How to take the right action towards your dreams

How to take the right action towards your dreams

How to take the right action towards your dreams

Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to take action in your business?

The right action brings success and keeps your income and impact growing year after year.

The wrong action keeps you stuck at one level, or going out of business completely.

The kind of action you take matters.

So which action are you taking, my friend?

To know whether you are taking the right action or the wrong action, you must first know what belief you are embodying when you do the action in the first place.

There are 4 different ways people approach their dreams.

I see this all the time with the clients I coach and the people I lead in my community.

Let’s see which one of the four you typically find yourself in.

Whichever you find yourself in is what is creating the results you experience right now.

So, I challenge you to be honest with yourself in defining which is true for you. Because the good news is that if you don’t like where you are right now – you can change it!

It’s a simple, yet profound little shift that creates huge results in your life and your business.


Let’s begin!

First, on the list…


The Pie-in-the-Sky Dreamer

We’ve all heard this phrase… “it’s just a pie-in-the-sky dream”.

Maybe even somebody said that about your business when you shared your vision for it.

But the truth is – you are only a pie-in-the-sky dreamer when you say “I’m totally going to do that, or have that” – but you aren’t taking action towards it.

If you aren’t taking action towards what you desire, you aren’t going to achieve it.

That’s obvious!

The dream is just the first step, it’s the seed.

The action you take waters the seed until it sprouts and grows and flourishes.

But if the seed is never watered and cared for, it will not grow.

A goal without action isn’t going to happen. It will always stay trapped as a dream. It will never be birthed into your reality if you aren’t willing to take the right action towards it.

But let’s say you do take action! Now it’s just a matter of – which action are you taking? Action that will move you forward or keep you stuck?

Let’s find out! On to the next…


The Derailed Dreamer

This is the person who wants something and who decides to take action towards achieving it, but deep down doesn’t believe it will actually happen for them.

This person may be aware they have this belief, or they may not even realize it.

Nonetheless, it’s in the back of their mind.

And because it is, this dreamer is giving this belief the power to control the actions they take.

So the actions they take reflect this belief over and over again.

>> They think: “They won’t purchase”

So they say: “Hey, I’ve got this thing… it’s a pretty good program, at least I think it is and you might too. You could buy my program, you know – if you want. If you think it may work for you. But you don’t have to if you don’t think so.”

>> They think: “I could never make $10,000 a month”

So they: price everything they offer really low and get $10 here, $100 there, or the occasional $1,000 every once in a while… but nothing that can actually support them for months on end.

>> They think: “Other people say things so much better. It’s all been done before. Why would anyone follow me?”

So they: don’t email their list of contacts, they don’t start that podcast, they don’t write their blog, they don’t talk about their business and what they offer.

They take weak actions in their business.

Actions that are “busywork”, and don’t contribute to real growth towards the business and life they want.

They are hiding…

and when they don’t hide because they decide to go out on a limb and try something  “just in case” they are wrong… they get discouraged quickly when they don’t get the result they wanted.

They think:

“See, I’m no good at this. It’s not going to happen for me. Why even bother?”

They don’t “put it all out there” because why would they when it will just fail.. and in their minds will just continue to fail?

So of course they don’t yield results, because they aren’t all in.

And the cycle continues until either they quit completely or until they DECIDE to embody a new belief. The good news is that all it takes to change this is first realizing this is what’s happening so you can do something about it. More on that later.

The contrast to the “Derailed Dreamer”  is..


The Convicted Dreamer

This is the person who wants something and believes without a shadow of a doubt, truly, that it is theirs for the taking.

They know in the deepest part of their being that success is possible for them and they have infinite potential.

All they have to do is take enough bold action to achieving it and it will be theirs.

So they show up in their full power, owning their value and what they bring to the client, and they both “fail” and they win over and over again.

Because that’s what it takes.

They show up fully confident in everything they do.

They work on their weaknesses in the form of hiring a coach, or team members to help them build.

