How to end the year strong in your business

How to end the year strong in your business

2020 has been a doozy of a year.

Many people’s lives and businesses have been turned upside down.

We’ve had to adapt so much to the change all around us.

Despite everything going on, now is the best time in the history of ever for online business owners who are coaches, online course creators or service providers.

Online business is booming because:

People are having to face their struggles…

They’re having to face their unrealized dreams…

And they can’t avoid it any more.

This pandemic has shaken the world up.

People are looking for hope.

They’re looking for answers.

They’re looking for community.

They are looking for the solution that you provide. 

You must show up for them.

Clients are everywhere.

You simply need to get in front of the right people, with the right offer.

So let’s end the year strong by doing just that!

What you do in this last month and a half of 2020 will set you up for next year so much stronger than if you just let things coast on by.

Imagine ringing in the new year, looking at what you accomplished in the last month and a half, having a much fuller client list of people you love to work with, or having your monthly membership program launched and are helping lots of people.

To end this year strong, I want to challenge you to do 2 things.

Just 2. 

Do these 2 things really well.

  1. Choose one offer.
  2. Market your offer.

Choose one offer. 

What is one offer you will focus on this next month and a half?

Will you sell a service, a specific coaching package, or a membership?

How will you make this one offer the most incredible value to your ideal client, that they can’t say no?

How much will you sell this offer for?

How many clients do you need enrolled in order to make the income that you want?

Choose one offer, know the number of people you will get enrolled in this offer, and then go all-in.

Market your offer. 

Invite as many people who fit the criteria of who you are looking to help, and simply ask them if they would like to work with you. Yes, it can be that simple.

If you already have a list of people who want to hear from you, then you can reach out to them. If you don’t have a list of people, you can build this list, warm them up with value, then reach out to them.

Get your offer in front of the people who are an aligned fit for your offer, and invite them to go to that next level. This is all that online marketing is. 🙂

You can’t get clients if you don’t have your offer out into the world and are inviting people in.

There are many ways to share your offer with your ideal client… 

>> Offer free consults and sign people up for our offer on your call

>> Put your offer on your website

>> Share your offer on your social media posts

>> Reach out to your list talking about your offer

>> Send individual emails sharing your offer

>> Be a guest on podcasts and invite people into your community (with a freebie to your email list or your own FB group), in your community you’ll share about your offer

>> Show up in Facebook groups sharing value and making connections

>> Run Facebook ads to a great freebie/lead magnet to build your list more and bring your new contacts through an automated funnel where they will be invited to take advantage of your offer

>> Create an amazing sales page for your offer

There are countless ways to get clients.. These ideas will get you started.

Pick one offer. One product, program, or service that you provide..

Then ask yourself this:

“What is the end result that my client wants, that my offer provides?” 

Knowing THAT is gold.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to solve a problem for people and provide the answer in the form of your offer. It doesn’t matter if your offer is coaching, a service, a membership, or a course. All of these at the core, solve a problem. 

When your ideal client sees that you understand what their problem is and what they want to specifically achieve – of course they will want to work with you.

This is what sets you apart from everyone else who is just trying to sell their stuff.

People don’t want to buy a service. They don’t want to buy coaching. They don’t want to buy a course.

People want to buy solutions that will make their life better. 

THAT is what you are selling.

So, take that end result that your offer provides and talk about it. Talk about it in any of the ways above to get it in front of your ideal clients. Share how your offer will create this for them. Don’t stop talking until you have the number of clients that you want.

You can do this!

You have something valuable to give to the world, so show up!

Your people need you.

If you are interested in reaching $30k/months with your online business and creating more time freedom at the same time, comment below and let’s chat about how you can make that happen! You have what it takes, you simply need the map and guidance to get you there.

You have a $30k monthly membership offer right under your nose

You have a $30k monthly membership offer right under your nose

You probably have a $30,000 offer under your nose right now and you don’t even realize it.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that you absolutely have one! 

All you have to do is recognize what it is and then plan out the steps to create it and offer it to the people who need it.

When you do this, it will catapult you into an entirely new level in your business.

Just imagine how things would be different when you are making $30k or more per month?

You no longer have to be working long hours…

You are no longer stressing about where your next client will come from…

You no longer are stuck at one level in your business…

It would change how you’re doing everything, wouldn’t it?

I guarantee that you have something right now in your business that you could turn into an offer that you can offer to thousands of people at once or even 500 people at once, and be able to make $30,000 months in your business consistently.

Yes, I’m talking about making $30k every… single… month, with ONE offer.

