How to Choose Your Niche as a Coach

How to Choose Your Niche as a Coach

So, you’re a coach and you’ve been told you need a niche, but you’re not sure how in the world to choose one or even why exactly you need to choose one. 

Firstly, you don’t need to do anything. 

You don’t need a niche. 

You can help anyone… at any time… with anything. 

This is always available to you and you could make it work if you want to for a while.

However, it’s typically much more difficult to do because you aren’t sure 100% who you’re speaking to…

When you don’t have a niche, everything you write ends up sounding dry and generalized, and you don’t get anyone asking about your coaching packages. 

Often you’re also left feeling scattered and unsure of what to even write about in the first place. 

However, when you choose a niche, suddenly, your brain has something to wrap its’ mind around and go “all-in” on. 

Our brains love concrete things. 

They’re made to focus. 

And when we have something concrete to focus on, it’s 100x easier to take action because we know what we’re doing.

Businesses take time to build and people want to know you can help them specifically. 

The ONLY way they’re going to know that, is if you are speaking directly to them. 

Sometimes it takes the same message a few times to build enough trust for somebody to reach out to work with you. 

But in order for them to even be drawn to you to begin with, you have to get their attention. 

You can cut through all the noise with a powerful message catered directly to the person who desires the result you help people with in your coaching.  

When you have a niche, you can far more easily capture their attention and excitedly draw them in so they see you as the obvious coach who can help them with the exact thing they are wanting to achieve or overcome.

So, you don’t need a niche, but you’ll likely be far more successful, far faster WITH a niche. 

If you want faster results, zeroing in on the result this person is after and who this person is will attract them like bees to honey… 

The biggest thing that come up for my clients and for myself when I was choosing to narrow my own niche down is that I got scared that I could somehow choose the “wrong” niche.

That by choosing a niche in the first place, I would be saying “no” to opportunities to help others who also need my help. 

However, in trying to keep everyone who could benefit from my coaching, I was having the most difficult time talking to the people I really wanted to talk to by keeping several people in my audience who didn’t really need to be there. These are the people I was just hanging onto because I was scared that if I let them go in my marketing, I would lose something.

It’s human nature to protect ourselves. However, most of the things we try to protect ourselves from aren’t even a threat and actually are keeping us small. 

How I approach things now and how you can approach things too if you find it helpful is by asking yourself this question:

Who am I most aligned with and excited to work with? 

For me, it’s the coaches.

The ambitious women with big hearts…

who also have a family and want to build a successful business that gives them excitement and joy every day because they’re making a real impact in people’s lives. 

So how exactly do you zero in on the niche you want to help with your work as a coach?

Follow this simple 5 step framework to choose your niche right now! (This is the process that has worked for my clients and I, which is my adaptation from the Life Coach School’s “Narrowing Your Niche” worksheet)


STEP 1: 

First, what main end result do you want to help people create the most?

This would be the result they are looking to achieve. 

People pay coaches well in all 4 of these areas:

> Relationships

> Health 

> Personal Development

> Money

Choose the area you specifically want to help people achieve the most. This is step 1. 

As an example, my niche is “Money”. They want to make more money with a business. 


How would your dream clients finish this sentence? How do I __________? 

As my example, my clients would be typing in: “How do I make 6 figures as a coach?”


Who are they? What are two defining characteristics of this person?

For me, I help women who are coaches.

Women & Coaches are my two definers. They are women who choose to be a coach. 


What circumstance do they find themselves in?

As an example, I help people make 6-figures with their business (step 1), but not just any people – I help women coaches (step 3), but not just any woman who is a coach – I help women coaches who are raising a family at the same time (step 4 – the circumstance).


What makes your solution one step further amazing for this audience? What is a second problem you’re solving that this specific audience you have chosen would find so helpful and much needed?

Because my audience are women who have kids, they often don’t feel like they have enough time to build a successful coaching business because the other people they see who have successful businesses are not mom’s – so they blame the lack of time for why they aren’t successful. So, the reason why my solution is amazing for this audience is because I’m teaching how to build a successful coaching business working under 20 hours a week. 

When you choose your niche, what it comes down to more than anything else is clarity of who you would love to work with.