They grow wealth and they are successful.

Whether they want $10,000 months, $100,000 months or 1 million dollar months – it’s theirs.

Whatever they decide they want, they know is already theirs.

They just have to set the goal, create the path, then take inspired action and it will be theirs.

Whatever they know is the next right step to take, they take it.

Over and over and over again.

They bounce quickly from the failures, knowing it’s NECESSARY in the journey towards their dream.

But what if you don’t know without a shadow of a doubt that you can achieve your goal?

What if you truly just don’t know?

You’d like to think you can, but you just don’t know if your idea can be successful.

That is OKAY! If that’s where you’re at, then you are likely…


The Decided Dreamer

This is the person who truly doesn’t know if it’s possible for themselves, but is open to the possibility.

This person is different from “The Derailed Dreamer” because even though they aren’t 100% sure, they have decided to make the active choice to embody the belief that it IS possible and see where it goes for them.

Embodying the belief is simply taking action “as if” you can achieve it.

They decide to walk in faith that the belief that “anything is achievable” is actually true.

They decide that in order to give this a fair shot, you’ve got to go all in, because later in life they don’t want to be haunted with the question,  “what if I had actually went for it?” .

So they choose to test things for a period of time and measure the results of what they test BEFORE giving up completely or stopping the bold actions they are taking.

So their actions look like this:

>> They think: “This program I’ve created is incredible and will really help this person”

So they say: “I have created this program to solve your exact problem. I would love to invite you to enroll. Would you prefer the gold package or the silver package?” 

>> They think: “I wonder if I can make $10,000/mo. That would be really helpful to my family and help me grow my business even more. Let’s try it!”

So they  price their programs according to the value offered, and they get the sales that bring in $10,000 a month.

>> They think: “Other people say things so well. I would love to grow in this area and share my viewpoint too.”

So they: email their people regularly, they start their YouTube channel, they write a weekly blog post, and they share about their business and what they offer as much as possible so that they can gain skill in communication.

They do the work that DESERVES the results.

When you set goals, and take actions that align with the belief it can be true for you, you will see results, and this grows your faith muscle until you naturally end up becoming “the Convicted Dreamer” because you’ve seen enough evidence in your life that anything is possible for you.

Because the truth is… no matter what you believe is true for yourself.. you’re right. 

>> If you believe you can’t do something, you won’t really try, and it won’t happen.

>> If you believe you can do something, you will do what you need to do enough times, and it will happen.

>> If you aren’t sure if you can do something, but choose to embody the belief that it could be possible for you, and take the bold action of someone who knows it’s possible, it will happen.

My friend, no matter where you find yourself right now, you can shift anything that may be holding you back and try on a new, empowering belief that will take you to where you ultimately want to go.

The right coach can help you with spotting any limiting beliefs that are holding you back and get you on a clear path moving forward towards your dreams. And I know from the results of my clients, that the right action paired with the right plan will make you unstoppable!

I’m looking for my next private coaching client and would love to interview you to see if you’d be a good fit.

If you are interested, fill out this application and I will be in touch.

For your success,

Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams

You can do the things you have always wanted to do.

You can rise up.

You absolutely need to do the thing that your heart calls you to do…

If it makes you a better, stronger person…

If it ripples positivity and vibrancy into other areas of your life…

You need to make it happen.

Your life depends on it.

Who you become depends on what you choose to do today.

Your past doesn’t translate into your future. 

You can’t change who you’ve been, but you can decide who you will become.

Those dreams inside are calling for you.

To rise up.

To become strong.

To take that next step today towards becoming who you’ve been created to be. 

I have always wanted to run in a 5k.

After my divorce 2 and a half years ago, I had finally registered to run.

It was a new chapter. A new me.

Then race day came.

There were rumbles of thunder outside…

It wasn’t bad…

But the bed was warm… so I let the little bit of thunder be my excuse for not going.

And the race still went on…

I kicked myself for letting the opportunity pass me by.