There are many ways to do this, but my absolute favorite way is to create a monthly membership product because it is by far the fastest way I have found to get to a consistent, high income, without having to work crazy hours.

What exactly is a Monthly Membership program?

You may have heard of this before, but do you understand the power a monthly membership can provide you? I’ll show you in an example… so keep on reading.

If you don’t know what a monthly membership is – I am so excited to share!

A monthly membership is typically an online program that you offer where your members are paying you every month in exchange for the value that you provide them with every month.

And this value… can be anything you want to offer that your specific audience—your niche—finds valuable.

So, here’s where I want to ask you the question:

What can you bring to others with your knowledge, your skills, or your expertise, that you are already doing in your business, that you can now do on a grander scale?

I guarantee you that you have unique gifts right now that you could package up into a monthly membership.

You just need to take a step back and look at what you are offering right now and strategize how you could offer it to hundreds or thousands of people at once and only work 3-10 hours per month doing so. There is a way right now to do this. It is right in front of you. You just need to tap into it and make a plan for what this looks like.

Here’s an example of how powerful a monthly membership is:

I literally just joined a membership group last month. It was a membership that a lady I’ve been following for quite some time offered, for $97 a month. I joined quickly because I wanted what she was teaching. I wanted it because of what it would do for my life.

When I joined, I saw that she has over 1,300 people in this program.

Let’s do the math.

1,300 people @ $97/mo is a grand total of her making: $126,100 THIS MONTH

And then next month, it will be the same because everyone’s subscription will renew until they cancel.

With the content she’s providing—showing up 2 hours a month live and creating a nice workbook to dive into that goes along with the content—it’s not unrealistic to believe that most of these 1,300 people are going to stay in the program.

I know that I am staying! I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon at all. No plans, because I’m loving what I am receiving.

And remember… for her, this is ONLY 2 hours of work PER month + the time to create the workbook and get the content together for the training. It would be safe to assume that she is only spending 5-6 hours total per month in creating and delivering this content. (side note: your membership can be completely different in what you deliver per month – this part doesn’t matter. What matters is the value the members in the program get.)

In exchange for this amount of time and these deliverables, she is making $126,100 PER MONTH.

And it will only continue to grow with the more people she brings in.

This is doing business the smart way.

To create time freedom in your life and an extraordinary income.

And when you have an income at this scale.. Making $126,100 per month, (which means well over a million dollars per year I might add), just imagine what you would be able to do with that income?

You’d be able to create any life you imagine.

You’d be able to have the money AND the time to do everything you want to do.

Everything you want.

There’d be no limits.

It is entirely possible.

And this $30k/month or more offer IS truly right under your nose.

I guarantee it.

In fact, let me show you!

Comment below telling me a bit about your business and I’ll help you find exactly what you could offer for your monthly membership so you can be on your way to creating $30k months and more.

It’s time to stop being stuck.

End this year strong so you can make this next year, the best year EVER in your business.

Let’s do this.

How to get 4x more done in your day

How to get 4x more done in your day

Some of the most important work I do with my clients is showing them how to get more time back in their life so that they are able to work less “in” their business, more “on” their business, and have as many days and evenings off in a week that they would like.

Because here’s the truth:

You can design your business to create the life that you want.

Whatever you dream of having in your life, you can create it when you hold that picture so clearly and then begin taking the steps into creating it.

So in order to have this much time off that you’d like to have, the time you spend working in your business has to be precise and decisive so that you are able to get everything done you need to so when it’s time to stop working for the day, you know you can fully be present and enjoy this time off because you have no mental weight in your mind that there is something you have to do still.

The best way to ensure this is to learn the art of getting more done in less time.

So how do you get 4x more done in your workday?

The first thing you want to do at the very beginning of the day is to take 30 minutes and plan out your entire day. What do you need to get done? When is it going to happen? What space in your day is going to hold this specific project? Everything from writing emails, to sessions with clients, to work on your own business growth – everything. Start with planning out your calendar for the day.

You will want to block your time by either the hour or 30 min sections of time.

Some projects will need more hours than others, so for those, plan for more hours in that project for the day. Whatever you think it will take, that’s what you want to plan in. Then, the very last (and this is important) the very last hour of work for the day, set aside one entire hour blocked off for what I call “cushion time”. During this time of the day, you know you have open to look at anything you did during your other blocks of time during the day and tweak and polish and perfect it.

Then, go ahead and start your day. Every time you hit a new time block, move to that specific activity you had planned out. I love to use a timer that shows on my desktop so that I can see how much time I have left on that particular project.

