My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

Online business as a coach, consultant, service provider, or course creator is incredible because there are not a lot of upfront costs vs what is associated with other businesses. You don’t have inventory to sell, because what you are selling is transformation… you’re selling a solution to a problem in the form of a digital exchange… whether that’s an online course, an online program, a service, or coaching – all you have to do is just show up and help people get the results that are after. You don’t have a lot of overhead to run an online business so your ability to make a profit fairly quickly is extraordinary. 

However, there are some key tools you will want to invest in to make your business run smoothly as you have to both market to your dream clients so that they see you are the obvious choice to help them get to where they want to be AND not get burnt out in the process. 

The business tools you invest in are invaluable in the longevity of your business to help you reach your dream clients, warm them up, and get them so excited to work with you. When you invest in the right tools, you will be able to create a freedom business that doesn’t take much of your time to run because it’s running on its own for you! 

SO what are those business tools that will help you to bring in leads and sales while you sleep?

I have been in business since 2008… so I have tried and tested ALL OF THE TOOLS and these are the ones that rise to the top as my favorite tools for running my own online businesses and helping my clients run theirs. 

Full disclosure: Many of the below tools are affiliate links which means I’ll be compensated at no additional charge if you click on the link and purchase the tool or program. I only recommend what I 100% believe in and use myself and with my clients. These are tried and tested and have been used for years. 

My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

For Your Website:


My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

For Your Email Marketing System:

If you’re just getting started and need something basic for now:


My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

For Housing Your Online Courses:

  • You can do this with Ontraport on its own
  • Or you can use Kajabi as an alternative 


My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

For Your Design Software 

  • Canva (easy for any entrepreneur to learn & use!)
Along with that, I recommend some great stock sites for finding imagery!


My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

Favorite Recording and Video Tools:


My Favorite Tools for Running an Online Business

For Project Management:

  • Your digital calendar for time blocking (Get this with Google or the calendar on your Mac)
  • Monday Hour One Online Course (everyone needs this system as their starting place) by Brooke Castillo, Lauren Cash and Tyson Bradley
  • Trello


I keep this page updated with the latest I am using so you’re always in the know of what I’m finding are the very best tools to use!

When you’re running an online business, there are a wealth of tools that you can use. Everyone has their own opinion of what works best and why it works. It can quickly become really daunting to follow everyone’s opinions… So I suggest starting from your place of power… which means…

What is that goal that you are specifically after in your business right now?

You want to always start from that place. 

Then, what tool is going to be the MOST EFFECTIVE to go with that will allow you to accomplish what you want and help you to grow and scale the most in your business at the same time. That is what you want to go with! Do that, and you will grow.

Flywheel: the Best Hosting for WordPress & Divi

Flywheel: the Best Hosting for WordPress & Divi

Finding the perfect hosting for your website is no small task.. as I found.

And for me, running an online program teaching website design, I needed to find the best of the best out there for WordPress websites as my students and the livelihood of their business rides on the recommendations I provide.

After experiencing a variety of hosting companies, each having their pros and cons, I was tired of the cons that kept creeping up time and time again – no matter who I went with. Sure, relationships often started off great with the hosting and then would go south.

Gathered from my own experiences plus the hundreds of students who have come to me over the years talking about their own experience with their hosting companies.

Slow loading times, poor security (can you say Viagra ads?), error codes on sites every month practically, poor host support when trying to resolve issues. I’ve heard and experienced it all.

It needed to stop. 

We are running businesses after all. We need to be able to experience the freedom of focusing less on troubleshooting the tech in our business and far more on spending that precious time with our clients – helping them thrive.

We are meant to do more in our businesses! Tech shouldn’t be what gets in our way.

So, as I was planning a revamp of my online program, The Website in a Week Workshop for the new year, I thought – what better time than to do a deep dive research into the best,  most affordable hosting companies out there so that I can find an even better solution for my members!

So that’s exactly what I did. 

After EXTENSIVE research, the results led me to Flywheel as the very best hosting company for the most affordable price to run WordPress websites. Even better – this company runs the Divi theme (taught in my course) like a dream.

Here are the 6 top benefits Flywheel brings to the table:

1) FAST loading times

2) SSL included

3) 24/7 Support

4) Iron-clad security, Malware prevention and cleanup on all sites

5) Daily automatic backups

6) Affordable Monthly Price

Let’s go through each of these dazzling benefits one by one shall we?