Because you can work with anyone.

If you feel a bit stuck, try looking at it from where you once were 6 months ago, 1 year ago, or even 5 years ago. Who was that person? What was she going through? How could she have benefited from your coaching back then that you could offer her now? Usually, as coaches, this is who we’re most drawn to work with because we can understand and relate to them the most because we WERE them. We are them. We see past selves in them. And as coaches, we’re helping them rise up more rapidly then we did because we are helping them tap into their inner wisdom and our wisdom we have gleaned from our own journey. 

The clearer you get on who this person is, the more aligned your message will be to attract them and the more people you will attract because you’re making that connection with them because you understand who it is you’re talking to. 

It’s easy to talk to everyone. It’s general. It’s safe. Yet, your results will be very small. 

But when you are clear, and pinpointed on who you help in the world, these people (these dream clients) will see your content and be attracted to you! And that is the results I want you to experience in your business. I hope this served you my friend! Keep moving things forward because you are doing important work in the world and people need you!

How business is like a garden

How business is like a garden


Mikael, my husband, loves to garden. He plants the most amazing things, and plans out the landscaping for how everything will look.

I am taking off two afternoons this week where I’ll be helping him in our garden.

We have a whole mountain of bulbs right now sitting on our dining room table, all waiting to be planted. 

I was thinking today about how Mikael first started our garden… and just how similar a garden is to a well-designed business.

He first formulated a plan for what he wanted it to look like.

In this plan, he decided how each garden feature, garden stone pathway, and flower would all fit together and work harmoniously with one another.

Some flowers do best in full sun, others in shade.

Some flowers come back every year, without you having to do anything but water them once they are in the ground…

and others you have to replant each year, but you have the knowledge of how to grow them and help them to thrive. 

Business is so much like a garden… 

You first need to do the initial “landscaping” when you decide on your business plan, and the structure for how you’re going to reach the end result you want.

For a garden, that can look like:

How do I want my backyard to look?

What elements do I want it to have?

What would create the end result I want? 

In business, it would look like:

Your business plan and strategy for what unique marketing pieces you will bring together to create the income you want to have. 

You can’t throw a ton of things together at once and have it work. You need to be thoughtful, decisive, and intentional so that it serves you and your dream clients well.

Then, in a garden…. you need to plant the seeds where they should go. You need to do the work of digging the holes, putting them into the ground, and laying down the mulch, maybe even get your hands dirty in the process. 

For your business… you need to build the pieces out. You need to create the website, the marketing pages, begin building the email list, start creating posts on the social platform of your choosing, get things up and running to lay the groundwork so you can grow. 

Then… comes the consistency…

Then you need to do the consistent tasks that actually GROW the garden that is your business.

For a garden… You need to care for your garden consistently, give each plant the right amount of soil, sun, and water and remove the weeds that don’t belong. 

At first, there isn’t much movement…

The quick growers may sprout up immediately, sure. But other plants take more time. 

You may not see that anything happening with these plants at all, but there’s so much going on below the surface.

With a little more nurturing, they will grow into the most beautiful flowers and your garden will be in full bloom. Then, you can sit and enjoy the beauty all around you. 

For your business… the same thing is true. You have to keep working your plan long enough to start seeing long-lasting results.

What happens to so many of us is that when you only see small results at first, often we think our plan is not working. 

However, it’s the long-term consistency that makes the big results. A garden, just like a business, doesn’t create overnight success.

It’s the long-term efforts of consistency and care we put into it that do. 

When you do this for long enough,  before you know it, all your client spots are full and you’re making the income you want to make continuously. 

Then you may decide you want to expand your garden. You want to add more flowers. 

Every year, Miakel and I have built our garden out more and more. Right now, our backyard is one big flower garden. This year, we are building out the front garden more and just finished completely changing the look of the front landscaping. 

Expansion happens once you have successfully built the first area of your business and now you just want to keep going. 

Before you can expand, you’ve gotta first get to your first $10k/month and keep it going consistently. 

How you do this is to start your garden the right way. 

With #1: A plan. 

And #2: Consistency. 

