Are you ready to end the overwhelm of building your online business?

You just want to be able to show up and use your unique gifts to make your difference in the world, yet it feels so hard when you’re constantly overwhelmed and bombarded by everything that goes into building your business and making it successful.


If you’re ready to have a business that feels amazing and also: 


Monetizes your passions, skills, and life experiences


Grows your income to 5-figures and growing consistently every month


Gives you the time freedom to work whenever YOU want


Allows you to make your impact in the world, doing work you are truly passionate about

Then you need to design your business to give you just that!

What exactly is business design?

Business Design is the art of intentionally designing your business to create the life you want.

The problem is that when most purpose-driven women start out in business, they have no idea how to design their business to give them the life of their dreams.

All they know is that an online business can give them this. So they take the leap and dive headfirst with a dream to be their own boss, to set their own schedule and to make a true difference in the world doing what they love…

 But… where the majority go wrong is that they think everything will magically “fall into place” and it will all just “come together”.

Then it doesn’t all come together… and that’s the moment they start doubting everything.

They find themselves making only a fraction of the income they wanted, all while working so much more than they ever thought they would and they don’t have time to spend with their kids, friends, or even their own partner!

They start questioning if this is even worth it. Or, if it would be better to just “get a real job”.

This is the trap so many women fall into… And it’s so dangerous because the reason you start your business in the first place is because you have a message you want to share or a service you want to provide to make a true difference in people’s lives. None of that can happen if you stop when it all could have been avoided, simply by designing your business in the first place.

This is where intentionally designing your business – changes everything.

Whether you are overwhelmed with your current client list and are looking to scale to five-figure months consistently, while working less, or you are just starting out in your business and wanting to design it the right way, from the start, I can help you get to where you want to go. Let’s talk!


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