1) FAST loading times

This by far is the biggest benefit to every single person who has a WordPress website using the Divi theme. The Divi theme is a powerhouse theme, giving you full customization to create the site of your dreams – but if you don’t have the right hosting for it, your loading times can be less than desired. Flywheel is the solution you need! They have achieved the fastest loading times tried and tested against all the other big name hosting sites that are right along with them and they have won every time. Flywheel achieves fast loading times with two key features that don’t come standard with many other hosts out there. The first key feature is their Cloud Hosting. What is cloud hosting and why do you want it? Well cloud hosting is hosting that is compartmentalized which essentially means that you aren’t sharing your precious hosting resources with anyone else who could be hogging the resources your website needs. Shared hosting is what most other affordable big name hosting company’s out there use because… well… it’s cheap for them, but it’s often at your expense. When you purchase shared hosting, your website is far more susceptible to all sorts of malware if there’s another website on the same shared server that you are on. With Flywheel’s cloud hosting you can rest easy, never having to worry about that! Your resources are all your own. HOORAY! The second key ingredient to the fast loading time pie is the CDN they provide automatically with every single plan. A CDN caches your website page all across the world making it appear quickly to new website visitors and returning visitors alike!

2) SSL Included

Keeping your website visitors privacy secure is a requirement of Google, and it’s just good practice as a business owner. Your job in business is to provide a safe environment for your people to find you so that you can gain their trust. Not having an SSL could cost you lots of leads and clients if you don’t have a secure site. Most hosting companies charge you additionally for this product as an add-on to your site. Not Flywheel. Flywheel knows what you need as an entrepreneur. In fact, they themselves claim to have been created for creative entrepreneurs!

3) 24/7 Support

Aside from the fastest loading times, this is the second biggest feature that means a ton to me! I want the very best for all my website clients and all members of my website building program… where so many other hosts have failed again and again to provide, Flywheel makes up for them all with their superb customer service! They are speedy fast and are available around the clock, so whether you are from the US with me, or are from around this big beautiful globe, you are covered – fast and friendly service every single time. They are dedicated to helping you with any hosting-side issue you could encounter in the handy chat box you access directly within your account in plain site! Say goodbye hunting everywhere online for a support line – Flywheel makes it easy-peasey.

4) Iron clad security, Malware prevention and cleanup on all sites

WordPress is phenomenal for so many reasons, of which is another blog post altogether for another time, but where WordPress is great, there is a downside to the many benefits offered. If you don’t have the right host, you are more susceptible to malware and attacks from hackers on your website. Flywheel takes care of you! With iron-clad security and promised cleanups on all websites, you can rest easy knowing that you are taken care of.


5) Daily automatic backups

Every WordPress website owner knows the importance of having a backup of your website to revert back to in case of any problems that may occur on your website with theme updates, plugin updates, and WordPress updates. Having a backup is essential for every business, and Flywheel includes this tool automatically in every package. You receive a daily backup of your website that is generated every single day for you AND you have the ability to make a backup on demand whenever you please as well. Never fear your website breaking or the famous “white screen of death” without an easy revert back to your original website in all its beauty and glory!


6) Affordable Monthly Price

Flywheel has several different package options to fit your needs. The majority of business owners will want to go with the lite or starter plan. Not sure which to get? Start with lite and talk to Flywheel on chat to see whether or not your site could use a hosting upgrade or not depending on size and your needs. Comparatively, no other reputable hosting provider beats them on price for cloud hosting and everything else that comes standard in every single Flywheel package.

Purchase through my affiliate link to take advantage of these special prices.

*when you click through the link and purchase, I will be compensated at no additional charge to you. I only promote what I believe in, and Flywheel is the only host I recommend and use myself.


There you have it, the 6 reasons why flywheel deserves the title: Flywheel: Best WordPress Hosting for Divi.

I know you will love Flywheel as much as I do to run your WordPress website. And hey, if you don’t love it – Flywheel makes it a cinch to cancel at anytime!! They never own your website, so if you ever want to transfer your website over to a different host – you can do that with ease!

Let me know how much you love this host by sharing in my free group #BusinessDesigners with Rebecca Barnheart 

And, if you want to create a website you love that brings you leads and sales everyday, make sure to join the Website in a Week Workshop. Read all the details here.

Until next time, take action now towards your dreams because life is short and your dreams are worth it!

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