When you block your time, and you don’t allow yourself to do anything else in that time, or let this project go past the time you allot.

When you do this, what happens is that it forces you to make quick decisions in what you do. Now it’s important to know that quick decisions do not mean bad decisions. Quick decisions simply means that it forces you to use that part in your brain where you’re tapping into your own inner knowing and don’t have any time to listen to the doubt or any time second-guessing your work. There simply is no time for it.

And when there is no time for it, your work gets better because you get it done and you get it out there. Then, the last hour of your day, you can revisit anything that you’d like. Whatever is most important to you to take another look at and tweak more – you can! OR if everything is exactly how you want, you can use this time however you’d like.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is to be fully present and all-in every moment in your life that you can. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the people you love. So when you can completely eliminate the overwhelm of work, and get more done in less time, you suddenly have so much time back to yourself. And most importantly, that time is not overshadowed by the thoughts of projects that are not done, or clients that are not happy, or anything!

I take clients through how to do this very thing effectively because when done right, you’re able to get 4x more done than you ever have been able to before.

In my private 1-month intensive coaching program, I take overworked coaches and service providers from burnt out and working “in” their business to working less, feeling free and empowered and working on their business. I also address how to organize your paid offers for ease and how to reach $30k/months consistently by giving you a clear plan to follow month after month that will catapult you into the next level. Apply to work with me if interested in this program and we’ll chat to see if you’re a good fit.

As always, I would love to hear – what has changed for you when you have implemented this into your workday?

Remember, there are a lot of ways it can be implemented incorrectly, so if it’s not yet working for you yet, we would need to assess why it’s not working and tweak so that you are able to get the full benefit from it. If it is working for you right now – share your experience!

What to do when you feel exhausted in your business

What to do when you feel exhausted in your business

You are completely exhausted and stretched so thin. You hate to admit it now, but you work day and night in order to keep everyone happy.
The most frustrating thing is that regardless of how many hours you put in, you never seem to get ahead.
For a long time now, you’ve had dreams of getting to that next level in your business. You’d love to be bringing in $30k or more every month. You would be able to do so much with that kind of income.
You’ve created so many plans to make it happen, but they just sit undisturbed in your desk. You keep saying that one day when things calm down you will find a way to work this plan.
Sometimes you start, but it only lasts momentarily and you find yourself swept away again in the busy work of your business.
The reason why this is happening is because not only do you need a plan, you need an entire business redesign!
Because here’s the deal.. Without a business redesign, you will always be this overworked.
You will not have the bandwidth to ever grow your income and your impact if you are constantly drowning in the business you have now. So no matter what plan you create, it will always be squeezed out unless you take control of your full business first.
When you do this, everything changes. Suddenly you have your weekends free for your family and a whole day or more free every single week to work on what matters most to you.
So how do you do this?
You need to first decide what it is you want your business and your life to look like with full and complete clarity.
Next, and this often is the hardest part – you need to take a good look at everything you’re doing now in your business and see what no longer aligns to this next level version of yourself.
Once you do this fundamental work, the next step is of the most important… and that is transitioning into this dream life, stripping away what no longer is serving you, and taking the empowered, intentional steps towards what will bring you that new life that you so desperately want.
When you take these steps… everything changes in your business. When you do it right, you will be able to build in so much time freedom into your life where you will have time to work on your business instead of only in your business.
Right now, what is happening is that you are a workhorse in your own business. It’s a prison of your own creation. You feel trapped because if you don’t work all the days of the week (only taking a break out of complete exhaustion), you don’t know how else you are going to get everything done. You’re left with no time for marketing yourself and being able to take on more clients that pay higher fees for your coaching or services because you haven’t done the work to redesign your business to actually serve you.
But no matter how crazy your business feels to you right now, you can redesign it to serve you!
But where do you even begin with redesigning your business to help you create the life and $30k+/month income that you want?
Start by sitting down and deciding on the life you actually want. Because chances are, never having time with your family – working on your laptop sitting on the couch while your family enjoys spending time with each other without you – was never in your vision for your life when you started this business in the first place.
When you started this business, you wanted to create an online business that would allow you to create the life you wanted. To be home with your kiddos, to be there for your family.
You wanted to make the income that would allow you to fulfill those dreams you have of travel and generosity for the people and causes that you care deeply about. Your heart has always been in this place.
However, even though you are providing great value to your clients and helping them get great results, you still aren’t where you want to be.
You need a redesign plan so that your business stops running you and instead your business starts SERVING you and fueling all of your ambitions and makes your wildest dreams come true.
Your business has that potential when you tap into your inner power, step into the role of CEO, and make it happen. You know what it is that you want. We want to lead from that place, to operate from that place. To not allow outside people and influences to creep in and derail your vision. You aren’t meant to be pulled at from all directions to the point where you are run over.
When you get your business redesign right, you will have your weekends off, an entire day off every week that you can do with as you please, all of your clients will be taken care of and happy and you’ll have the space in your business to increase your income to $30k or more every single month.
Just imagine what that would be like to have this in your life!
How would that change things for you? Just about everything right?
The transformation that comes from doing this work is incredible. It is some of the most important work to do because your family and your well-being is the most important things you have.
If these relationships aren’t healthy and thriving because all you’re doing is working in your business and constantly feeling stressed, then you aren’t healthy either. Your business can only thrive at the level that YOU are thriving. If you are constantly spread too thin, the effects come out in the work you do with your clients, they come out in the time you have with your family. You were not meant to live your one precious life beaten down every day. You have something big to give to the world and in order for you to get it out there, you have to step into the role of CEO of your life and your business.
This is one of the main things I address with my clients in my 1 month intensive program that takes overwhelmed and burnt out women coaches and service providers from burnt out and working “in” their business to working less, feeling free and empowered and working on their business!
I also address how to organize your paid offers for ease and how to reach $30k/months consistently by giving you a clear plan to follow month after month that will catapult you into the next level. This 1 month intensive with me is a mid four-figure investment and the results that come directly out of this program more than pays for itself. Apply to work with me if interested in this program and we’ll chat to see if you’re a good fit! If so, we can get started right away!
3 biggest things you need on your website to book more clients