If you’re ready to create a clear plan for how you’re going to reach $10k/month in your business and keep that going month after month, Your Business Design Academy is where you need to be! Inside this coaching program, you will learn how to get your plan in place, then stick to that plan month after month. I will help you remove all the weeds that come up so that your business will yield the most amazing end result.

How to effortlessly bring in new leads every day

How to effortlessly bring in new leads every day

How to effortlessly bring in new leads every day

Let’s talk about leads. 

Do you have new leads (that is, brand new people who would be a perfect fit for your paid offers) being introduced to your business and joining your email list daily?

If you don’t, there is no better time to start than today. 

Because when you have people joining your list… 

Who are eager to solve the exact problem that you help people solve…

Then, that’s when you have a business, my friend.

Your job is simply to reach these people. 

One of the biggest challenges I see so many entrepreneurs run into is HOW to reach their dream clients. 

When I was first starting out in business, I did not know how to do this either. 

Then after a lot of trial and error, and hiring lots of mentors – I found out how….

And I implemented. 

And everything changed for me. 

Now I have new leads coming in daily to my business. 

And you can easily have this too. 

All you have to do is set it up.  

You simply need to have a good lead magnet that your dream clients would find really valuable. Not something that is a throw-away, that they look at once and never revisit… But a lead magnet that they can refer back to again and again. 

And then you want to have a way to get in front of the people your lead magnet is made for. 

My favorite way to do this requires no time on my end… 

I have entire funnels running for me on autopilot. 

I have people joining my list every single day. 

I also make offers every single day.

And the equation for making money in your business is that the more offers you make and the more people you make those offers to – the more clients & sales you get. 

I’m not talking about super salesy offers, but genuine, authentic offers that are natural and cause people to want to join. They sound like this…

“Hey, I know sometimes you have this problem, I did too… and I found what works for myself/others. If you want my help, too – I’m here and we can work together so you can have success too.” 

Every day, multiple times during the day and night, I am making offers that sound just like this to people who are an aligned fit for what I offer. The best thing about this is that it’s happening WITHOUT me having to do a thing now. 

All I had to do was create my funnel* and it now runs on autopilot, bringing me new leads every day. I have these funnels in my business running for me year-round behind the scenes on evergreen. 

*What is a funnel?

A funnel is a series of events you take people through that looks like this:

Free offer > a series of value Emails > Invite to paid offer

Essentially, a funnel is a way for you to attract people who would be a good fit for your paid offer by offering something first that is free, and then warming them up and inviting them to take the next step and join your paid offer. A funnel is a way to “funnel” people into your business who are a good fit vs. trying to market to anyone and everyone whether or not they are interested in your offer. When you have a good funnel, you are able to market your offers to the people who actually want what you have.  

This changes the game for you. 

You can get one or multiple of these funnels in place in your business too – making offers and sales while you sleep. 

If you want my help showing you how you can create your own funnel for your online business so you can start attracting new leads daily who are a fit for your paid offers, then come join me inside of Your Business Design Academy. This program is my monthly group coaching program where I will help you pinpoint your dream clients, create a compelling lead magnet they will love, and help you set up Facebook ads so you can keep new people coming into your business on autopilot day after day. Doors close soon, so now is the time to get yourself signed up! I’d love to see you inside as you work on taking your business to the next level. That is all I have for you today my friend! I hope this episode has served you and I’ll see you next week. 


What you need before you can breakthrough to 5-figure months

What you need before you can breakthrough to 5-figure months

What you need to breakthrough to 5-figure months

I remember how I felt so clearly when I broke through and had my first 5 figure month. That was back in early 2016 and then I did it again and again – now I only keep growing every month because I have the foundation set.

However, before I had the foundation, I was so shaky! It had taken me 7+ years in business to get to my first five-figure month.

Now I can see so clearly see what made the difference between what I had in place when it finally worked and what I didn’t have in place when it didn’t work for the first 7 years.