I then would work out here and there. Starting and stopping…

But no momentum = No growth.

 Recently, I decided enough was enough. Things have to change in this area of my life!

It is time to realize the dream I’ve had to run in a 5k.

I started making running a priority for me, even when I didn’t feel like it.

And this time, when race day came… I got my tush up and out of my warm bed.

But I’ve learned that whenever you’re trying to do something great, there will ALWAYS be an excuse that pops up.

This time around, thunder and lightening weren’t the excuse.. This time, my body decided to not feel well out of the blue. It created an excuse. A way out that I could have easily used.

But I didn’t listen.

This is now who I am. Feeling sick wasn’t going to stop me.

Some things are non-negotiable.

And so I ran.

And it was the coolest experience!

And I’m going to continue to run because it’s growing me in ways that I never imagined a thing like running could.

Running for me shows me what I’m capable of.

It’s showing me that I can do the things my younger self never thought I could.

And you can too.

In whatever area of your life is calling out to you.

Rise up, my friend.

Be the best you can be.


Your life is short. The time to live is now!

How to Build Your Business Faster

How to Build Your Business Faster

How to Build Your Business Faster

Do you feel like you’re not reaching your goals for your business fast enough?

Press play on today’s podcast and learn how you can move forward in your business faster and reach the income you want, the time freedom you crave, and how you can leave a lasting impact in the lives of others.

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Do you feel pulled in every direction, and not quite sure which direction is the right direction to go in that will actually work for you?

Do you feel like you are creating so much content or investing in so much education on how to make things better, but you feel so exhausted and discouraged because you’re not seeing the return on the work you’re putting in? Do you wonder when it will all come together, or even worse IF it will all come together at all?

This is what I hear from so many entrepreneurs, so if you’re there today, this episode is meant specifically for you.

How do you build your business faster to the point where you are receiving the income that you want and the time freedom that you want?

Essentially what you want to do is first envision that end result so clearly, and then work your way backwards for the steps that you need to take to get you to where you want to go.

What do you want your life to look like when you have the business you want to have? What problem do you want to solve for people? How much money will you be making every month? How many private clients do you want to be working with at a time? How much time freedom will you have and how much time will you be working on a weekly basis?

When you have the business you want to have, what will your days look like? How will it better your life?

You’ve got to get super clear on your vision first, then work your way backwards all the way to that next step that will move you in the direction you want to go.

The problem is that most people don’t do this.

The steps that they take aren’t actually steps in the direction they are wanting to go.

It’s kind of like a marathon. Those who build their business fastest see the finish line – to start with, it’s just in their minds, they can see it. They envision how they’ll feel at the end of it. They envision the flags, and the cheering people and the donuts and the medal that will be put around their neck. Then they don’t keep their eyes off of the path in front of them until they can actually finally see the finish line with their own eyes – so at this point it’s not just in their mind, and they keep pushing through until they get to where they want to go. They put one foot in front of the other until they cross the finish line.

And then there are those entrepreneurs who envision a finish line one day and other days they don’t see it at all, so why run? It’s probably pointless anyways. They either stop halfway because it seems like it’s just taking too long, but then they’re encouraged again and then start up again later. But it’s a pattern. They stop and start, stop and start, and they wonder why it’s taking so long, until they stop completely and give up. Now, this may be where you’ve been at… and you know what? Today, today You have the choice to this time not quit on your dream again. Not quit on your dream today. Not today! Today you’re going to choose to believe in your vision and work towards it. One foot in front of the other. When you don’t give up, you will not fail. Sure, you may puke. Sure you may lose your footing and fall down. But you get right back up again and keep on going. Keep on putting one foot in front of the other, never losing sight in your mind about that finish line until you finally see it – then CROSS IT. When you wake up and do this every day, you are going to WIN. You are going to be successful because you persevered.