3 biggest things you need on your website to book more clients

I’m really excited to be talking with you about this because it will help you bring in more clients into your business. We’re talking about the three biggest things you’ve got to have on your website in order to book more calls, more discovery calls, which will turn into more clients for your business.

This is for you if you have a higher-tier offer that you provide in your business. It could be a private coaching program or a group coaching program, or if you provide a service to your clients.

So what are the three things that you want to make sure that you have?

#1) Branding with Personality

So the first thing that you want to have, number one, is that you want to have branding across your website that reflects your personality, that shares who you are as a person.

Now, why is this important? It’s important because people want to work with people.

People want to work with people that they feel like they know and that they certainly like, and that they can and trust. So, if your website currently does not reflect who you are as a person – if it has no personality…

if it’s “blah” and you’re ashamed to share it – it’s not going to truly bring in the clients that you want to work with, the high caliber clients that you want to have.

So your website needs to have good visual branding that shares your personality with them. The colors on your website, the fonts that you’re using, your photography, all of it needs to play and work together harmoniously in order to bring in more clients.

When you have a look and feel that is truly your own..

One that is unique and not cookie-cutter…

One that reflects who you are as a person…

people are going to resonate with that.

So you want to make sure you have that across your website.

#2) Conversational Website Copy (the words on your website)

You want to have website copy that also communicates your message.

So, whereas your branding communicates who you are and works to resonate and attract your client through visuals – your website copy needs to also bring your clients to you through words.

It’s super important to have a clear message and talk directly to your ideal client.

So what stories are you sharing on your site? Does their copy reflect what your message is all about?

Is it clear what your client, your end client, is going to receive when working from you?

Are all of those things clear?

Does your website copy reflect what you are all about and the value you provide your clients with?

Is it conversational in tone? Is it something that people actually want to read? You’ve got to make sure your website copy does this.

When it does, you’ll connect with the people you want to help and bring more clients to your business.

#3) A Clear Call-to-Action

On your website, do you have a clear call to action to take that next step with you? Do you even know what the next step is that you want your website viewers to take? Is it clearly communicated on your site?

Do you want them to go to a booking page to book a call with you?

Or do you want to take them to a checkout page to actually check out and make the purchase to work with you?

What is your plan?

What is your process for bringing people into your business through your website?

You’ve got to have a clear process in place so you are creating a good experience for your new clients.

From start to finish, we want to create a beautiful experience for your clients.

All the way from when they first hear about you and your brand to when they are actually on your website and looking through your content, and then realizing, that you are the person to help them with the problem that they face, and then to actually book that next step with you and become a client.

Now I want to hear from you.

Do you have these three things implemented on your website?

Let me know by commenting below or heading over to my free Facebook group community “Women Entrepreneurs Building Online Empires” where we can hang out there.

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you want to learn how to build your own website? I’ll walk you through everything you need to know step-by-step in my program, the Website in a Week Workshop. Click here to read all the details and get yourself signed up!

For your online success,

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