How to Grow Your Business with Your Freebie

How to Grow Your Business with Your Freebie

How to Grow Your Business with Your Freebie

How to Grow Your Business With Your Freebie

Today we have a fabulous topic that we are talking about because this is so important to have implemented into your business. Now, you might have this already in your business, but if it’s not working for you, we’ve got to take a look at it,  peel it all back and get back down to the basics to make sure that it is doing what it’s supposed to do for you.

So today, we’re talking about your freebie. Now, you may already be using this in your business to build your email list of subscribers who are excited to hear from you. But did you know that your freebie can also help you bring in more clients into your business when you use it effectively?

When it’s created in a strategic way, it will actually help you bring in clients. So if you have a service that you’re providing your clients, or if you have an online course, or a group coaching program, or a private coaching program that you are offering – your freebie will be that first step of what somebody is going to receive from you.

The purpose of your freebie is to “warm-up” people so that they are excited to work with you.

If your freebie isn’t doing that yet, let’s go ahead and take a look at it and get something in place that’s actually going to work for you.

And if you don’t have a freebie yet in your business… well then this post is a great starting place for you!

So let’s get started, shall we?

So what exactly is a freebie anyway?

If you are just getting started with your business or if you are just now starting to dip your feet into the world that is online marketing – I’ll fill you in!

Your freebie is that first thing you’re going to want to get in place in your business to start attracting leads that you’ll then want to send emails to.

So essentially, your freebie is something that you create that you give away for free in exchange for your subscriber’s email address and first name.

There are many different types of freebies.

It’s important to first decide on which freebie are you going to start with. As you grow your business, you’ll see just how effective freebies are in gaining leads and clients, so eventually, you’ll have multiple freebies attracting leads for you. However, to start with – you just need ONE.

Freebies I’ve used in my business and with my website and coaching clients have been:

  • Guidebooks
  • eBooks
  • Cheat sheets
  • Checklists (I have a checklist freebie in my business)
  • Webinars
  • Video series
  • Challenges


To start with, just choose one!

After you know what your freebie is going to be, your next step is getting your webpage setup! All you need is one webpage to get started with. Eventually, as you grow your business you will want to have a full-fledged website, but to start bringing in clients today, all you need is one webpage.

What do you put on your opt-in page?

On this one web page, you’re going to just talk about your freebie!

Talk about:

  • How it will help them
  • What they will learn
  • The results it has provided others
  • How they will love it!

Then when somebody opts in to your email list to gain the freebie, what you’re going to do next is show them a thank you page that tells them their freebie is on its way to their inbox! This way they go to their inbox and start getting used to opening your emails!

Then what you want to do is follow up and have a series of emails that go out that educates your subscriber even more, and starts building that relationship with them.

Because when you’re building a relationship with your prospect, you are far more likely to be the one that they end up hiring or purchasing from. Why? Because they know that they like you and can trust you and they want to go to that next level with you. Your freebie is that starting place to start building up that relationship because you’re giving them something away for free in exchange for their email address.

Your freebie is how you build your email list.

When a subscriber opts-in for your freebie, you get their email address. Then you can start sending them relevant content to begin building a relationship with them. Your freebie gives you an entire list of people that you can send emails to that are excited to hear from you and are warmed up and ready to learn more about the topic that you help your people with in your business.

So it’s super important to have an email list, because these people are leads for your business. However, if these leads aren’t converting into real sales for you, how do you do that exactly?

How to bring in sales with your freebie and attract clients

In order to bring in sales for your business, you’ll want to create your freebie in a strategic way.

So I see entrepreneurs who aren’t using their freebie right end up falling on two different ends of the spectrum.

Side 1: There are those entrepreneurs who are super salesy and turn people away because all they are doing is talking about their paid offers. This will turn a lot of people away because for one they don’t know if they can trust you. For two, they don’t know if you are actually the person for the job that can help them solve the problem that they’re facing.

So that’s one end of the spectrum.

Side 2:  On the other end of the spectrum I see even more entrepreneurs fall into. The reason why is because our hearts are in the right place, they are good, and you just wanna help people. So these entrepreneurs are giving lots of freebies away. They’re bringing people on to their email list they’re sharing lots of value, but they never share about their paid offers.

There is a sweet spot right in the middle where YOU want to be.

 Right in the middle is where the sales are. Right in the middle is where all of your clients are.

Let me share an example with you…

So I have an awesome client, she is a podcast manager and she helps people launch and grow their podcasts so that they are successful.

One of her services is a podcast management service.  So she manages people’s podcasts. This is her main offer, so naturally, this is the offer we want to create a freebie for. 

So she starts with her paid offer in mind and then she creates a freebie that will then lead into this paid offer.

So that is how to grow your business with your freebie. You start with the paid offer, then create a freebie that’s going to lead into that paid offer. This is how you create your freebie strategically.

So what we put on her website was a guidebook that walks her subscribers through the five steps they need to do in order to have a successful podcast. So what she’s doing is educating her audience on the important essential things that a successful podcast is going to need in order to gain more subscribers.

What happens here is that her subscribers learn what they need to have, why they need to have it, and then over a series of emails, they discover that my client is the perfect person for the job to help them make it happen and implement everything they are learning!

So that’s how you build your freebie strategically. You start with your paid offer in mind, what is your paid offer going to be that you are going to invite your audience into? And then how can you create a freebie that reveals the need for your paid offer, okay?

So for in her case, she is targeting female entrepreneurs who want to have a podcast or who has a podcast, but who does not want to spend all their time managing it. They’re in business and they just want to grow and they know that their time is valuable. In order to grow like the quickest, they need to be able to have the time to create content, right? They don’t want to be bogged down in all of the management stuff that a podcast would take! So her freebie works very well!

