach it. Then you sell this pre-recorded program again and again and people pay you monthly for access to it. You can include support in this program, group coaching calls, whatever you want! This is when you can increase your income astronomically!

Method #4: Become an affiliate partner

WIth this method to set up recurring income in your business, you don’t even need to have your own product, service, or coaching. You can find somebody else’s tool or program that you believe in that has an affiliate program that gives out recurring income every single month. You can sign up as an affiliate, and with the unique link they give you, you can use this link to have people purchase through it. (So instead of selling your offers, you’re selling someone else’s offer) Then, once somebody purchases, you receive a recurring deposit in your account every single month for every person who you sign on.

There are many methods for building up recurring income. You just have to decide which one makes the most sense for you and then go all in, selling your offer, and reaping the benefits.

What does this look like in a real-life example?

Let’s say you are a coach, and you want to make $10,000 every single month. How would you get there?

First, without recurring income…

How would you get to $10k? Let’s say you offer a $500 one-off coaching session.

You would need 20 people to purchase this offer this month to make $10,000.

Then next month, you would need to do the exact same thing, find 20 people to purchase.

Can you even convince 20 people to hire you for $500 for one call?

And do that every single month? Without being overworked? Then each month you have no idea what next month will look like… because you have nobody on the schedule.

Now, here’s what it looks like when you HAVE recurring income…

Every time you sign a client, you are adding an additional layer to your income every month.

So how would you get to $10k? Let’s say you sign clients on for $1,000/month because every month they get 2 calls with you. It’s an ongoing program that helps them reach key milestones towards their goals every single month. This in itself is so much more valuable than the one-off offer.

Let’s say the first month you get 5 clients. Then next month you get another 5 clients.

Now you’re making $10k/month, and you don’t have to enroll ANY new clients after these 2 months. You could even get 10 clients in one month if you really wanted to. It sure beats having to try to find 20 clients.

Now it’s your turn

What recurring income offer are you going to implement in your business first?

How many slots do you have open for 1-to-1 clients?

Then, what is your plan to scale?

The route I typically take my clients through is:

Reach $10k with 1-to-1 clients, then scale with a 1-to-Many offer to $30k/month and beyond.

However, some of my clients and I start with the 1-to-Many offer.

The biggest key is that whatever you do, you are ALL IN until you have created the income that you want.

There’s so much you can do to build up your income. It’s SO MUCH FUN!

I hope that this inspires you and helps you think of ways to build up your own recurring income.

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I’m here for your success,

You have a $30k monthly membership offer right under your nose

You have a $30k monthly membership offer right under your nose

You probably have a $30,000 offer under your nose right now and you don’t even realize it.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that you absolutely have one! 

All you have to do is recognize what it is and then plan out the steps to create it and offer it to the people who need it.

When you do this, it will catapult you into an entirely new level in your business.

Just imagine how things would be different when you are making $30k or more per month?

You no longer have to be working long hours…

You are no longer stressing about where your next client will come from…

You no longer are stuck at one level in your business…

It would change how you’re doing everything, wouldn’t it?

I guarantee that you have something right now in your business that you could turn into an offer that you can offer to thousands of people at once or even 500 people at once, and be able to make $30,000 months in your business consistently.

Yes, I’m talking about making $30k every… single… month, with ONE offer.

There are many ways to do this, but my absolute favorite way is to create a monthly membership product because it is by far the fastest way I have found to get to a consistent, high income, without having to work crazy hours.

What exactly is a Monthly Membership program?

You may have heard of this before, but do you understand the power a monthly membership can provide you? I’ll show you in an example… so keep on reading.

If you don’t know what a monthly membership is – I am so excited to share!

A monthly membership is typically an online program that you offer where your members are paying you every month in exchange for the value that you provide them with every month.

And this value… can be anything you want to offer that your specific audience—your niche—finds valuable.

So, here’s where I want to ask you the question:

What can you bring to others with your knowledge, your skills, or your expertise, that you are already doing in your business, that you can now do on a grander scale?

I guarantee you that you have unique gifts right now that you could package up into a monthly membership.

You just need to take a step back and look at what you are offering right now and strategize how you could offer it to hundreds or thousands of people at once and only work 3-10 hours per month doing so. There is a way right now to do this. It is right in front of you. You just need to tap into it and make a plan for what this looks like.

Here’s an example of how powerful a monthly membership is:

I literally just joined a membership group last month. It was a membership that a lady I’ve been following for quite some time offered, for $97 a month. I joined quickly because I wanted what she was teaching. I wanted it because of what it would do for my life.

When I joined, I saw that she has over 1,300 people in this program.

Let’s do the math.

1,300 people @ $97/mo is a grand total of her making: $126,100 THIS MONTH

And then next month, it will be the same because everyone’s subscription will renew until they cancel.

With the content she’s providing—showing up 2 hours a month live and creating a nice workbook to dive into that goes along with the content—it’s not unrealistic to believe that most of these 1,300 people are going to stay in the program.

I know that I am staying! I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon at all. No plans, because I’m loving what I am receiving.

And remember… for her, this is ONLY 2 hours of work PER month + the time to create the workbook and get the content together for the training. It would be safe to assume that she is only spending 5-6 hours total per month in creating and delivering this content. (side note: your membership can be completely different in what you deliver per month – this part doesn’t matter. What matters is the value the members in the program get.)

In exchange for this amount of time and these deliverables, she is making $126,100 PER MONTH.

And it will only continue to grow with the more people she brings in.

This is doing business the smart way.

To create time freedom in your life and an extraordinary income.

And when you have an income at this scale.. Making $126,100 per month, (which means well over a million dollars per year I might add), just imagine what you would be able to do with that income?

You’d be able to create any life you imagine.

You’d be able to have the money AND the time to do everything you want to do.

Everything you want.

There’d be no limits.

It is entirely possible.

And this $30k/month or more offer IS truly right under your nose.

I guarantee it.

In fact, let me show you!

Join this group and write a quick post telling me a bit about your business and I’ll help you find exactly what you could offer for your monthly membership so you can be on your way to creating $30k months and more.

It’s time to stop being stuck.

End this year strong so you can make this next year, the best year EVER in your business.

Let’s do this.

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