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& get paid for sharing your life-changing message with the world
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Design Your Online Business


Are you ready to design a business that:

Monetizes your passions, skills, and life experiences?
Brings you a 6-7 figure income and growing every year?
Gives you the time freedom to work whenever you want?
Allows you to make your impact and difference in the world?

I’m Rebecca Barnheart, your coach to help you thrive in the online space with your purpose-driven business that transforms lives.

“You can design a business around the life you want”

Meet Rebecca Barnheart

Rebecca is an online influencer, leading in the areas of business coaching, website design, and online marketing. She coaches clients one-to-one to help them grow their business to 5 figure months.

She is most widely known for her online course, the Website in a Week Workshop, having helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs to date build their website.

Rebecca is on a mission to help people step into their potential with an online business designed around the life they want.

She helps coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and service providers build their business so they can make 6-7 figures, create a life of time freedom, and impact the lives of millions.

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Let’s design a life and business you love.

What I have been called to do is to help you make your one precious life count. We were meant to be fully alive and fully free. This can only happen when you are intentionally moving towards your dream and making it real for yourself. The saddest thing in life is when you die with your dream unfulfilled simply because you didn’t know what it takes to design a business around the life you want to live.

The good news is that today, you are alive, which means you can do something about it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, male or female, or what you look like.

You are meant to go after the dream placed deep within your heart.

Your people are searching for you because they need you. Make it happen. Build your business and design it so it gives you the life you want.

If you are serious about changing your story and making an impact with your own online business, then book a complimentary Business Design Breakthrough Session by clicking here and I will talk to you soon.

Life is short and your dreams are worth it,

Build Your Website

Your website is an essential piece of your business. When done wrong, it has the power to set you up for failure after failure – a plethora of missed opportunities. When done right however, it’s something else entirely… it’s magical.

Design a website that will bring you leads and sales everyday. It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, website design should be fun! Learn everything you need to know step-by-step in this course.

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When selected for this free session, together we will visualize where you want to go, uncover the blocks that are standing in your way & create an action plan for moving forward so you can thrive online

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