Are you ready to attract more clients with your website?


If you’re ready for a website that:


Helps you monetize your passions, skills, and life experiences


Brings you a 6-7 figure income and growing every year


Gives you the time freedom to work whenever you want


Allows you the platform to make your impact and difference in the world

Then I’m about to become your new best friend!

I’m Rebecca Barnheart – 

When we work together, I’ll help you up-level your online business by creating a gorgeous brand & website that attracts clients and gets people excited to work with you! Whether you have a coaching program you lead, a service you provide, a book you’re releasing or an online course you’re launching – I’ll get you selling more with a website that WORKS.

Let’s design your website & start attracting perfect-for-you clients

If you dream of the day all your client spots are filled and you’re waking up to dozens of sale notifications on the daily –

It’s time to stop dreaming and start making it happen!


You see, with the right website marketing, that day can quickly become your reality. 


It all starts with mapping out your brand, gaining clarity on your packages, discovering your unique voice, and then finally creating a website that will attract clients.

I’ll show you how step-by-step.

“Working with Rebecca is incredible. I used to feel self-conscious about not having a professional website, and now I’m confident that my site reflects my competence and value.  If you need a website or if you aren’t satisfied with the one you have, I can’t say enough wonderful things about this experience.  I highly recommend Rebecca – she is an excellent designer and clearly committed to her clients’ success!”

Laura Bauder

Podcast Strategist, PodcastHERs

Ready to start bringing in clients and sales with a website you love? 

I have several different ways we can work together.


I'll teach you how to DIY your website

If you want to try your hand at creating your own brand and website, but you have no idea where to start – or whether or not you’re building it right – I’ve got you! I’ll walk you through the entire website design process step-by-step from start to finished website! Over 10,000 entrepreneurs have taken this course, and we’re just getting started!


I'll design your logo & branding

If you want a professional designer to give you a strong brand foundation, then this is for you! Included in this package: you’ll receive your main logo, your secondary logo, and your favicon – as well as your color palette, font pairings, and mood board for your brand. Everything you need to get started building out your own website and/or marketing pieces.


I'll build your website in one week

Yes, I’ll design your entire website/members site in one week + a whole lot more! This is my Website in a Week package – the most popular package I offer. Hire me to design your entire website from start to finish! There is so much that is included in this package, the best way to share it all is to have a call together. Book a free 30-min session with me and let’s talk!

This website is just ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Beautiful. I just love the feel you captured. Thank you so much! I want to show everybody! How did you know exactly what I always pictured my brand to be? I’m just amazed.”

Carol Erb

Marriage Expert,

Everything is amazing! This website was a raging success, and far exceeded my expectations…or even my wildest dreams. You have given me a solid platform for my business to grow upon. I can’t thank you enough.

Jennifer Flynn

Life Coach,

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