Then there are others who are just dancing at mile marker 1 when they’ve just barely started their business. You know they put up a quick website… and they try messaging people on Facebook, they’re dancing at mile marker 1 – and I’m not talking about a cool dance, you know the ones where your jaw drops in awe about how graceful and fluid they are in every move their glorious body makes? I’m talking about dancing like an electrocuted grasshopper – you know I’m talking about how I dance! Haha – and I used to dance like this in terms of entrepreneurship too for a time, until I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. So these entrepreneurs are stuck at mile marker 1, mile marker 1 is usually when people who are starting a business becomes inundated with the immense world of the online space and everyone’s advice on what to do and they’re torn in what is going to work, so they try to do a little bit of everything. They try to follow all of the experts and do all the things, yet still they don’t have the full picture of what they actually need to do for their unique business, so they stay stuck at mile marker 1 and don’t gain any more progress. And soon, since nothing seems to be coming together, but they’re spending an insane amount of time and effort dancing there, they blame it on the vision probably just wasn’t meant for them or the market isn’t responding to it, and so they quit.

Then there are others who don’t even start but are silently carrying their greatness inside of them, afraid of letting it show, not telling anyone – because what will they think anyways? Who are you to think you can make that big dream come true? Who are you to be that person you dream of becoming and doing that thing you dream of doing?

The good news is that you’re here with me right now, and wherever you are at, you can get on track and follow the pathway for your unique business. You can start today and keep your eyes on your unique lane. How do you do this simply?


First, figure out what phase you’re in in the building process of your business:

Phase 1: Idea/Niche Selection

Phase 2: Business Structure / Business Planning

Phase 3: Brand Building/Creation

Phase 4: Online Marketing

Next, find ONE person to help you through the phase you are in:

Once you’ve identified the phase you are in, instead of staying stuck with the lack of answers for how to proceed, take that very question and find someone who can help you see your unique pathway. I didn’t say find 20 different people. I said find ONE person. Choose ONE person who has already done what you want to do in that phase and learn from them and follow their process. Whatever they recommend – get. Whatever they want you to do – do.

Take action. Make it happen. Keep your eyes on your finish line. Cross that mile marker.

You don’t need to implement everything from everybody to create a successful business. (In fact, trying to do this is what leads to failure)

Stop Trying to Figure Everything Out On Your Own!

There is a plethora of information out there and a million different directions you can go, with your business. If you’re trying to implement everything from everybody, you won’t get anywhere and you will quickly burn out.

The key to success is focus.

So what can you do?

All you need is one pathway that works – for everything to come together.

So find someone you trust, and be a student until you master what they teach and you have the results you want. Then move onto the next phase until all 4 are done!

Now, I’m going to leave you with some questions to ponder…

Ask yourself this…

“Am I in phase 1, 2, 3 or 4?”

Phase 1: Idea/Niche Selection

Phase 2: Business Structure / Business Planning

Phase 3: Brand Building/Creation

Phase 4: Online Marketing


“Who is the one person for me who can help me master this phase?”


“How am I going to get their help? A course, coaching/consulting, or services? What is it going to be?


“When am I going to reach out to them?”

Then once you have the answers to these questions.. Do it. Take action. Run your race and cross that finish line!

Whatever your dream is, you can have it. You just have to decide today that you will not stop running until you do.

One of the best things you can do is create a solid business plan that will help you get there. You can click here to get my free course Design Your Business Plan (Make 6-7 Figures In Your Online Business) – it’s a 6-part video series that I’ve created and have made available as a valuable resource to you for free and will help put you on the path to where you want to go.


7 Streams of Income

7 Streams of Income

7 Streams of Income

Did you know the average millionaire has 7 streams of income?

Press play on today’s podcast and Learn 7 different income streams you could get set up for your business!

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“The average millionaire has 7 streams of income coming into their bank account at a time.”

Now when I first heard this, years ago when I was first starting out in my own business, 7 income streams seemed like a lot. But now, in my business at the time of when I am writing this, I have at least 5 different core income streams coming into my business each and every month on a recurring basis, and then I have several income streams in development and  I have released and retired several others over the years. 