Now it’s your turn!

So what can you create for your business?  That is your next step my friend! Choose what your freebie is going to be! Then, I want to hear from you! 

Do you have a freebie right now in your business that’s working for you? Or are you going to create a freebie based upon what I shared with you today? Let me know in the comments below, and also come hang out with me in my new free Facebook group community full of entrepreneurs just like you!

I hope that you found this post valuable. Until next time, keep on building your dream because life is short and your dreams are worth it!



How to Navigate COVID-19

How to Navigate COVID-19

How to Navigate COVID-19

Hello my friend, I hope that this video finds you well and that you are staying healthy throughout this crazy time that we are all in.

I’m really happy that you’ve taken a moment here with me to hopefully gain some encouragement as we all go through this crazy time that we’re all in together.

So I have been kind of absent for the last couple of weeks online. I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, but…

my world has just been turned upside down with all that’s going on right now.

My daughter is home from school and I was thrown into homeschooling her.

We actually believe that my husband has contracted the virus. He’s showing all the symptoms and he’s just not feeling good at all. Thankfully, it’s not at the hospital level though, so, and it’s been like this for the last couple of weeks. But he’s quarantining himself and we’re just staying to ourselves and hoping that he gets healthy really soon.

But I have actually been feeling somewhat fatigued in the last week, and I’ve just been taking a lot of time to rest. But right now I feel really good and hopefully we continue on that trajectory.

But anyways, I wanted to jump on today to share a little bit of encouragement with you as we all go through this hard time together.

I want you to know that you’re not alone and that I know that my business has taken a hit.

From the people that I help, I’ve heard so many stories of just the crazy things that are happening. And…

I imagine if my world is like this, I’m sure that you’re also facing something similar too in your own business and in your own personal life.

So I want to share a little bit of encouragement with you today and give you some tangible tips of things that you can do to help as you venture through the next several weeks that we all have together, or months.

We don’t know how long this is going to last, so it’s important that we learn how to adapt in these times.

And so, I’m just gonna share a couple of things that have helped me in hopes that it also helps you too, okay.

So the first thing that I really wanna make sure that you do, because this is of utmost importance as we go through this time, and that is..

#1 Allow yourself to be poured into

Allow yourself to be poured into and at the same time, give yourself grace if you’re not meeting all of the goals that you’ve set out for yourself or if you have a crazy homeschooling day.

It’s okay, this is what everybody’s going through right now and you have to give yourself grace in this time. And take care of yourself, allow yourself to be poured into.

Whether that looks like having a call with a good friend or following people who encourage you, who motivate you. Talking with some of your connections that just lift you up. Listening to a really good podcast, or reading a really good book.  Just pour into yourself. Do a lot of good self care during this time. Make sure you have a good balance, okay?

Because you can’t be always at the television, watching the news, being flooded with all of that just negativity that invades your space, invades your mind and can get into your heart and cause you a lot of anxiety and fear as you go through this time.

So it’s more about consuming less and creating more. Consuming more good things, things that are going to lift you up and empower you during this time and allow you to focus on things that you can control instead of things that are out of your control, okay?

All the stuff that’s in the news right now, so much of it are things that are completely out of our control and we really have to focus on things that are in our control during this time, okay? So allow yourself to be poured into. So, so important as we venture through the next several weeks or months together.

When you are poured into or allow yourself to be poured into and to take care of yourself. You’re able to then give into others in a much higher capacity.

And this is so important as a business owner, and I know a lot of my audience are business owners. This is who I help, I help people who are coaches or consultants, online course creators, speakers and authors. Online service providers thrive in the online space. I help them by building their websites and coaching them, and teaching them how to build their own websites as well.

#2 Pour into others

But no matter who you serve in your business, you’ve got to make sure that you are showing up for them in this time, in this time that we’re all in together collectively. Show up for them in this time and speak to their specific needs in the area that you help your people with.

Speak to their needs.

>> What is it that you can do to help them specifically in the areas that you know, that you help people with to begin with?

>> What are the things that they’re saying that they’re facing?

>> What are the things that they’re saying that they are struggling with?

>> And what are they saying are the things that they need?

>> And then what are the things that you anticipate that they will need based upon all of the stuff that is transpiring right now?

Pour into others. Pour into the people that you help with your business. And realize the time that we’re all in is impacting everybody. It’s impacting everybody. So you’ve got to make sure that instead of looking at it or looking the other way and pretending it’s not happening because you don’t want it to be happening, so you just pretend it’s not. It’s not realistic and it’s not helpful to the people who are really struggling right now and who need the tools that you can provide to help them get above that struggle and see the areas that they can control. And give them some ownership of the things that are within their control, and point that out to them and help them see that.

So what is it that you can give to your audience?

What is it that your audience needs?

It’s time to step up as the leader that you are in this global pandemic.

Take a moment and think about those things, think about what you can do. Whether it be turning your service into an online program or whether it be taking a portion of a program that you have and offering it for less money to help those who are in the economic crisis.

Or what is it that you can do for your specific audience? That’s going to be very dependent on who you help, but you can come alongside them and you can help them thrive in the area that you help people with.

So take a moment, think about that, make sure that you are giving yourself grace in this process.

Make sure that you are allowing yourself to be poured into.

And make sure that you’re rising up as the leader for your people because they are counting on you and they want you to address what’s going on and have your take on how they should handle things in the area that you help people with, all right?

Okay, my friend, well, I hope that that has served you. If you’re interested in learning how to build your own website, I have actually just dramatically decreased the prices to my course, the Website in a Week Workshop, so you can definitely check that out.

Just go to

I hope that this message has served you, my friend.

For your success,

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