The foundation I had to have before I made my first 5-Figure month was…

  • Needing a VERY strong reason (a “why”) for wanting 5-Figures.
  • Having clear offer that solves a clear problem 
  • Knowing how to reach and build the audience my offer was made to help
  • Having people – even just 1! – cheering me on who understands this world.
  • Creating a simple strategy I could actually follow without getting overwhelmed and giving up
  • Needing to believe it’s possible and choosing to actually bet on myself

When I finally managed to get these pieces in place bit by bit over those first 7 years in business through lots of trial and error, suddenly I had the foundation where growth can grow.

Now, if I lost my entire business today and had to start all over from scratch, I could build it all up again in a couple of months.

Not 7 years! 

You can do this too…  and you don’t have to go 7 years like I did to have all these pieces. Time is the one thing that could have been completely different for me if I had someone who could point out these pieces and help me bring it all together sooner. So, you can get this all together so much faster than me! 

I’m hosting a free class this month where I’ll show you how to get these pieces in place by showing you exactly what I did. Join me at and get yourself registered so you can join me. See you there!

The power of setting the date to move your dreams forward

The power of setting the date to move your dreams forward

The power of setting the date to move your dreams forward

Do you have an awesome idea that you really want to create or make happen… maybe you even have wanted this and dreamed about this for a long time…

Yet… you still don’t have it? I get it because I’ve been there too!

For the longest time – several months – I have wanted to create this new “passive income tiny offer” product in my business.

The idea of this product is that I would sell it for a low cost, and the people who purchase would pay for the ad spend, resulting in lots of brand new leads flowing in every day into my business that are essentially paying for themselves with this product.

Yet I just kept thinking about it. It wasn’t the right time…

… I had so much work to do for my clients that I needed to focus on.

… The adoption of our soon-to-be daughter was coming up.

…. I had my thyroid surgery coming up so why would I start when I couldn’t actually commit yet?

… I wasn’t exactly even sure what I wanted to offer.. I just had a general idea but chose to stay confused on the specifics. Shouldn’t I get clear on this before I commit?

ALL THE EXCUSES for why it wasn’t the time to do it.

And why? So often, we delay our dreams waiting for when everything will be perfect for when we can get our stuff out and into the world.

But I want to tell you today… if you don’t set a date, you can put your dream off forever.

Whether that’s actually starting your business, getting that offer out, or taking that big vacation. 

There will never be a time when it’s all “right” and will magically all come together. 

Your life is going by one day at a time. There’s never a perfect time to start to do something other than right now.

If you have an idea burning within you…

I want to challenge you today – right now – pull up your calendar and choose a day when that thing you want to create will be done or that thing you want to do will happen.

There’s so much power when you set a date. 

Here’s what happens when you do this….

You suddenly have a date when it’s happening.

This causes you to stop muddling around in confusion and excuses and actually get clear on how you will make this thing happen.

Clarity is the key to getting things done.

Because oh wow- it’s now happening. If it’s even possible you will meet your date, you HAVE to get clear. 

It forces you to get organized and take the actions you need.

Every time I have done this and have clients do this… big shifts start taking place.

When I finally set a date for when this new passive income tiny offer was going to be out into the world with ads running – everything changed for me.

I got super clear. I organized all my steps. I showed up each day to work my plan so that by my launch date, it happened!

And I did this ALL in the midst of:

👉 Two BIG crazy launches I was doing with clients
👉 Showing up for you with my podcast
👉 Delivering amazing content for the ladies in Your Business Design Academy
👉 Meeting our adoptive daughter and getting all the things ready for her
👉 Getting Mikael all ready for his big oral surgery

And I did this without burnout, but so much ease!

It’s amazing how much you can really get done when you set a date and get clear on the key steps you need to do to make it all come together – and do so without stress or burnout.

You can do this too. Set a date. When will your big thing happen?

Then work backwards from there – mapping out all the steps you need to do to make this happen.

If you feel stuck on any part of the process in achieving your big thing successfully and without burnout, and you are ready to make magic happen…. if only you knew WHAT and WHERE to focus your energy so you can experience the life & business you know you were made for then Your Business Design Academy is where you belong!

The doors are opening really soon to this life-changing program! If you’re looking to finally breakthrough to five-figure months as a coach, consultant, service provider or digital course creator – then this is where you need to be! Head on over to and click on the menu link that says “Your Business Design Academy” and join the waitlist today so you can hear as soon as it opens.

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