Now that I have them, I realize it isn’t difficult at all. And every year, every month, every week, and every day – each income stream can increase, without your work having to increase along with it.

Now if 7 income streams still seems like a lot to you – I get it. I felt the exact same way when I first heard this. But my hopes is that what I am going to share today will help open your eyes to what is possible. I’m going to share an example of what 7 streams of income could look like so you can see just how attainable this actually can be for you to get setup!

Now, before I share these 7 streams of income with you, I want to recommend that all 7 streams all come in from the same audience, with your ONE business. This allows you to not spin your wheels learning the needs of many different niches. Instead, you will be able to go deep with one audience and provide them with extreme value! Also, As I’m going through this list, I want you to think about what that income stream could look like for you. Then, after you hear all of them, I want you to choose just 1 to get in place. Yes, I said just 1. Once you do the first income stream, you can do the next, then the next, and so on. You can’t get all income streams in place in one shot effectively. But when you add one, you gain growth. Then you add another. Then another. And the whole time, you are finding more ways to touch the lives of the people you serve, with more value and grander transformation, and in the process – your life changes too. More money and time freedom than you know what to do with!

Okay, so are you ready for the 7 Possible Income Streams You Could Set Up?:


????Income Stream #1: Your VIP Service

You may already have this! If not, what is a service you can provide and do for individual clients on a 1-to-1 basis?


????Income Stream #2: Your VIP Coaching Program

If you are a coach or a consultant, you may also already have this in your business. If not, what could you teach your clients on a 1-to-1 individual basis to help them get the results that they are after?


????Income Stream #3: A book you write and release on Amazon and Audible

Do you have a lot of experience on a specific topic? You could turn this experience into a book and publish it on amazon and audible to bring in passive income for your business.


????Income Stream #4: A self-study online course

What is something that your audience really wants to know that you can teach? You can create an online course and set up this as a passive income product that requires NONE of your time once it’s created and your marketing sequence is setup!


????Income Stream #5: A membership program

Implementing a recurring monthly membership program into your business gives you the constant, recurring income every single month! You could release a new training each month, or a template or tool, or provide answers to questions asked – or you can do ALL! Whatever you decide, you want to make sure that you are dividing your time up to give you the amount of freedom that you want!


????Income Stream #6: Your Group Coaching program

An easy way to scale your private coaching program is to take the content you teach in your private program, and go through that same content with multiple people at the exact same time. This is a great option for many people who may not yet have the resources to hire you on a private 1-to-1 basis. What’s amazing about a group program is that you can spend the exact same amount of time each week with the group program as you do with your private program, yet you can onboard as many people as you’d like! That means for every new person you add to your group program, it doesn’t take ANY MORE OF YOUR TIME! (Freedom + Impact + Income!)


????Income Stream #7: Affiliate Income (100% Passive!)

This is one of my FAVORITE income streams. You can get multiple affiliate income streams in place. All you need to do is find a product or tool that already exists (that you LOVE) and would benefit your specific audience. Become an affiliate for them, and then promote this paid offer to your audience. You will then receive a percentage of every single sale you make!


These 7 ideas are just a start! You’ll want to find the 7 offers that are right for you. You could do less 1-to-1 and more passive. Or you can hire on and train a team to do more 1-to-1 work for you!


How do you know what income streams are right for you?

You’ll want to know your numbers.

Decide the amount of time freedom that you want, the amount of money that you want to make, and the amount of impact that you want to have.

Then whatever those numbers are, get paid offers in place for your business that will get you there.

Whatever you want, you can design your business to make it happen!!

What income streams do you like best?



3 Steps of Online Marketing

3 Steps of Online Marketing

Did you know that there are 3 steps to online marketing?

Press play on today’s podcast and Learn the 3 essential steps of online marketing so that you can make more sales in your business!

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Today I want to share something that is really important for you to know if you want to bring in more sales into your business. When I first started out, I didn’t know this simple formula, so I wanted to make sure that since I now have figured it out, that I share it with you, too – so you can get it in place immediately in all that you do online.

When it comes down to it, there are 3 steps to your online marketing that you want to have in place in order to bring in new people and get them excited to buy from you and then convert them into a lifelong customer!

It is our job as entrepreneurs and the difference makers of the world to make sure that our marketing covers all 3 of the areas that I am about to share with you, if you want to be super effective!

Every single person that comes in contact with your brand goes through a series of 3 stages.

They go from cold, to warm, to hot.


First Exposure to your brand (COLD LEAD)

When somebody has never before heard of your brand, and are coming across you for the very first time, and then they have their very first experience with you, they are considered a cold lead. Whether they find you through an ad, a media outlet, a referral, a podcast, your blog or website, or on YouTube, or any other way they could first come in contact with you, this is considered their first exposure to you. It is very very rare upon first exposure that somebody would just jump straight to buying from you. Yet, many entrepreneurs wonder why they are doing all of these things in getting themselves in front of their audience, yet nobody is actually buying. The problem isn’t the exposure. The problem typically is that they don’t have the other two steps in place, or are missing one of the other two steps. You have to have all three in place in your business in order to gain true traction. So, once somebody comes into contact with you, in order to take them from being what’s considered a cold lead to warming them up, you need to start building trust with your audience.


Nurture Your Audience (WARM LEAD)

So, step 2 is nurture your audience, which will turn them into warm leads. You wouldn’t buy from somebody if you didn’t think that their product or program would help you, so why would they be any different? Start building a relationship with them, before every asking for a sale. Start helping them so that they can clearly see that you are a person that cares about their situation, and can actually help them achieve the result that they are after. How do you build this relationship? One of the best ways is to get their email address, and go through a series of videos or a challenge where you are helping them obtain a specific result, and then once they achieve this result, you have built up trust with them, and when you build trust, you have warmed them up! Now, it’s time to invite them to take the next step with your paid offer. Once they have been warmed up, they have already decided for themselves at this point whether or not you can help them and whether or not they are ready to buy from you. So invite them to purchase, and those that do have turned into a HOT lead for your business.


Purchase Your Paid Offer (HOT LEAD)

Now, that they have purchased, it is time for the most important job of all. With your paid offer, the MOST important thing is to deliver on what you promised, and then some. You want to blow them away by bringing them the results! You want to keep your clients happy. Because when you take care of your clients and they see results in their life because of the work they have done with you, you bet that they will be talking about you to others who need what you are offering, and then you start to snowball this 3 step cycle and grow bigger and bigger and bigger!


Our job in our business is to make sure that each of these areas are first setup in our business and then once they are set up, our job is to continually make them better and better. But if you don’t have these setup yet, you just need to start. You just need to begin!

So go ahead and do that now! And if you have any questions at all about any of the three steps, let me know by sending me an email or posting in my free facebook group.

My email is and the link to the Facebook group is here.

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I will be gifting everyone who leaves a review on this podcast free access to my online course the Website in a Week Workshop, where I will teach you how to build a successful website that will help you bring in new leads and sales everyday! I wanted to do a shout out today to Lindsey Dinneen, who left a review.

Lindsey says,  “I just started listening to the Business & Life Design Podcast, and am already blown away by Rebecca’s expertise, enthusiasm, and practical application of best practices in marketing, branding, website building, and lifestyle design. After listening to the first episode, I felt empowered and able to truly and realistically earn my first six figures for my business this year. Rebecca speaks with authority, sincerity, and confidence. This is definitely the business podcast you need in your life!”

Thank you so much Lindsey! You’re amazing and I am so glad you found this podcast helpful! 

I truly appreciate every single review, because it helps me get this message out even further and help more people thrive with their online business! So, I hope that this episode has served you today, and I will see you in the next!

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